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Battle Info  2008-03-11 Bronze Cup - Week 5 (5)

nafianna 2 - 0 Bloodpunch

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Match stats


Map: dm2

Date: Tue Mar 11, 01:49:23 2008

Red Armors5633
Yellow Armors4957
Taken RLs3739
Killed RLs3229
Dropped RLs1520
Given Damage4137525964

Efficiency award goes to [fian]hotel for 76 effi

RL Killer award goes to [bp]* ekcip for 13 killed RLs

Frag Streak award goes to [fian]hotel for 30 frags in one streak

Quadrunner award goes to [fian]hotel for 7 frags in one Quadrun

Boomsticker award goes to [fian]rambo for 39.2 shotgun percentage

Aimer award goes to [fian]hedge and [fian]rambo for 26 direct rocket hits

Annihilator award goes to [fian]hotel for 11605 given damage

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DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Match stats


Map: dm3

Date: Tue Mar 11, 02:11:16 2008

Red Armors312
Yellow Armors338
Taken RLs1011
Killed RLs45
Dropped RLs34
Given Damage309397222

Efficiency award goes to [fian]hedge for 97.1 effi

RL Killer award goes to [bp]* quesus for 3 killed RLs

Frag Streak award goes to [fian]mickah for 52 frags in one streak

Quadrunner award goes to [fian]mickah for 6 frags in one Quadrun

Boomsticker award goes to [fian]rambo for 35.8 shotgun percentage

Aimer award goes to [fian]rambo for 24 direct rocket hits

Annihilator award goes to [fian]rambo for 9513 given damage

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samon - 195.205.64.*** 080311 @ 17:22:43
-305 ?! wtf!!!
Stev - 213.94.233.*** 080311 @ 18:00:49
bind mouse1 kill
djevulsk - 85.24.188.*** 080311 @ 18:02:25
that's some serious lame behaviour and deserves admin attention.
Zepp - 212.33.22.*** 080311 @ 18:03:54
Should "-305frags team" earn 1 bonus point? :(
187 - 193.167.119.*** 080311 @ 18:09:14
Lurifix - 81.170.206.*** 080311 @ 19:07:21
Yeah .. really lame .. pissed me off when i saw it!!!
mickah - 86.44.4.*** 080311 @ 21:10:26
Wouldn't mind but despite the score on DM2, the first 5-10 mins were wide open. Then they did what they did on DM3 :(
Hedgepig - 84.203.144.*** 080311 @ 22:22:20
Very disrespectful by Bloodpunch. I have no connection at home so I was in my office until midnight to play this NQR game, risking having to pay a fine for the security guard. Bloodpunch are wasting their own time as well as our time.
sailorman - 194.236.41.*** 080311 @ 23:01:26
nafianna belongs in silver for sure :)
Jimo - 213.114.114.*** 080311 @ 23:19:29
word sailorman!
quesus - 194.47.89.*** 080311 @ 23:23:40
It was gg
bjorta - 90.225.114.*** 080312 @ 00:38:07
Bloodpunch belong in kindergarten for sure
Hotel - 83.101.7.*** 080312 @ 00:40:17
Well after we saw the groups we decided to apply for Silver group but were told we were too late. So far we've been beaten by Pimps, Quakeklan, Magnum44 and Naim in pracs.
GOdiS! - 217.211.22.*** 080312 @ 01:08:18
... they should get minus points for that behaviour :C looks like shit
pleuraxeraphim - 194.42.61.*** 080312 @ 01:12:30
NaFianna may belong in Silver but that is really bad form :o Very poor sportsmanship....
quesus - 77.105.196.*** 080312 @ 01:35:53
Hedge. to be honest i dont see the point in your comment.
I do feel more that you did a stupid thing to play while being at work. Pretty imature tbh
quesus - 77.105.196.*** 080312 @ 01:39:41
hedge: sorry but i think i missread you comment. you didnt play while you got paid to work? if thats the case im sorry.

