Battle Info  2005-02-20 1 - Week 2 (2)

Da Quaking Manjakks 2 - 0 American Idiots

CTF2M3 - Spill the Blood


Skelman used his awesome CTF2M3-speed to win the race to the first Quad, although he was not able to get by our three man defense. The first 10 minutes were tight and hard-fought. The runes switched hands constantly, and although most of the quads went to the Idiots from America (2-8), we were able to keep the game close with AI leading just 2-5 in captures. At the 10 minute mark, we were able to get Strength to our defenders, and Resistance and Regeneration to rom and hrz. The Quad was ours, and so was their base, with hrz and rom taking their turns in running with flag, while the other one was controlling their base. 8 minutes left, and DQm up 8-5 in captures, rom decided to make it interesting by trying to make a capture in the enemy base, loosing Quad and Resistance to their flagcarrier who was able to make a capture. He spawned, went through tele and then telefragged hrz with Regeneration, and later losing that one to the Res-enemy at Quad. The Idiots capitalised and got back the lead in the upcoming minutes. 5 minutes was remaining and the AI were leading with two captures, when ckr decided to end this thing. With his nerves of steel and CS-aim, he was able to get a hold of Quad, then unbelievably kill of three guys holding Resistance, Strength and Haste, and the rest of us rallied behind him. Rom controlled the remaining Quads, hrz hunted down their flagcarriers and lgo and ckr kept the base clear. With 180 frags up and 1 minute remaining, it didn't matter that we gave away the last Quad, and we used a three-man wall in front of our carrier to close this one out. We won this one thanks to your defense. Even though AI had rune- and mapcontrol for at least 70% of the game, they were not able to capitalise as much as they would have liked it, and during our few stints of control, we ran that flag like spanked monkies. - by Da Quaking Manjakks

We started off well and built up a pretty decent sized lead, but then managed to choke it away. Not sure exactly where control was lost, but after it happened we did a poor job of reclaiming our base. Thus, dqm ran off cap after cap while we apparently tried to use the 120 ms lg :D gg - by American Idiots

All Pov (MVD)


E2M2 - The Ogre Citadel


Our scouting paid off when we entered The Ogre Citadel. Rom got first quad, and managed to get first Red Armor as well. He gunned down Ultimo who was carrying Resistance. You could hear the silent whispering among the spectators, that this should be too good to be true, and indeed it was. Rom entered the blue base with the flag and decided, once again, to make this interesting. He missed the blue flag with a inch, did not realise it, was halfway to the enemy base before ckr reminded him of it, and was then gunned down before the first capture could be a fact. Resistance was lost, but ckr (as the teamplay-grand-daddy of them all that he is) decided that he would forgive rom and give back his Resistance. Rom thanked ckr for that by taking the remaining 17 Quads. AI did a well enough job on Quad, but I guess that's where the ping-advantage comes into play. The major mistake that I think they did, was that they did not even try to keep their base clear. Their roaming-type of playing style works well enough on larger maps where they are able to stay alive, but on E2M2 the main focus should be to control the vital areas. We actually encountered stronger resistance in our own base than in theirs, but we were able to withstand it. We expected more out of Skelman, but except for a dirty hanging-opposite-lg-with-strength-move he was nowhere to be seen. We pulled a few dirty ones as well, having two players defend their flag without picking it up, and then lure the enemy carrier into our nasty trap, much to the crowds delight! OLD-SCHOOL SWEDISH CTF FOR EVERYONE! - by Da Quaking Manjakks

A certain SOMEBODY managed to mess up the start and give RA to enemy quad. That led to dqm getting res and an early cap to go with it. Rom did well with res and quad piling up the frags and unfortunately the few times we were able to kill him it seemed there were always multiple enemies around / we had no health so they got the res right back. With our backs against the wall we called for the skelman to step up. He failed to deliver :O gg - by American Idiots


LegoMan - 81.224.160.*** 2005-02-20 23:28:19
Hook hook, gibb gibb.. yeah yeah..
Now tdm plez!! :P
Vinnie - 81.59.15.*** 2005-02-21 01:58:47
tight match on ctf2m3

the lovely ult and his team should have won thatone :)
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 2005-02-21 08:13:33

It's too bad you guys are from the US:/
BLooD_DoG(D_P) - 24.37.250.*** 2005-02-21 10:12:44
I seem to have to repeat this every day, but some of the team is CANADIAN!! Thank you.

Also, whoever messed up the RA at the start of e2m2 should be fired.

Good play by DQM, ctf2m3 was back and forth. With 2 minutes to go, we were only down by 7 points... They managed to lock the map and get 3 caps in that time to win by 200. Looking forward to getting revenge in the tournament part :D
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 2005-02-21 10:40:50
If you're Canadian then perhaps it's a bit misleading to name the team American Idiots? :)
romeo - 213.115.123.*** 2005-02-21 17:59:45
it was your go-to guy skel who messed things up at RA!
siikah/ckr - 130.243.79.*** 2005-02-21 18:04:05
A good game, too bad that you're all highpingers... and great reports romeo :)
Zaq - 213.100.51.*** 2005-02-21 18:05:41
America includes Canada aswell, doesnt it ?
Like north america
skeLman - 67.53.21.*** 2005-02-21 19:04:47
It wasn't me at RA.. it was BlooD_DoG!! Admit it Canadian! Now stop the skeLman hating! :)

2m3 was a good game, with the lead shifting back and forth a couple times throughout the match. It was the quad @ 2 minutes to go that seemed to secure the win for DQM. We blew the game by letting them get a large run of caps midway through, and couldn't hold on to the runes when we needed to. Well played DQM.

e2m2 was rough. Unable to use good grappling skills to any advantage vs low ping shaft made it hard to even get the blue flag out of their base. With DQM securing quad and the runes for most of the map, this one was over fairly quickly. It seems a bit more practice could help us here, but also -- DQM's plays its map well. GG's.

We plan to fly to europe for nqr playoffs, so we'll see you pinging low then :P
BLooD_DoG(D_P) - 24.37.250.*** 2005-02-21 20:41:21
Due to peer pressure and repeated anonymous threats to my life, I am forced to admit that the screw up at RA was caused by me :( I thought I made it obvious when I said "the person is fired" that I was being sarcastic
romeo - 213.115.123.*** 2005-02-21 21:39:47
What I don't understand though, is why that RA-spawn would have mattered? There is no chance in hell that you would have gotten that quad anyway ;)
Master - 66.41.122.*** 2005-02-22 00:54:08
Good Games DQM. I really thought we had spill the blood this time, alas we fell apart near the end. I think what they are saying about the first RA - Quad is that since we know you are getting the first Quad, we have to make sure we get the Red Armor after we discharge so the Blue who gets Quad doesn't get it.

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