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Date Clan with pointlead       Clan Result Score  
2005-10-24 20:20 Osams vs Oblivion 2 - 1 (699 - 387) Games


Map: dm2
Osams 290 - 82 Oblivion

Map: e1m2
Osams 188 - 213 Oblivion

Map: dm3
Osams 221 - 92 Oblivion


OsamsWe decided to choose DM2 because xtalon is a real lava fiend and had to satisfy his craving for quad bores and dives into the red hot magma. Our new superstar magiska under impressed us by getting 85 frags on his very first game of QW, and lunna did OK considering his crippling ping of 39ms.
Superstar gazadoks pinned the team together, making all the essential moves, running quad and holding tele/water at the same time. It was amazing stuff, really.

Oblivion chose E1M2, and it's obvious to see why when you see them there. They wander around gazing at the architecture and taking photos of the wonderful buttresses and archways. When they eventually managed to limit their gothic obsessions, fnosk got out a big can of woop-ass and dished it out to us at YA-water. We were hungry and too eager to gobble it up. We might have had a chance here, but once again HPB-lunna held us back, and magiska under struggled to get to grips with his first play of E1M2.

It was decider time, and magiska under showed us once again that he has a canny knack of learning maps during prewar. He dished out gunishment after gunishment, and oblivion were happy to come back for more. I guess no one can get enough of him. Superstar-gaz tried a new tactic of standing in the RA tunnel and shouting "NONE SHALL PASS", but it only had limited success. Luckily lunna managed to get to grips with his ridiculously high ping and sorted his shit out, which was a good job as xtalon spent the entire map inviting oblivion to join him in a naked hot tub party at the pent water.


Osams 1466 35 66 +101 1567
Oblivion 1414 17 38 +55 1469
      52 104 156  
PBG - Points before game, PMW - Points for map win, PGS - Points for game score, TOT - Total score (PMW+PGS), PAG - Points after game


01 © gaz     2005-10-25 12:08 Q
02 © magiska blunder     2005-10-25 12:18 Q
03 © streetrobban     2005-10-25 13:26 Q
Ööö, vilka spelade?
04 © dje     2005-10-25 22:47 Q
ingen aning, ingen från oblivion iaf, detta är nån fakematch osams hittat på!!!!
05 © gaz     2005-10-25 23:12 Q
06 © contender     2005-10-28 18:22 Q
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