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Battle Info  2008-04-06 Gold Cup - Week 7 (8)

Dies Ater 1 - 2 No Pasaran!

E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


B1aze - 78.106.171.*** 080407 @ 08:59:52
no playoffs for NoPasaran! :)
Zepp - 89.178.220.*** 080407 @ 09:50:18
good: we won, yeah!
bad: our friends from DA lost :(
good: they advanced to playoffs!
bad: we didn't :(
gl guys, hope to see on the top spots :)

That was nice season btw!
soma - omg.hai.2.u 080407 @ 16:04:34
Well... It's a pity that NoPasaran won't advance to playoffs since, as we saw last night, they seem to have deserved it more than we did. I'm happy we advanced to playoffs of course, but I'd have preferred to take our favourite enemies NoPasaran with us. :(

I'll buy you guys a beer in August to compensate for the playoffs. :)
Zepp - 212.33.22.*** 080407 @ 21:22:25
I nail you down to your promise! :D
niomic - 82.181.180.*** 080408 @ 00:09:51
Was really looking forward to playing this game, but fate had other plans and my NQR ended abruptly right before these last games :(

Looking at our lineups I think we did quite good actually. Considering probably none of those lineups had pracced even once together during this nqr season :P
B1aze - 212.5.80.*** 080408 @ 01:05:03
Same about us.
It was last minute decision about our 4th player. :)
Sad that we got couple of disconnects during first two maps. Played 3vs4 on e1m2 for 3 minutes or so.
But anyway, it was gg for sure :) .
GL in playoffs.
quake - 217.118.85.*** 080408 @ 03:13:22
my snd-card does some fkn noise into vetrilo
then it stoped whole computer
this is why my comp was rebooted and reconnected ones at dm2 endin and twice at e1m2, then we had to close vent and started mm2 (:
i was frustrated a little, our team managed victory
quake - 217.118.85.*** 080408 @ 03:14:34
...but our team...
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