Battle Info  2005-04-11 Div 1 Semifinal

Da Quaking Manjakks 3 - 0 American Idiots

E2M2 - The Ogre Citadel


And so the playoffs begin on our favorite id map, e2m2. We were actually glad to play this one first because we hadn't played as a team since our last match a few weeks ago and figured our teamplay would be a bit lacking. We started off fairly well though bringing home the first cap.. and it really should have been two caps. The ogres decided that the ctfers didn't need the resistance rune today however, so our early control could not be sustained. Shortly after our caps DQM was able to set up some strength rune aided defense and were able to deny us access to the rocket launcher. Many efforts were made to use the LG instead, but despite holding the crosshair on the enemy through all 15 cells no damage was ever done. DQM chained up some caps and the game was over fairly quickly. - by American Idiots



CTF2M1 - Mckinley Station


Perhaps a bit closer than the scores indicate.. I think we put up a good fight here. We were pretty good at returning the flag, but just weren't able to set up any kind of rune defense for any length of time to run enough captures. - by American Idiots



CTF2M3 - Spill the Blood


Once again we blow a ctf2m3 game that we had in the bag. Things were going pretty well, but our stength weilding defender got discharged resupplying his armor. Then at approximately the same time we found out that Skelmans cable company was rooting for DQM. DQM then went on a big cap spree and also got the last few quads. We managed to cap near the end, but didn't have time for another. GG. We would like to thank all the admins, clans, and players for a fun tournament. - by American Idiots


c - 217.211.101.*** 2005-04-11 13:40:31
ctf2m3 was a nice game, the rest was more or less kinda expected

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