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Battle Info  2008-04-06 Silver Cup - Week 5 (8)

sega gubbar 2 - 0 Mean Machine

DM3 - The Abandoned Base



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


LethalWiz - 85.225.209.*** 080407 @ 08:44:22
DM3 got really tight, besides M.M playing really well on their map, 3 of us got disconnected just before the 10min pent with rls and armors leaving mooseman all alone for a minute or so. When we got back they had gained control over the map aswell as pent and quad, but we managed to keep the scores tight until the very end thus winning with a huge 2 frags margin ;)

GGs Mean machiners!
Hedgepig - 194.0.77.*** 080407 @ 10:55:59
wow close games. How do I get graphics like that on dm3?
Hedgepig - 194.0.77.*** 080407 @ 11:01:14
er... close game anyway (dm3). I didn't notice the score on dm2.
Skillah - 217.76.20.*** 080407 @ 11:54:18
Hehe wellplayed sega.

dm3: It was a really close game and we got helped a bit with some of them timing out indeed :) They rejoined after and still managed to get some control back. could have went either way this game at the end :)

Dm2: Think you guys got low and high and killed our first quad. After that it was still kinda close but the quadruns were to hard for us to try and make a takeover.

Despite the loss of jon and messi not being there in the lineup i'm proud of the guys for putting up this fight!

Meet ya in playoffs maybe :)

batfink - 212.113.204.*** 080407 @ 21:27:30
jon and messi no surprises to see them dissapear:/
swi - 79.136.38.*** 080408 @ 06:49:04
what happend to jOn. did he quit or something?
Hooraytio - 81.226.200.*** 080409 @ 02:15:09
perhaps silver was too tough for jon?
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