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Battle Info  2008-03-16 Bronze Cup - Week 8 (5)

Naim 2 - 0 Fallen Angels

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis

After some discussion about maps (I thought it was prac) they chose dm2 as their map. We got of to a good start where I got the first 4(?) quads or something like that and we could pull ahead. The guys played well keeping tele and making trouble at low rl. At some point tho FA managed to take out a few rls and it was looking bad but antic to the rescue! I got a Quad with 60RA/Mega and Igggy said "just secure the map now", so with that I quickly took out their tele guy leavning a pack, then I found a lonely pillar at tele and bored :/ 2 packs for FA and a control of the map for a while. Took us a while to get back in the drivers seat but we ended up with a comfortable win. - by Naim


DM3 - The Abandoned Base

Again we got the powerups at start but they had RL and got RA. The sneaky norwegians took him out tho. We were usually in control at pent time but still missed a pent or two. For the most part we had RA under control and got most Qs. Hats off for FA for playing despite having a bad ping disadvantage. - by Naim

Stev - 213.94.233.*** 080317 @ 07:10:53
No Arnette, no wi... oh.
quesus - 77.105.196.*** 080317 @ 09:24:23
hah stev =)
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