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Battle Info  2008-03-26 Silver Cup - Week 1 (7)

CLAN METALLY TROOPERS 0 - 2 Demolition Crew

DM3 - The Abandoned Base



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


1tsinen - 83.102.109.*** 080326 @ 23:11:27
Map control on dm2 in the beginning and team Cmt gets pl100 and clan [DC] doesn't. So [DC] kills our rls and we lose the game straight away because of that "nice" behavior...
hfg - 213.139.161.*** 080327 @ 01:13:05
In truth the result would have been the same no matter what but then again dc could have just as well breaked. Well nothing new from kurwas hehe.
samon - 195.205.64.*** 080327 @ 03:20:39
fuck off from kurwas
[dc]panczo - 87.105.250.*** 080327 @ 07:49:15
Watch the demos first and then stop saying bullshit like after game (ready to download from dybbuk2). You had lag for few seconds and only one rl (hmpf got it in tele) - which wasnt even killed on lag. I watched that demo for all your povs to 1st minute and i can say only that was/still is, a BIG whine from your side :(
hfg - 213.139.161.*** 080327 @ 08:12:07
Yep i dont deny it nothing happened during the lag just that my teammates started to cry kind of just gave up after that.
hfg - 213.139.161.*** 080327 @ 08:13:23
But if you take into account we have been raped all season dc could have just aswell breaked with the same result and have some sportsmanship.
hfg - 213.139.161.*** 080327 @ 08:17:04
I know cmt would break against ez opponents anyday in a similiar case. Kurwas just dont have any honor nor soul.
1tsinen - 83.102.109.*** 080327 @ 20:38:17
If you watch the demo you can see that Hmpf is going towards the telebutton -> lag -> he is trapped there -> which is the same thing as said.
187 - 81.175.224.*** 080328 @ 04:17:01
paskat valittaa.
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