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  Rookies League Review  080216  
Okay the Rookies league Review/Predictions....

First off I cannot emphasise enough to the new players how important it is to get on IRC.
This is how business is conducted within the quakeworld community and you must make the effort to embrace this. IRC is where matches are aranged and where you will findout out whats on happening throughout the quakeworld. If in doubt make sure to ask and you will get some one who will sort you out.

Secondly, there will be some teams in the rookie league that have played last season, they are organized and they are skilled to a certain degree.
So dont be worried if your clan are on the receiving end of a bad defeat. This is part of the steep learning curve that exists in Quakeworld and it will happen.
Just try and ask for help from experienced teams for tactical advice and you will improve.
Also try and practice against better teams and figure out strategies. Its all about having a game plan and the more games you play the more you will improve.

So anyway lets get down to the business end of things:

This season we see a record number of 10 teams participating the Roookie league including the Nobodys QW players all the way from the US. There will be a big mixture of skill level and some of the newer teams will struggle at times against the likes of Coitus, Mob of Oddballs and Comfortably Numb who all played in last seasons rookies league.
However the more you practice then the greater the rewards.

So anyway here is a rough breakdown of the participating clans.
Please note there are many new players and clans and it hard to make any accurate predictions.


Team Lineup: ahto ,falzzi,ganjalf,rogeri,yari, vortex

Coitus featured in last seasons EQL rookie league and had a strong and active campaign.
They reached the last 4 and could have gone on to win the league.
Recently there has been some new additions to the Squad with ahto, yari, ganjalf and falzzi joining them. They are actively practicing at the moment and so far have been unbeaten.
A well organized unit at this stage and will be hard to beat with falzzi and ganjalf leading from the front. If shaga makes up his mind to return to the fold then he will add some extra punch to their weaponary. Coitus will make the last four for sure and should be competing in the final.

Comfortably Numb

Team Lineup: AquaShark, bdk, eMcK, Kwibus, NeFuRii, ] prawn, panqo, Recowsky

Comfortably Numb came second in last seasons EQL rookie league losing out to the Mob of Oddballs in the final. They are back again with some new additions to the squad in the form of Kwibus and prawn.
If the lads can get some consistent practices in from week to week they have the makings of a decent team. However at the moment they are lacking game time and need to get motivated. With their new additions and if Recowsky were to start playing then there is no reason why they cant make the final four. They have a solid lineup and with some good experience behind them now and with the bitterness of last season final defeat they will be eager to seek some revenge.
Their destiny is firmly in their own hands. Last four spot for COI.

The Mob of Oddballs.

Team Lineup: AGAIN , fern , Rille, Bill Hicks, nix, senft , sfue , reggy

The Mob of Oddballs found themselves in the final of last seasons EQL rookies league unexpectedly
but were not going to let the golden opportunity pass by. They put in their best performance of the season to defeat Comfortably Numb and take the title. This season they have lost a few players but have also gained [flag=sc] reggy and [flag=no] Bill Hicks.
Fern and Rille will again be the star players with solid support from senft reggy and Bill Hicks.
Mofo will be hard to beat but sometimes rely on individual skills to win maps as supposed to solid team play. They need to practice more and work on fine tuning the team play to ensure they dont slip on the way to the final 4.


Team Lineup: awaynick, duala, loko, ruskie, supernova, xooz

Rapesticks are a newly formed rookie clan and have not had much game type so far.
The squad of players features plenty of skill but they must now make the hard transition and get familiar with team play.
So far they have managed just one practice and struggled a bit as they were lacking organisation.
Having said they were also missing Duala and Loko from that lineup.
They will be led from the front by star player Loko and should with more game time start fighting their way to the middle of the table.


