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Battle Info  2008-04-02 Silver Cup - Week 2 (8)

sega gubbar 2 - 0 Fraggers United

DM3 - The Abandoned Base



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


apokalypze - 62.20.54.*** 080403 @ 03:25:01
cl_frags 104? 8)
Anza - 84.250.0.*** 080403 @ 04:02:42
We are a bronze team and mm sure is not a silver player. bullshit.
[dc]panczo - 87.105.250.*** 080403 @ 04:34:43
agree, one big mistake or one big joke
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080403 @ 04:59:52
I agree with the mistake part
swi - 79.136.38.*** 080403 @ 05:09:13
mm is our golden boy!
Anza - 84.250.0.*** 080403 @ 05:39:32
Yeah like any better div player in a lower div clan. He needs to play in a better clan, even I got frags against you in e1m2.
LethalWiz - 85.225.209.*** 080403 @ 06:10:55
Want some cheese with that whine of your?
Mingle - 88.112.68.*** 080403 @ 06:34:31
MM frag avarage 85... nice
In future this silver cup is going to be a contest which clan can get best div0 player to their team. If this kind of behaviour is goind to be tolerate in future also.. really going to lack of interest of these games
fisto - 213.66.225.*** 080403 @ 07:35:52
lame as always! Lethalwiz, you must agree that mm dont belong in silver?
hoff - 213.113.108.*** 080403 @ 07:36:18
start praccing and stop whining instead. Lol
LethalWiz - 85.225.209.*** 080403 @ 07:48:51
Just lite XN in 3b and jOn in M.M or why not sassa in a2k?

Oh the drama!
mooseman - 85.195.27.*** 080403 @ 08:19:13
-Do you like birds?
-I like birds
-Pandas don't like birds
-I like birds.
mogge - 90.224.28.*** 080403 @ 10:29:24
I liek mooseman 8)
markku - 83.145.238.*** 080403 @ 13:08:18
whos mm? dag? plz?
markku - 83.145.238.*** 080403 @ 13:08:50
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080403 @ 22:33:31
the players mentioned by lethalwiz where all accepted after mm was cleared to join sega. that was the mistake part, after mm could join sega we couldnt really stop other players like him joining other silver clans.

sorry for that and i hope we can avoid it in the future cups
mythic - 217.211.241.*** 080404 @ 02:45:51
dont compare jOn with mm, thats an insult to mr. mm :)
stefan - 83.241.227.*** 080404 @ 02:51:52
*mm för vinsten. lätt som fan. hejja*
fisto - 213.66.225.*** 080404 @ 02:59:41
hoff - 213.113.108.*** 080403 @ 07:36:18
start praccing and stop whining instead. Lol

Smart comment, hoff. the clan i play in are one of those clans that is praccing, and not add starplayers to do the work.
trash - 90.227.152.*** 080404 @ 03:44:02
mooseman sux :<
hoff - 213.113.108.*** 080404 @ 08:17:43
And u always refuse to play nqr, isnt that lame?
And btw i think we told the crew we could play in div1 if it would be any problems with mm in our clan so cant really understand all the whine.
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080404 @ 08:38:28
when exatcly did you do that?

mm joined when you had already started playing in silver and mm came from disbanded clan easyriders who didnt dare to play in gold, not whine just facts
Anonymous - 213.66.225.*** 080404 @ 08:46:02
And u always refuse to play nqr, isnt that lame?"
Are you referring to me as a player or my team?

if me: u and me played 8maps eatch
if csn: we played one more map then sega

your post was just full of garbage, as your team.
fisto - 213.66.225.*** 080404 @ 08:46:28
ops, that was me
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080404 @ 08:48:42
i think he means we refuse to play versus them.
well we booked a game and then sega didnt have 4, then you guys have come and asked perhaps 2 times, but if we havent got players on that particular day you cant really blame us for not playing can you?

i also heard csn wanted to prac once when you asked but whats so wrong with that? we havent really been idle or "refusing" anything this far...
fisto - 213.66.225.*** 080404 @ 08:48:46
one more game, hm.. guess i to tired for this.
LethalWiz - 85.225.209.*** 080404 @ 09:21:22
"your post was just full of garbage, as your team."

now that was mature fisto... i recall me getting pissed off at you some time way back, now i remember why.

We decided within the clan that we would ask admins to move us up to gold if mm was denied, but he wasn´t and we stayed in silver.

When mm asked us about joining, we knew he was good, but he was obviously even better than we had imagined, and i guess the admins had the same thought when they accepted him.
So you see.... who are you angry at, sega? mm? the admins?

no matter what we just wanna get our games played whitout having to listen to bad losers shitacting.

