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2007-05-28 Mean Machine vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-F details
2007-05-19 Core vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-F details
2007-05-17 Mean Machine vs. smackthatass 3-1 BC-SF details
2007-05-09 Clan MalFunction vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 0-3 GC-F details
2007-05-06 jokkmokk vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-SF details
2007-05-02 Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom 3-1 GC-SF details
2007-05-02 EnemyQuad vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-SF details
2007-05-01 Core vs. JUGS 3-1 SC-SF details
2007-04-29 Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 1-3 GC-SF details
2007-04-26 Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS 0-2 SC-QF details
   NQR11 postponed  070922  

NQR season 11 is postponed and we're right now aiming for a new season early 2008. There are various reasons for this decision but we hope to have everything sorted out and be back on track shortly. However, the QuakeWorld scene is still very much alive. EQL6 has just begun with an impressive 67 clans signed up. You can find it here.

// NQR staff

   NQR Gold-Cup final on TV!  070528  

As announced a couple of weeks ago, the NQR Gold-Cup final (which has already been played, to those who missed it) between DAG und CMF will indeed be broadcast on television.

The specific details are as follows:
Tuesday, 29th of May at 23:00 CET. (00:00 in Finland)
The TV channel is DigiViihde.

It would be fantastic if someone out there was be able to make a digital recording of the game & commentary.
So please, if you are able to record the broadcast, or if you would be willing to write subtitles for non-finnish speakers (not on your own, would be too much work), drop us a line!

Thank you,
// NQR staff


   Gametv.fi stream available  070524  

Gametv.fi's stream of the NQR10 Gold Cup Final is now available on their website. We strongly recommend you to check it out! Finnish commentating by Wabbit, Jkova & Mirage.

Here's the URL:

There's been a few reported issues with VLC and Winamp so trying Mplayer/Windows Media Player/RealPlayer might do the trick.

The Silver Cup Final has also been played. Congratulations to the champions Ballistic who beat Core 3-1! Details can be found here.


   New date for Silver-Cup final!  070515  

Unfortunately, due to some problems with their ISP, Ballistic weren't able to play the final which had been scheduled for the 13th of May at 21:00.

However, the clans have decided on a new time and date:

CORE vs Ballistic will be played on:
19th of May, 18:00 CET

// NQR staff

   Dota-Allstar-Guys NQR10 Gold Cup champions!  070509  

After a breathtaking DM2, ending 189-188 in DAG's favor, Dota-Allstar-Guys beat Clan Malfunction 3-0 in a very entertaining final.

The final was enjoyed by 250 spectators on Qizmo cams (with TS commentary), 150 people watching the winamp video stream and ~500 people tuned in to the finnish gametv.fi online stream! That makes a total of 900 spectators which is, mildly put, groundbreaking. As if this wasn't enough, we still have the TV broadcast left and it's estimated that it will attract around 10,000 viewers. Needless to say, tonight's event was nothing but a sheer success!

Expect a more thorough summary in the coming days.

However, this does not mark the end of the NQR10 season! We still have the Silver Cup final and the Bronze Cup final remaining! We hope to see you there as well.

// NQR Staff

EDIT: the statistics say that there were 1900 people watching the finnish gametv.fi stream, so the total number of spectators for the final is somewhere around 2300. Now that is something.

   NQR10 Gold Cup final details  070509  

The NQR10 Gold Cup final will be played tonight at 2130CET!

Head over to quakeworld.nu and Sassa's news post for all the information you need to enjoy this highly anticipated final!

// NQR Staff


   NQR10 Gold Cup final will be TELEVISED!  070501  

With the finals of NQR Season 10 coming up, fix has arranged for the NQR Gold Cup Final to be streamed on www.gametv.fi and later broadcasted to two Finnish Digital television channels, Digiviihde and Diggari!

With an expected 10.000 avg viewers this is, needless to say, a fantastic opportunity for us to promote QuakeWorld to a broader audience and show all those gamers out there that QuakeWorld is not only still a fairly popular game, but has immensely evolved throughout the last decade.

GameTV will have their own guy, Teemu "wabbit" Hiilinen, commentating the game, along with "Jkova" and "mirage" doing the finnish co-commentary to give people a basic overview of tactics and game-play. This is something a lot of people have long hoped for; and now finally the moment has come! Further announcements will be made as we get closer to the date.

The Gold Cup final will be played on Wednesday May 9th 2130CET!

Update: Head over to quakeworld.nu and Sassa's news post for all the information you need to enjoy this highly anticipated final!

// NQR staff

   Semifinals info!  070420  

We're finally done with the quarterfinals and all semifinals are ready to be played! Deadline for semifinals is Wednesday 2nd of May!

Gold Cup semifinals:
Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom
Wednesday 2nd of May, 22:00 CET
Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys Saturday 29th of April, 21:15 CET

Silver Cup semifinals:
Jokkmokk vs. Ballistic
Core vs JUGS

Bronze Cup semifinals:
EnemyQuad vs. O CLA
Mean Machine vs. smackthatass

The semifinals are played like this:

Winner of QF1 (A1-B4) vs Winner of QF3 (A3-B2)
Winner of QF2 (A2-B3) vs Winner of QF4 (A4-B1)
Where A1 is the winner of group A etc.

Post time and date in comments or in #nqr!

// NQR Staff

   Schedule your games and let us know!  070412  

Regardless of whether you're in Gold, Silver or Bronze playoffs, we urge you to schedule your games and let us know about your arrangements asap so we can get some cams and coverage going. The specs are hungry!

Tuesday, 17th of April 2007, 21:00 CET:
Slackers vs SuddenDeath

Wednesday, 18th of April 2007, 21:00 CET:
Antiquad vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys

Thursday, 19th of April 2007, 21:00 CET:
Freedom vs Koff

Both teams only lost 1 of their games in group stages. Freedom lost to Slackers and Koff gave away 2 maps in a real tight nail-biter vs Clan Malfunction. This is going to be a thriller!

Clans: This news post will be updated whenever you give us your arranged time and date! And we're still looking for people willing to do live commentary!

// NQR staff.

   Live commentary for playoffs?  070410  

NQR 10 is reaching it's final phase with some hot playoff games coming up and it would be a shame not to have a live commentary to go with them.
We are thus searching for people willing to step in and give us a hand. What we ask for is not a whole lot, but you should:

- Have adequate English skills.
- Have fairly good knowledge of the 4on4 tactics.
- Be reliable. Nobody is obliged to do anything, but if you say you're gonna do the commentary then you should stick to that.
- Have a solid internet connection and a microphone (duh!).

If you fit the profile and feel like helping out the NQR staff and moreover the QW scene, please drop us a line on #nqr on Quakenet.

// NQR staff


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