Battle Info  2005-03-20 2 - Week 5 (5)

qw.ger 2 - 1 American Idols

CTF5 - Da Ancient War Grounds


We played qw.ger's map first, on our server. There were several dual telefrags coming out of the quad pit, good job by whoever didn't have quad on each of those. We held our base pretty well, thwarting some good quadguy and multiple-offender attacks by qw.ger. - by American Idols



CTF2M3 - Spill the Blood


This was our pick, played on qw.ger's server. Unfortunately nobody had rcon for this server, that's why we didn't use minping. Here qw.ger got our flag and went right by our defense half the time. When we were able to catch up and kill the carrier, they had picked it up again before we got back to the base. Our offense had a good hold on the quad on this map, but it wasn't always enough to get through qw.ger's defense. - by American Idols



E2M2 - The Ogre Citadel


The tiebreaker was played on the usual UK server. We threw e3m6 and they threw ctf8 and chose the blue base. This was a close game for a while, but qw.ger got strength on defense (cyr had it, as you may be able to tell from his great ratio) and denied us entry into their base (and rl's). We broke down their defense a few times, but weren't able to keep control of the rl area. - by American Idols


lemon - 24.21.141.*** 2005-03-21 01:02:57
Demos available at:
gg's guys
Apollyon - 62.214.179.*** 2005-03-21 14:47:29
all ping!
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 2005-03-22 15:20:09
Nice to play a map in the US qw.ger!:)

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