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Battle Info  2008-03-20 Rookies - Week 7 (6)

Quakeklan.b 2 - 1 Comfortably Numb

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


rikey - 81.234.216.*** 080320 @ 11:10:03
!! h0t !! nice played dudes ;)
eMcK - 83.7.90.*** 080320 @ 18:59:33
DM2-our choose. when we were leading our player timed out and could not back. we asked them for stopping many times, but kids understood that's the only way to beat us is play 4 against 3. So to make them happy me and panqo leaved the game too. You know -qwdrama ;p, fun, fair-play etc.. Plz read lizard's comments -after our last game -how should it works (http://nqr.nu/nqr11/battle/465)

E1M2-they played well in the beginig but in last minutes their strategy was a bit strange. They leaved ya and quad for us and decided to camp in rl room. In last minute we came back to game;)

DM3-they played gg so we dont ;)

We get back at playoffs ;)
Kwibus - 77.249.58.*** 080320 @ 19:36:41
Yep it's kinda dissapointing that we breaked the game while we were leading versus the lizards and one of them timed out.
That when it happens to us when we were leading that they have to take advantage of it and show no sportmanship.

It's probably allowed by the rules to play on, but why do you have to such a tight twat?

Oh well ggs :)

and gg Nefurii for never whining and playing 1 vs 4 :)
maniac - 145.236.252.*** 080320 @ 19:51:31
i was quite disappointed while reading these comments. i though that the rookie div is full of nice teams and players. Maybe i was wrong. My bad. Anyway.. ggs. Amost forgot: Im hardly waiting qkb's comments.. :)
Dex - 85.226.201.*** 080320 @ 21:31:46
qkb's comments? GG
fog - 213.134.126.*** 080320 @ 21:32:26
Maniac: Stop the craptalk now and let the 2 teams involved sort this out instead.
maniac - 145.236.252.*** 080320 @ 21:44:21
fog: stop the needless flaming, both Kwibus and eMcK mentioned our clan in their comment, so i'd felt more involved then u are. :P
Kwibus - 77.249.58.*** 080321 @ 02:07:13
Only thing they said was "why?"

So I dont think they understand.
mogge - 83.255.11.*** 080322 @ 11:46:35
sluta utred
NeFuRii - 87.205.243.*** 080324 @ 03:48:55
I didnt say a word so far. I didnt ask for breaking the game either. It wasnt fair play on their part, but they had every right to continue playing. It was our problem we lost one player.
one thing pisses me off.
Today on irc, there was a short talk between Kwibus and dex. No bad words, no offenses.
When Kwibus left the channel...
[17:25] <@shaga> dex^:what happend during the first map then?
[17:26] <@dex^> one off them dropped and we did want to break
[17:26] <@dex^> but they have accepted the match so no point in talking about it

I dont really get the poin now. What is the reason for laying? They DID want to break? Either not a very clever joke made by dex or just plain fucking stupidity by him.
Exxus - 90.224.48.*** 080324 @ 17:53:00
He misspelled, he was going to type didnt.

So, that should be the end.
eMcK - 83.7.105.*** 080325 @ 01:43:40
misspelled -plz :D :D :D
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