Battle Info  2005-03-08 1 - Week 3 (5)

Da Quaking Manjakks 2 - 1 The Hellraisers

CTF2M3 - Spill the Blood


Earlier in the day we decided to pull the old play-horrible-at-good-map-in-mixgame-to-make-them-believe-we-suck-on-it-when-we-do-not, so we were feeling comfortable when they told us they wanted CTF2M3 instead of the expected E3M6. The start was rather even; ckr got Strength and sat up the sentry at our base, while Shining got Resistance and Elguapo got first Quad, but he was unable to breach our base, while their defense had problems stopping hrz who captured the flag for the first time, despite them having Quad. Their first attack failed, with us retreating back to the inside of our base. Next Quad went to Shining carrying Resistance, but he got ambushed in our base and Quad was killed and rune was ours. The next minutes consisted of us capturing, while they were unable to defend themselves without proper runes and armor. The quad switched back and forth, as it always seems to do on this map, and it still kept the feeling of competition although our lead grew larger and larger. We kept attacking in pairs and managed to lock up their own base a couple of times, while they decided to keep running their tactics of one guy attacking without backup nor armor, and ckr had a rather easy time of keeping our flag at its position. Eventually one of their quad-runs managed to kill of ckr, and Strength switched hands. Zaq used it rather well, giving them a minute or two to catch their breaths, but they still had problems breaching our base. lgo and ckr locked it down tight, and even though they managed one or two sneaky captures, we never felt threatened. With 2/3 of the game played, rom was able to keep Resistance for an extended period of time, getting a few Quads and killing of their guys carrying Strength and Regeneration. With us carrying most of the runes, their attackers settled into spawning, attacking without even weapons, get to the door with the flag, get shot in the back with a Strength-rocket and then spamming randomly or Laughing Out Loud for the rest of the round. Our earlier stunt worked, and thanks mostly to the base-defense of ckr and lgo, we were able to put Spill the Blood in the books. Props to Creature for putting constant pressure on Quad, and to Zaq for a valiant effort of keeping their base safe. - by Da Quaking Manjakks



CTF2M1 - Mckinley Station


We felt bad because of our stunt in the round before, and therefore we decided to select a map that we thought could bring out what these players of HELL probably likes best, namely CS. And it turned out we were right. They spawned Resistance and Strength, and got first Pent. That gave them a big advantage in the earlier stages of the game, and after the first couple of minutes they had got 4 captures. hrz got second Pent, and the rest of us retreated back to our base while hrz went for our first capture. The first highlight of the game happened here. As hrz was carrying their flag back to our base in good spirit, out of nowhere a berserked Shining came flying, carrying Resistance, and attached his grapple into hrz, who had no choice but to shot that son bitch down. That really turned the game around. As the captures kept coming, the lead was shrinking and our confidence was rising. You could sense the opposite from the opposition, as quotes such as "MEN SA JAVLA TUR", "LOL", "SA TUR FITTA JAVLA SKITSPEL" could be heard from HELL's two top guns. They then retreated to their patented tactics, namely stealing our flag, running to water and hiding at water-rl. When we came hunting them, they ran through the teleport, and fled until their health was low and they then settled in the water again, and as soon as we came running they discharged. That kept the score tight as we had control for the rest of the match but failed to capitalised. The last Pent went to them, but we were able to keep our runes and not lose control, and entering the last minutes of play we were finally in the lead. Miscommunication lead to our carrier being gunned down and they were able to capture to make it a 25 point game with one minute remaining. We still had control though, and we immediatley went for their flag, with Quad and all of the runes. However, we were not able to counter their ultimate strategy. They took our flag, ran to water, hid the carrier at water-rl and then placed a teammate in the water below the only way in. When we came hunting with Quad, Resistance, Red Armor and Flag he immediatley discharged and was able to spawn next to the water. They returned, and their carrier fled as the clock ran out. - by Da Quaking Manjakks

Well, as you can see this was a tight one. So, hiding with flag when the enemy has quad and the runes is pretty smart. :) We got an awesome start, Elguapo got the first pent and we got most of the runes. As told, we got some quick captures and took the lead. But DQm is a good clan and hard to keep away from the quadroom. They recovered the lead, but we got the last pent and took it back. And in the end , shining made a beautiful discharge on a hunting Romeo, carrying the whole package. Elguapo, who was hiding, returned the flag, and that was it. Sorry for some whine ;) GG DQm - by The Hellraisers

All Pov (MVD)


E2M2 - The Ogre Citadel


Round 2 left us with a bad taste in our mouths, and as they throwed CTF5 we threw E3M6 to make the decider E2M2. They wanted Quad OFF, and we said fine. We put Strength and Regeneration to ckr and rom in the base, turned on /ignore on their attackers and then shut the base down. lgo captured but this was all hrz-show, as he CS:ed his way to about 100 kills and a efficience of 90%+, giving them a taste of their own medicine. This one was over after 5 minutes. - by Da Quaking Manjakks


wilen - 82.182.194.*** 2005-03-08 00:39:03
gg peeps
Bal0n - 213.10.111.*** 2005-03-08 08:50:25
Yay, now there's a possibility KoI will make the playoffs ^^

GGs you swe guys :)
XebB - 213.112.255.*** 2005-03-08 09:22:32
Yeyyy! Looks like i've been a good teacher...
Rage - 213.10.218.*** 2005-03-08 18:23:58
gg! :) Too bad Hell didn't choose e3m6.

ctf2m1 looks like a nice game!
c - 213.66.229.*** 2005-03-08 18:38:18
Well if I would be hell I would have thrown away e2m2 as decider map, since dqm had biggest win -> red base...
Shining - 85.225.15.*** 2005-03-09 07:23:52
We were confused and didn?t think! cya in playoff dqm.
dib - 212.113.164.*** 2005-03-10 14:45:28
go go Manjakks |-)

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