And just for the record, FU stop crying like babies about you losing this game because of mm, we played a prac vs you over 2 maps a couple of weeks ago without mm and the score then was: DM2 287 - 101 DM3 289 - 81.
Get over yourselves.

hoff - 213.113.108.*** 080404 @ 09:24:26
Well, we talked about asking to be put in div1 if crew wouldnt agree on mm joining. He got accepted so we thought it was ok. Why first accept him and then whine? Blaim nqr crew not us ffs.
soma - omg.hai.2.u 080404 @ 10:31:14
Anza: About you being a bronze clan, here's a quick reminder:

([Soma]) i trust your judgement and i will forward your answer to the other admins, and then we'll make a decision
([Soma]) please take another look at the divisions as they are now (they've been changed just now)
([Soma]) and let me know.
([Soma]) thanks!
(Anza--) propably we are going to play with a mix team so that would put us low silver/high bronze
([Soma]) :}
([Soma]) well... so... if you were the guy making the decisions
([Soma]) where would you put fu?
(Anza--) but as it is, i kinda feel we need to be in silver
(Anza--) when we signed up i thought stalk and bamsen would be totally inactive
([Soma]) anyway... thanks for your honest judgement, i'll put -fu- in silver then
(Anza--) put us in silver, hard games are always more interesting than easy ones
([Soma]) heh
([Soma]) that's the spirit

hoff: As far as I can tell, Sega Gubbar offered no such thing & moving clans once the season has started is simply impossible.
Anza - 84.250.0.*** 080404 @ 21:09:44
Soma: i said we are a bronze team and not a bronze clan. The guys that would have made us a silver team are not going to play. See? :D
So it's partly our own fault BUT still there is no question about mm being a gold player.
jOn - 81.236.184.*** 080404 @ 21:09:52
Its not like one player, mm for example, makes a whole clan... But maby for next season, div 1 players shouldnt be allowed in lower divs? But hey think of it as fotball :) If Zlatans joins "Eslövs bollklubb" will they win all games becouse of that?
mooseman - 85.195.27.*** 080404 @ 21:49:20
score prac: 576 - 182 score nqr: 570 - 188

http: //img182.imageshack.us/img182/3298/ezquake270ed1.png

It is just that the tactic changes when we have mm on the team.

I thought this topic was already binned and finnished being talked about? What is the point?
mooseman - 85.195.27.*** 080404 @ 21:56:20
Dm3 link didnt work:

http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/3298/ezquake270ed1.p ng
mooseman - 85.195.27.*** 080404 @ 21:57:26

Cra ppy page for pasting links ;)
fisto - 213.66.225.*** 080404 @ 22:54:09
jon: I heard a story when zlatan was 13-14 years old, and he got to play with the ones that was two years older. He was benchsitter for half game, non belived in him. But in secondhalf it was players injured and stuff so zlatan had to play. He made 10+goals. So yes, even in fotball lame things like this can happen if too good players plays with loosers.

To hoff: The thing i was angry about was "start praccing and stop whining instead. Lol"

to lw: mature posts gets mature answers
LethalWiz - 85.225.209.*** 080404 @ 23:37:04
Sorry for being a pain in your tight little ass fisto, but it´s spelled loser, and in this case mm joined winners.
trash - 90.227.152.*** 080405 @ 00:12:34
it´s spelled LOOSER. sluta sug nu lw :DDD
Anonymous - 85.225.209.*** 080405 @ 00:19:15
http://dictionary.ref erence.com /browse/looser

känn dig ägd trash! *pyss*
trash - 90.227.152.*** 080405 @ 00:20:55
hihi i knew u couldnt let that pass :DDD i wanna flame to :(
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080405 @ 01:15:37
why is everyone with a different opinion than the ones who won a game whiners? start praccing instead of whining? is it only the ones who win games who can actually have a say about a situation?

im confused and i am looking forward to try to beat sega, we will see if its possible
186,5 - 81.175.224.*** 080405 @ 05:47:15
hoff - 213.113.108.*** 080405 @ 08:13:26
I wast just pissed cause Fisto have whined after all our games, pretty annoying. If you read Lethalwiz post u maybe understand. Noone of us thought mm was this hot and a clans goal is perhaps to play in div1? It's not like we think "oh nice div1 now we can win just because of him" We wanted do have active players and prac alot so we maybe one day can reach div1. And for u that think mm do all the work its wrong, we have beaten alot of good clans without him, played tight games vs sd etc.
Hooraytio - 81.236.233.*** 080405 @ 10:48:10
well, i can understand that but what i cant understand is why everyone who complain about mm playing in silver is whining..
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