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Date Clan with pointlead       Clan Result Score  
2005-10-20 22:22 Apocalypse 1 vs Osams 1 - 2 (307 - 613) Games


Map: cmt4
Apocalypse 1 163 - 158 Osams

Map: dm3
Apocalypse 1 71 - 195 Osams

Map: dm2
Apocalypse 1 73 - 260 Osams


Apocalypse 1 1540 19 36 +55 1595
Osams 1346 38 82 +120 1466
      57 118 175  
PBG - Points before game, PMW - Points for map win, PGS - Points for game score, TOT - Total score (PMW+PGS), PAG - Points after game


01 © gaz     2005-10-20 22:50 Q
CMT4 was fun, nice to play that again after a long break, DM3 we got a fullstart and probably would have won by more if steppa hadn't timed out with RL and then my conncetion hadn't started to fuck up. I didn't play the second half of the map cos I was trying to fix it. I didn't see DM2 but we had a slightly better start and showed that we are getting pretty strong on that map these days. GG!
02 © Willgurht     2005-10-21 19:31 Q
As we can see a2k without sae is a bit behind the top div3-teams on tb3 . Looks like we are alot weaker on cmt4 nowdays, but so is everyone else, so np

But im sure we would win these games if we didnt die so much! also last weeks episode of smallville was great, so gonna watch new one now! Also if u stop @ the frame when sawyer gets attacked by a shark, you can see a symbol on it! Strange?

also i noticed if you discharge when going out from water to bridge-low, just when pent runs out you can get a boost and land on bridge-high! If you have quad (and pent ofc) u can do it from pent-water to window!

03 © gaz     2005-10-21 20:00 Q
Hurley's boss at the chicken place was the same guy who was Locke's boss in the box company!!
04 © willg     2005-10-21 20:31 Q
maybe hurley hired him just so he could own him?
05 © stefan     2005-10-22 09:30 Q
plz keft. alla har inte sett senaste avsnitten *ledsen panda*
06 © gaz     2005-10-22 15:41 Q
Kanske du skulle titta pa't da?
07 © qmole     2005-10-26 17:28 Q
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