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Nations Quake Rank Capture The Flag season 1

Battle Info  2005-03-24 1 - Week 2 (5)

American Idiots 2 - 1 Kerels onder Invloed

CTF2M3 - Spill the Blood





E2M2 - The Ogre Citadel


We successfully close out the regular season with a flawless record on id maps. Lets hope this streak stays alive in the playoffs! - by American Idiots



CTF5 - Da Ancient War Grounds


Our favorite road map.. - by American Idiots


Master - 66.41.122.*** 2005-03-24 01:45:49
Good Job Idiots! They won one without me. Nice res whoring by blood dog and excellent defense by Harcon
BLooD_DoG(D_P) - 24.37.250.*** 2005-03-24 04:59:50
Good games KOI. CTF5 was back and forth, probably a good demo to watch. The ending was crazy, I tried to hide with flag for the last 3 minutes (that's why ult outscored me :D). They actually got 1 more cap than us!

KOI got unlucky in 3 tiebreakers that they lost by a COMBINED TOTAL of 134, they could have easily made the playoffs if 1 of those games went the other way.

Also, this was a difficult match to schedule because of the time difference and because KOI can't play on weekends. So I'm happy we finally played it, and thanks to KOI for staying up late (2am?) to get it done.
Rage - 213.10.218.*** 2005-03-24 07:06:52
:E We lost! :((

gg AI!
Rage - 213.10.218.*** 2005-03-24 07:07:37
I guess we had a swede too much on ctf5 hehehehe:)
Moosie - 85.224.154.*** 2005-03-27 00:19:21
lemon - 24.21.141.*** 2005-03-27 19:09:01
Pft I have the demos up 30 seconds after the matches are over and you guys don't link to em on the match page? :p

CTF5 is a good watch.

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