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  Krydd predicts the bronze cup!  080219  
So, this is your favorite ranter Kryddturken(dokS) and I will try to supply you with my views on the upcoming bronze cup of NRQ11.

First of all, who the hell am I? Well, I've been playing QW on and off since 2003 or something when I teamed up with the hot dudes in Osams and MP (among others). After a couple of years of hiatus I once again started fooling around, playing some dm4 duels and ran into ncr who asked if I would be willing to join their clan for the then upcoming EQL. Now, if you're a rookie reading this and feeling a bit down cause you lose every game you play; heed my words, you will improve. We lost the first 25 pracs or so, and this is not an exaggeration, that number might even be too small. Not only did we lose them but we lost them with numbers like 400:-3. Just keep playing, you will improve. QuakeWorld is the toughest game out there with a learning curve as steep as Soma's buttocks but that is why we play this game, the challenge.

After improving our game we started out the last EQL as the favorites, however I must emphasize that this was not something that we ourselves believed. We aimed for one of the top four positions and indeed, we got it ending up fourth in division five.

Other than that I try not to take the game too seriously. Our clan is known as the "trashcan" of all clans since we're pretty messed up all of us but in the end we're all good guys enjoying a nice game of QW. Oh and of course, to spam smileys.

Here is the rundown of the teams in the bronze cup. Be advised though that I do not know each and every player and that my predictions might be a tad, or even way, off. Here we go...

The Pimps are looking really, really, super hot. The prac we played against them was painfully tough and we even had to break on the DM2 game since it didn't offer either of the teams anything. They were simply that good (or we were simply that bad, it's your pick) and I am willing to bet a couple of smiley spams that they will go very far in this tournament. So, a big exclamation mark for the magnificent poles!

Another hot team, while we're at it, is Naim. I, personally, have a profound love for Norway, it's language and pretty much everything even remotely associated with that country so I might be biased but I think that these guys will be way up there when the regular season is over. They have Arnette, of course, which is the superstar of the team but I've also seen some vast improvements in the other players games, no doubt inspired by Arnettes presence. I am looking forward for the Pimps - Naim game, that will be very interesting to watch and I would be very surprised if Naim didn't make it to the playoffs - especially with their new hot recruits from Sweden, IgggY and Antic, backing up an already solid team.

The swedes with the very explanatory clan name "Quakeklan" has been very active lately, yelling for pracs almost every night. Naturally, this has payed off and their team play has improved vastly. It was a while since I personally played against them in a prac but from what I can see just spectating them they have taken it to the next level and they are surely competing for a spot in the middle of the league if they can keep it together and stay active during the season.

Sadly when it comes to Samojedit, the finnish clan, I can not really say anything since I know little to nothing about them. We will just have to wait and see what they can do in the bronze cup.

When it comes to the most retarded clan of them all, Allans Vittnen, I would say that a high middle position is most likely. We've recruited a couple of new players, Seo and Sajko, and we have not praced as much as we've should but we've still made some progress since the last disappointing EQL quarter final we played. So, expect a lot of smileys and rockets coming your way if you are going to play us!

Bloodpunch is another new Swedish clan. They were originally supposed to play in the rookies division but they were promoted to the bronze cup which I think is the correct division based on the skill level of some of the players. Despite some of their superstar players, most notably Picke, I still think they will have some problems with taking down the big teams but we will see if they can prove me wrong. The talent is there, no doubt!

Both Div Sub-Zero and Drastic Collision are solid teams which we've faced several times. DC is quite capable of some good results and the Russians should also be able to perform well this season. They should be firmly rooted somewhere in the middle, with Sub-Zero placing lower than DC.

The old danish clan Fallen Angels are fielding a couple of familiar faces like goqsane, Drugs-Bunny and Zalon and I am sure that they can pull off some nice games during this season if they can stay away from the Smörrebröd.

Yet even more poles, Magnum44. I can not say much about them since the only player I know is Faustov but if the rest are around his skill level they will surely produce some good scores this season.

The Irish men of Na Fianna, who are coming from a fresh victory in the fifth division of EQL, is looking as hot as ever and will surely be a contender for the title here as well. Can they persevere against the clans that were not in their division in EQL? Only time till well but there is little doubt that they will be up there with the big boys.

Quinas, hailing from Portugal, has a solid line-up and although they might not fight for the top spots they still bring a lot to the table regarding team-play and individual player skill.

The Austrian Respawn addicts has really showed some progress over the last year, ending the EQL season with a very respectable second place. Will they be able to take it to the next level during the bronze cup and stir up some action in the top?

And, finally, my favorite German clan, Smack that Ass. I haven't seen them play for quite some time but if they are anywhere near their usual form they are also strong contenders for the title.

But, if I really had to try to foresee the future and pick the final five it would be the following list.

1. The Pimps
2. Naim
3. Na Fianna
4. Smack That Ass
5. Allans Vittnen (just for good measure)

Now, people, get ready to rumble. The most exciting and interesting cup of NQR11 is about to begin!
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