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Battle Info  2008-03-10 Rookies - Week 3 (5)

Comfortably Numb 0 - 2 Lizards

DM3 - The Abandoned Base



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


maniac - 86.122.111.*** 080310 @ 10:47:52
ggs CN. We played a dm3 before that one, and we had a very ugly lag there, miku was just simply lagging, but akken timing for one minute, and then he timed out and could not join back. Then CN breaks.

Fair play prize for you guys.

On second dm3 we had a quite equal start, then we could take control, and before the second pent, Kwibus discharged, killed a mate, and began timing.. but fortunatelly he could come back after 1 mins and continue playing.

keep on praccing guys, and glory will come, i bet!

Kwibus - 77.249.58.*** 080311 @ 06:49:45
Thank you maniac.
For the first time we actually did well and I noticed teamplay too, but it probably was just coz you guys had lag. Too bad coz we were leading for once:)
Then the restart we gave you control and as usual we cant come back:)

ps with my discharge i also killed 1 of you :P
maniac - 86.122.111.*** 080311 @ 09:07:41
yeah you are right, ive checked the demo.. and that was our quad people, grrrr :) but anyway.. it was a very nice move from you guys to break that laggy dm3 shit. bigup, kudos and gl for the upcoming matches for you! :)
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