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Battle Info  2008-02-25 Silver Cup - Week 7 (3)

Mean Machine 2 - 1 Chosen

E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned



DM3 - The Abandoned Base

the score doesnt match the screenshot because fisto timed out when having 21 frags. his nick is not represented on the scoreboard. Donut played too little to have his frags counted. - by NQR Admin


DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Skillah - 217.76.20.*** 080225 @ 09:20:42
The saga continues...

fisto - 81.236.232.*** 080225 @ 16:36:41
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080225 @ 19:42:50
nice, we lost due to 2 timeouts on dm3 when we were going to win 2-0 easy
after that we lost motivation
very bad behaviour from messi, bg
dib - 213.205.76.*** 080225 @ 20:56:55
well mm had a few lammers on the crew like bwuss :)
"bad behaviour" is not the best word to discreved sutch a bad persons
Ihalainen - 79.165.191.*** 080225 @ 21:45:06
well, Messi is from Uppsala. They're all like that there i guess.
Messi - 81.225.35.*** 080225 @ 21:47:57
2ppl timeout after 15min we have the map totaly under control, we are in 60frags lead, and they want us to break? lol..
1 of them joins instantly and they have 2 members as specs. its just pure whining, 2-0 YE right hooraytio, we came without warmup and played directly and thats the only reason you even won e1m2. So stfu get a better connection next time and stop whining mmmmkey thx :)
molgrum - 85.24.184.*** 080225 @ 21:54:40
187 and fisto times out after 14 minutes, 187 reconnects immediately while fisto stays disconnected, this is a mystery to me since if they both time out at the same time you'd expect the reason to be the same for both. You had no RL/LG in your team upon timeout so you didn't lose any weapons... and MM was leading with 52 frags and had 3 RLs + 2 LGs.
You actually got the pent (it was laying there and noone cared, lol), but when I looked at your pentrun you didn't kill any RL or take over any armor, you bored the RL at YA after the pent was finished so I can't see how that would change the match in any sense :)

GGs, especially e1m2!
mushi - 194.65.103.*** 080225 @ 22:26:55
chosen lost again! :|
187 - 81.175.233.*** 080225 @ 22:38:41
ALLPING. i totally agree that dm3 was already lost. I didnt reconnect immediately... took like >1min to get back.

MM got the star lineup, was hard to do anything, im happy that we won 1 map and got 2 points.

well i cant even whine about ping coz MM had squeeze playing. Tho the wargamez sucked big time 5-10 pl and unstable ping.

batfink - 212.113.204.*** 080225 @ 22:56:13
mm were the better team from what saw
Hooraytio - 193.10.228.*** 080225 @ 23:08:54
messi keeps shitacting... not a big surprise there, cant see how it can be a gg when players get disconnected... it was not a surprise that we won e1m2 since we always win on it, stop whining about no warmup, we will beat you on e1m2 even if you play it 5 times in a row before we start

next time show some sportsmanship
Messi - 81.225.35.*** 080225 @ 23:15:20
You time out with 15min gone, and no rl/lgs.
We have all weapons and armors. HOW can you expect a break? when 1 joins 2sek later, and the other one just did not feel like reconnecting, couse they where on the same qizmo that went down.
I just get anoyed over the whine, so i started with the bullshit we had nowarmup etc.
I just found it lame that you are a admin and started to whine in that situation instead of setting a good example. Yes you are good on e1m2, dm3 we won by "you timing out" even thou we had everything, and dm2 "we won with pure luck"... yes if you say so.
Try not to be such a sore looser, gl to you in the future.
187 - 81.175.233.*** 080226 @ 00:44:36
nooone joined 2 sec later... Messi, it took more than 1 minute to join, could you get that in your small brains?!?!? and it was not 15 mins played at disconnect time.
eizid - 80.220.129.*** 080226 @ 00:52:17
mushi: we lost again? This was our 2nd game and we won our first game vs hips :)

messi: By sportmanship hooraytio doesn't mean you should have breaked the game but act more politely (the whine about warmup should have been left off). When our players started to lag (couldn't move) all of your members didn't have weapons but they of course got them because the game was 2vs4 for over 1min if not two. 187 was able to reconnect after a while but fisto wasn't although he tried, the server reported it was full. Also saying that our connections suck is just plain wrong, it was the qizmo that made our players lag/timeout. However I agree that we couldn't have won dm3 but atleast make it a little bit closer.
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080226 @ 01:41:05
the ppl who timed out was lagged befare they timed out for 1min or a little more, they didnt join back instantly. we lost because of that and nothing you say can change it, sorry

i am not whining or setting a bad example i just feel robbed of a victory because of the timeouts. how come ppl call it whine whenever someone is questioning anything at all?

im lagging WHINE!
this server is not very good WHINE!
could we not play dm3 this mix? WHINE
i dont like to play rape games WHINE

please stop the whine accusations and try to bring some constructive ideas, thoughts or the likes instead
supernova - 83.252.65.*** 080226 @ 01:57:06
this was bad luck chosen, better luck next time!
molgrum - 85.24.184.*** 080226 @ 02:09:37
Okay you started timing at 13 minutes into the game, but still we had the advantage and you had 0 weapons so it is no loss in the sense that you lose any important weapons. Also, you had two members spectating that could have replaced your timing clanmates, but they didn't. Fisto chose to stay out of the game for whatever reason, he could easily have gotten back and started owning again. If you had gotten some people in faster then you could still have had a chance, instead of just giving up instantly.
Better luck next time!
Messi - 81.225.35.*** 080226 @ 02:12:47
haha nice one hooraytio..
you seem have twisted view of things :)
Oh well guess if anyone is strangly enough intrested in this drama, they can dl the demo and see whos right

sailorman - 85.228.186.*** 080226 @ 02:39:26
Veeery nice lads :) To bad I couldn't play too.
Hagge - 81.236.19.*** 080226 @ 03:55:30
didn't know qw was still taken so seriously :E
bwuss - 84.192.187.*** 080226 @ 04:10:59
Wow...so much drama.GG MM! Too bad I missed it.
Dib: I'm still in MM and I hate you too. :(
I luv sarah :<
Kalma - 88.115.34.*** 080226 @ 04:37:05
Sundays suck for playing.

And btw. with more warmup we win 2-0.
Zepp - 212.33.22.*** 080226 @ 18:15:19
Stop hostility guys, and let's roll another joint together
dib - 213.205.76.*** 080227 @ 00:14:22
bwuss i dont hate, i just say that you are a lammer isnt that true? .. and btw great mood zepp its a shame i stop smoking ;)
Messi - 81.225.38.*** 080304 @ 02:34:07
Everyone loves Zepp,
His "the one ring, that together binds them" ;>

The world needs more of your wisdom Zepp!
/me votes Zepp for president
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