johie - 83.70.171.*** 080312 @ 02:15:42
Jimo - 213.114.114.*** 080312 @ 02:32:31
Okey, if you all gonna whine at us we can play the stupid nqr vs nafianna again.. It isnt harder than that?
Jimo - 213.114.114.*** 080312 @ 02:36:07
GOdiS!, why should we get minus points for that? You mean that you are scared to come 4th place instead of 3th? ;)
bjorta - 90.225.114.*** 080312 @ 03:11:44
Jimo, why did you guys decide to act the way you did? just curious
Hedgepig - 84.203.144.*** 080312 @ 03:21:23
What the fuck... am I reading this correctly? Creeping quesus comes out and somehow tries to make it my fault that you guys didn't have the guts to play out a 20 minute league game. Now this from Jimo (supposedly clan leader?)

I've only got a 150px textarea here so I won't go into great detail but wow - Jimo, I'm amazed at your arrogance, and at your lack of respect for the league and for your opponents.

Usually I'm opposed to the idea of deducting points from teams, but this kind of behaviour destroys the league. From the very first spawns at the start of this game, bloodpunch had decided that they would be sabotaging it. We sat through the 20mins out of respect for the league, and now Jimo the audacity to propose that we do it all over again?

You boys should at least pretend to be penitent, instead of shooting your mouth of calling US whiners. All I can say is god help your parents.
Jimo - 213.114.114.*** 080312 @ 03:37:37
bjorta, we wanted to have fun in this game instead of be raped and not have fun. And i swear, we had fun! :)

Hedge, what I mean is that we can play the match again without unserious playing from our team.

And please dont talk about our parents!
bjorta - 90.225.114.*** 080312 @ 03:47:22
Jimo, so you propose a rematch, in a game you lost heavily, because of your lame behaviour? gg. the least you could do is act mature in a league-game.
quesus - 77.105.196.*** 080312 @ 03:51:11
Hedgepig - i did say sorry and i never said anything that is was your fault. we apologize to you clan and the nqr crew. We did expect reaction but not this much. qw drama > jerry springer

But one thing hedge, stop talking about our parents. It was just a match in qw and ill try to get your 20 min back.
gore - 85.211.243.*** 080312 @ 04:23:42
well now 2 of your players have minus average frags which must be a first :p
fisto - 90.229.184.*** 080312 @ 07:24:48
This game was the lamest one i have ever seen in nqr history, thou i didnt react that much.. lame things happens. BUT.. the comments from players in bp is 100 times lamer.. It pisses me off. BG
dape - 193.11.109.*** 080312 @ 07:55:22
I feel sorry for nafianna.
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080312 @ 07:55:58
well TOT once put +attack +forward after like 3 minutes in an official game vs cmf on dm2. cmf just killed them as much as possible to get good fragrank, the result was epic
GODIS! - 212.181.151.*** 080313 @ 01:43:31
"dape - I feel sorry for nafianna."
maby all clans wich loses their games should do this, BP says it's fun... humor :x
riosatiy - 90.224.119.*** 080313 @ 02:01:29
I have been away from home since thursday last week, and I cannot say its fun to come home to this.
I do not support this lame behavior in league games, no matter how fun one might think it is. and Im kinda ashamed being a bloodpuncher.

Sorry Nafianna.
On the bright side good work vs AV guys.
Slimbo - 83.248.100.*** 080313 @ 04:27:19
If we only would loose though. What we did was kindof making the best of the situation from our point of view at the time. Regardelss of our choise might be lame or wrong, especially in retrospect but we did it and previous game should talk for itself, there was no way to win, and enjoying the game should be the goal of a game. We probably won't do it again although we probably shouldn't game against teams that have this much more experience, atleast in the same division.
driz - 78.86.7.*** 080313 @ 19:43:05
To slimbo:

I didn't play that game, but dm2 hardly looks like it was a rape. Getting your heads down a bit early perhaps? Also, there's no 'might be lame or wrong' or 'probably won't do it again' - it is lame/wrong, and I'd hope that if you do it again there's more of a response from NQR admins.

To riosatiy:

Cheers mate. :)
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 080314 @ 03:02:12
Well we have issued a warning and next time BP pull a stunt like this they should count on a harder punishment
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