Team Lineup: beast , bongo, colonel, f, flaherty, pleuraxeraphim, stev, undone, zero

NaFianna.b are a spin off from the successful NaFiann A team which won last seasons EQL Division 5 title. There has been a great resurgence in Irish Quakeworld over the past two years and this seasons sees NaFianna.b compete in the Rookies sections. The clan consists of mainly irish players with one scottish lad thrown in to keep them on their toes. Colonel will lead this team with tactical backing from the old head Stev and there is some good individual skilled players such as the endif king Fuur
and the battling undone, bongo and flaherty. Ex-Mofo player pleuraX will bring some trade secrets of the other rookie clans which might proove useful:)
NaFianna.b are a very new clan and many of the players are very new to playing TDM. They will need to get some serious practice if they are to make any in roads this season.
A few wins under the belt and a midtable finish would be a succesful campaign and a stepping stone to the next season.

Nobodys Quakeplayers

Team Lineup: bloodbaby, bus, duke3d, inhuman, m&m, OrEx, ,PaRadiZer.no ,samste1n ,sierra

Despite the decline of the American QW scene over the past number of years its great to see
a rookie North American team get a team together this season. The US players frequent the popular
Not Nobodys FFA Quakeworld servers in the states and often have some 2on2/4on4 mixes.
Competing in the NQR league will be a real challenge for these lads.
For starters there will be the obvious ping problems that they will encounter. Secondly the time zone problem will be a major obstacle.
Many Eastern European clans like to play early in the evening which can mean up to 7 hours of a time difference.
They will struggle to get practice matches in but if they are comitted enough it would be great to see them complete as many games as possible.
One great secret asset they have though is PaRadiZer.no.
From Norway PaRadiZer has played with the American players for a few years now and will not suffer from lag or time zone problems.
He will be well backed up by the with the likes of m&m, bus and duke3d who are all skilled players.
This team can do quite well if they can over come the logictical problems. And best of luck to them for the season. Depending on commitment level they could push for that fourth spot in the semi.


Team Lineup: Dex^, kreuger exxus , i0h , repl, flanker, Hawrix

QuakeKlan.b are very active at the moment and are a spin off from QuakeKlan.b.
They are getting alot of practices in against some of the Bronze teams and have made some great progress. kreuger and exxus are an essential part of the starting lineup with dex and ioh dictating the TDM strategies. They are a very well organized team and are getting some invaluable advice and tutoring from the QuakeKlan.A team and from fog in particular. QuakeKlan.b will easily make the last four and have to be hot favourites to take the Rookie league Title.


Team Lineup:

Not much is known so far about Storvikh. They were a last minute sign up to the Rookie league but have remained very quiet so far. It is hard to imagine that wihtout some practice that they will go far in the league. They could however be the dark horses and suddenly spring to life leaping hurdle after hurdle. Hopefully we will start seeing some life from them soon.

Cosmic Background Explorers

Team Lineup: BigMakk, Jon Snow, redbrain, Tyler , Vedic, Vidor , Ostx, Cure

Cobe originally formed as a hungarian clan but there was a split resulting in two clans. Cobe and Lizards. Cobe did some last minute recruiting on the market and have now picked up a few keen rookie players to fill their ranks. The squad is a mixed bag with players from Hungary, Ireland, US and the Netherlands. The lads have started training this week and despite a slow start are beginning to find their feet. It will be a tough entry into the Rookie league for them but with strong leadership from Jon Snow they can use this season as a stepping stone towards improved team play and preperation for the next season. Cobe will aim to cause a few upsets and if they sneak a win against one of the more established clans and then pick up points against some of the newer clans they can hope for a mid table place.


Team Lineup: maniac, semaphoR, void_main, white rabbit

The Lizards again are dark horses. There has been no sightings of them since they joined to NQR. So it remains to be seen how active these lads will be.There initial plans were to go into the Bronze division but they are now in rookie. If they get some practices in they have the potential according to some reports to cause some damage.

So anyway there we have it. A quick and rough breakdown of the NQR11 Rookies league.
I would predict the semi-finals to consist of the following four teams:
Mob Of Oddballs, Coituc, Quakeklan.b and Comfortably Numb. However Depending on Comfortably Numb's activity level then that spot could very well be up for grabs. So please prove me wrong :)

Lets hope we have some good activity over the coming weeks and plenty of good games.
Have fun and good luck !!


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