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Battle Info  2008-03-02 Silver Cup - Week 2 (3)

Oblivion 1 - 2 Mean Machine

CMT3 - Deutschmaschine



E2M2TDM - The Ogre Citadel, TDM Version



MIDCIT - The Midnight Citadel


Skillah - 217.76.20.*** 080303 @ 07:54:40
Finally some 100% kenya action! :)
After their cmt3 wasn't sure how it would go.
GG's oblivion and good luck next matches!

djevulsk - 85.24.188.*** 080303 @ 08:11:36
djevulsk - 85.24.188.*** 080303 @ 08:12:45
and welcome eta-beta! too bad you had to start out with midshit!
lib - 213.100.62.*** 080303 @ 12:22:29
O to the M to the G

Where was this played? I want the mvd!
lib - 213.100.62.*** 080303 @ 12:29:23
Ah, found it on gamers.nu

jOn - 194.236.209.*** 080303 @ 18:49:35
nas - 85.24.236.*** 080303 @ 20:48:29
lol, vafan e detta för kenyarace... :)
ovrd - 85.226.213.*** 080303 @ 21:40:01
leal , can ppl say ggs on those kenya maps? The teams cant have much tp when they never play it. but hope u enyoed the kenya action
nakoz - 213.115.113.*** 080303 @ 22:25:03
ovrd, zzzz, go bore someone else.

ggs MM!
You started to suprise us with E2M2tdm, since we've always been known to be Kenya-lovers, but after your rape we understood why. :)

Actually the MIDCIT was my fault. I under estimated M-M's Kenya-love and was quite sure that they would drop MIDCIT when we dropped DM3 to get a decider on E1M2 (that would have suited us perfect).

Nice games and damn fun to be reminded of another dimension of the game (besides tb3)!
Skillah - 217.76.20.*** 080303 @ 22:50:32
Haha nakoz!
Yeah we were really not sure if we should choose midcit or e1m2 since we never played midcit as a team with this lineup. Although we pracced midcit sometimes in 4on4 and did quite ok. e1m2 is not our strongest map so we decided to give it a go on the latest kenya edition! Nice to see there are some clans choosing for the variety of the game instead of the same TB3 all the time. With some more prac with eta-beta you guys will rock next time! :)
molgrum - 85.24.184.*** 080303 @ 23:47:29
I very much enjoyed e2m2tdm, was a tough time to keep you away from RA ;)
Messi - 81.225.38.*** 080304 @ 02:26:23
Realy fun games, GGs [o], most fun games in a long while. No whine, just fun!
Love to prac you guys soon (oh thats right... you dont prac.. only nqr...) ;D

And yes... im benched on all the rest of cmt games played... :D
djevulsk - 85.24.188.*** 080304 @ 02:56:18
we took a chance in the toss and hoped for the best (e1m2), but kenya maps was fun with the exception of midcit. i was the most experienced of my team with a total of 1 mix on the map. :/

we're prepared to make an exception for you messi. kram

Hagge - 81.236.19.*** 080304 @ 04:00:49
lol, lucky I missed the kenya action, although cmt3 is actually a great map :E
suger du eta? B)

keep it up boys! <3
Messi - 81.225.38.*** 080304 @ 07:47:04
djevulsk, not that we are midcit gurus, but we have played it atleast 10-12 times each, so realy well played concidering some of you never played the map before! hehe :)
Guess we got lucky at the tossing then.

BTW! i voted e1m2, but rest wanted midcit hehe :P
good thing i was out voted ;)
molgrum - 85.24.184.*** 080304 @ 23:10:04
More cmt3-pracs it seems. Call our hotline to schedule!
ovrd - 85.224.40.*** 080306 @ 04:43:36
nakoz :p

Eta-bETa - 77.105.205.*** 080306 @ 06:14:14
Thank you djevulsk for giving me the shot! I'll do my best! My apologies for not having played midcit ever before! It wasn't easy to impress with that lack of experience :\\\\\\\\\ Puss! Ja hagge! Men jag hittade till båda RL:s när mathchen var slut!... tror jag iaf! Vet inte om jag kan göra om det idag! :)
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