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Battle Info  2008-03-04 Gold Cup - Week 8 (4)

Dies Ater 2 - 1 Malice

E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned



DM3 - The Abandoned Base



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


soma - omg.hai.2.u 080304 @ 11:17:47
Gee I don't remember being that nervous in an official game. Playing Slackers, Fragomatic, etc is just so much easier because we got absolutely nothing to lose. Clans like Malice or NoPasaran however - those are the clans we really, really want to try and beat. So when Malice got mapcontrol on e1m2 I started shaking and couldn't focus. Nothing worked. The same for me on dm3, so I just tried not to get fragged and kinda "stayed out of the way". :D
On dm2 we got a wonderful start and things went well, so that was a real relief. First win, yay! \o/
Hats off to Moltas' performance on e1m2, just couldn't kill the fucker, no matter how hard we tried.
kip - 88.115.21.*** 080304 @ 11:20:53
ye your first and last win
Zepp - 212.33.22.*** 080304 @ 18:48:27
Nice battle between our competitors.
I wish more victories for Dies Ater, but not over NoPasaran :) (i hope)
pattah - 82.198.223.*** 080304 @ 20:12:16
*whine detected* kip

Nice and convincing win DA, well done!
niomic - 62.78.219.*** 080304 @ 20:25:35
Prior to this game, we pracced a2k on e1m2 as well, barely winning the round after a comeback in the end. That didn't really worry me as I know I'm clearly more motivated for good NQR battles, but I also recognized that e1m2 would probably be the hardest challenge vs Malice.

e1m2 - went pretty decently for the first 14-15min with us gaining a ~30 frag lead. The real turn came at YA. I managed to kill rlkip as he came jumping from gl and things looked good - we were ~all at YA. But seconds later equad came bunnying from the spikes and killed us all if I remember correctly :) At this point we made the classic mistake of thinking about sauna too early and not committing to it. They managed to hunt and split us enough to get frags going and even with quite a few rl's we got, we simply gave away the latter quads and Malice made some good runs, enough to get a 10-15 lead right before the end.

dm3 - I was expecting our performance to be stronger, even though I knew especially moltas can be a pain on this map if he's given enough stuff. Don't remember that much from the round except that I got really worried at 10min+ when moltas took over RA and Malice took the lead for a moment. A little bird told me that we dropped 27 rl's vs Malice's 7. I know we had quite a few rlbores on purpose to mates, but gotta kolla på demos and verify, because that's a big number :) I know I did one classic giveaway at ya vs armored ssg guy coming into yabox.

dm2 - Didn't really know what to expect from Malice here as they have three solid dm2 players in kip, moltas and gor (dunno about rwx dm2 track record). But also knowing how we'd done there before it just seemed to roll through nicely, just not being able to lock low-rl down until the end. Or maybe could have but for once I wanted to play it safe and come back to guard quad/tele even when I was fat at ramega, because of help / replace messages.

Certainly this was one of the more anticipated games for us in this Gold Cup as it was in our minds a must win and we knew it could be really close either way. Just noticed that for once avg ping was naturally just spot on, 25ms for both teams without any routing etc :)
molgrum - 85.24.184.*** 080304 @ 22:55:50
"gotta kolla på demos"! <3
kip - 88.115.21.*** 080305 @ 03:42:24
*whine detected* kip by pattah
well it's whine when i'm just a realist?

first and last map win for us if we can't make
a miracle vs NO! and take a map. not two.
really looking forward this season. tonight we will face koff and what a match it will be!
if we can score total 100 during whole match i'm glad. just 2bad they don't give extra points
about it.

ps. nio: "I did one classic giveaway at ya vs armored ssg guy coming into yabox. " Just way2ez. ei käyny mielessäkään et kiertäisin quadin kautta ku puskisin entryst sisään? lol.
pattah - 92.196.26.*** 080305 @ 04:50:07
Well yes, it's both, realistic and whine. We get schooled in our games too but it's okay as long as we can laugh about it on Ventrilo. :p

Anyway, I wish you (and your team) good luck in your upcoming games. :)
mushi - 194.65.103.*** 080306 @ 03:53:53
congrats to DIES ATER \o/
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