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Battle Info  2008-02-20 Silver Cup - Week 6 (2)

Bear Beer Balalaika 2 - 1 Hippushnik

DM3 - The Abandoned Base



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


187 - 81.175.234.*** 080221 @ 02:44:22
Mingle - 88.115.43.*** 080221 @ 03:46:11
Yeah.. what a game. 3b was leading dm3 with 4 frags when there was 1 minute remaining. We controlled the map and they only got ya, where they was hiding. Then we forgot to take last quad when there was 40sec left and enemy lg guy took it and we lost the map.

Dm2 we leaded with 7 frags when there was 2 minutes remaining. We attacked to second last quad with 4RL from low RL. They controlled the down tele and quad area, but we managed to kill the second last quad and some of us survived from there alive and we took control of low RL again. When there was 20secs remaining and we were leading with 1 frag (!) 3b took last quad and attacked to down rl where we had 3 RL guys. We managed to get their quad guy to bore and we won this map.

E1m2 3b was tight also, but 3B managed to keep 10-20 frag lead first 13-15 minutes. When there was 5 minutes remaining we managed to get control of quad and I got the quad. I tried to attack after my friends to gl (with RL, 100/100, quad), but two 3b guys to managed to kill all of us with pines. Then we just gave up and 3b got control of the whole map. GG
Mingle - 88.115.43.*** 080221 @ 03:52:08
And this is also funny static so far:
Closest Game
Hippushnik 132-129 Bear Beer Balalaika @ DM2
Bear Beer Balalaika 157-150 Hippushnik @ DM3
Chosen 179-172 Hippushnik @ E1M2

Let see how many maps we gonna lose with under 5-10 frags in this season.

fisto - 81.233.16.*** 080221 @ 04:06:06
haha, thats sick :P Keep it up hips!
Skillah - 217.76.20.*** 080221 @ 10:14:17
hehe, Seems like to close to call indeed.

Better luck next time hips :e
Welldone 3b (:
Ihalainen - 79.165.191.*** 080221 @ 21:25:52
3b's crusade for worlds domination!
SS - 83.237.197.*** 080223 @ 22:31:06
around 10++ min on DM3 our quad killed me , and bored himself = 2+ pack hips! , and then hips got kontrol map. gg !
dm2 our guy (bublik) which had 77ping took last quad :/ and stupid bored on low-rl :(
i think 3b was better hips, unfortunately we could't won 2:0
armadon - 212.7.224.*** 080327 @ 02:18:21
Ой ой Красавчики :)) зачёт братва!!!
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