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Battle Info  2008-04-21 Rookie Playoff Qualification

Quakeklan.b 2 - 0 Coitus

W.O. - Walkover



W.O. - Walkover


Stev - 86.41.135.*** 080422 @ 09:26:56
Come back, coi.
Kwibus - 62.41.97.*** 080422 @ 20:33:33

What happened coitus?
You guys were so active at the start of this season, but since a month activity dropped.. Whats going on?

Some rookie teams lost activity, which isnt too surprising. Some players in those teams are still around.
Look eachother up and form a new team.
Players like fern, senft, bill hicks from mofo.
Jon_snow from Cobe.
Coitus players? Rapesticks players?

etc. Stay alive people :)
quesus - 77.105.196.*** 080423 @ 01:00:00
Yeah. The scene needs ya and its always great to see new faces.
shaga - 83.245.183.*** 080423 @ 06:42:13
Don't know what happend but not gonna play in rookie division ever again, that's for sure. Motivation isn't too great either with old div2 players playing in rookie div. I'm still around.
shaga - 83.245.183.*** 080423 @ 06:42:54
Btw, I would have played this match but we just couldn't get 4. It has been same for more than month now, and coitus is dead now.
fog - 213.134.126.*** 080424 @ 01:32:02
shaga: Well if they (as in Exxus and Kreuger which you indirectly mean) were that good they would have taken place in our mainteam ..

Rookie-div is OFC the division where skill vary the most since some players are totally new and some are weighting around the bronze-line. Some people advance easier and faster than others too, so skip the whine and play :)
Kwibus - 77.249.58.*** 080425 @ 04:41:07
Rookie division is fine, every division had teams who were a lot better or werent good enough.
Its though to balance it.
Lizards will win anyways:)
Falzzi - 212.149.198.*** 080425 @ 07:46:26
like shaga said, coitus is dead. I for one have a lot of schoolwork and other activities that take up a lot of time that i used to have for qw and frankly don't have that much intrest in qw any more. I might consider coming back after the summer but don't know yet. Only time will tell..
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