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Battle Info  2008-03-03 Rookies - Week 4 (4)

Coitus 0 - 2 nafianna.b

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis



DM3 - The Abandoned Base

smaller screenshots next time. - by NQR Admin

BlastastiC - 86.12.233.*** 080304 @ 09:26:27
ggs lads!
Hedgepig - 194.0.77.*** 080304 @ 11:30:08
Close games but looks like a good performance by the Colonel.
shaga - 91.155.212.*** 080305 @ 03:30:50
For the first map, berzerk mode(everyone got quad etc) enabled and it ruined last 20sec but it didn't matter, we lost anyway. We didn't warm up at all.

I got so pissed off by the wrong mod so I didn't even try in dm3. Some other members of our team were on the same page. We just wanted to get that game over.

So I can't say gg but I say well played nafianna.
Ganjalf - 84.239.213.*** 080305 @ 03:44:19
:) hehe.. Never been a good looser, but looser is still a looser. That Berzerk mode was truely fucked up. And Im taking this game so serious nowadays that Im gonna boycot every f**king nafianna.b player and even every irish player just because they make me remember that horrible game we lost...:D ok just kidding (yeah right). Been sick for 4-5days in this hellhole and playing with cold sweat on the back is making me psycho..:D
Well played nafianna and MAYBE we see each other @ semis. Only good knows. OR PLEURA.. that quakespy. :P
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