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  Bronze Cup: Quarter Final Prediction  080417  

Smack that Ass _-_ Bloodpunch
Quakeklan _-_ Fallen Angels
Naim _-_ Allans Vittnen
Nafianna _-_ Magnum44

First of all, so you wonít have to wonder who the **** wrote this, iíll start with a short brief of who I am. My name is Jonny, 21 years old, known to you as fog. I started playing Quake the same year it was released, unfortunately I only had 55,6K modem until around 2005, so pre-season almost all of my 4on4 experience were from the HPW era. I played in various low-skill-clans, until I found it extremely boring and quit playing QW a long time. Did some minor ĒcomebacksĒ in 2006 only playing a couple of months, until I decided in late 2007 that I would really give it a shot. So I found Ernst and Motorized who had just started up Quakeklan, I joined and began recruiting members (soon after this both Ernst and Motorized went inactive).

Soon enough we had a decent team, we started to prac almost every day. We signed up for NQR11 really not knowing in what league to place ourselves. It ended up with Bronze Cup, which today seems to be a correct decision. We are satisfied about what weíve achieved so far, and here we are today: Quarter finals.

Before we start:

I just want to say: Even though a lot of pre-season predictions have been crushed, clans have been removed due to inactivity, a lot of whine and opinions have been shared, I think this has been a really nice season with a lot of surprises.

Enough talk, lets go:

QF 1. Smack that Ass _-_ Bloodpunch

The group game between these clans was played at a pretty early stage this season. This was before Bloodpunch recruited their star player Lurifix, and when most of their players lacked routine. Bloodpunch have improved a lot after this early loss, and played a couple of really impressive games.

Their opponents this quarter final, Smack that Ass, have showed us that they have a decent teamplay. When they get a grip of the map you can count on that they will gain frags, a lot of them. Unfortunately they havenít been that very active lately, at least not what weíve seen the last month. This together makes It a really hard game to predict, and we will probably see the tightest quarter final in Bronze Cup this season.

Still, my thoughts are that: STA will win this game 2-1. Their advantage of teamplay routine will be their key to victory.

Lets hear what the two teams think:

Jimo from BP: I think it will be a pretty tight game depending on lineup and if we are warmed up enough. STA is a pretty strong team, but I havenít seen them play as much as we have. We will beat them this time!

Raptor from STA: I think it will be an interesting match and not comparable to the first NQR group match where we (STA) won with 2-0 and without problems. BP has played a lot since and improved over the weeks I think, but so have we. The positions alone (4 and 5) should show that it will be tough for us. On a normal day I would predict that we beat them, scores 2-1.

QF 2. Quakeklan _-_ Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels recently announced that they kicked goqsane out of the clan due to some lame behaviour in their group game vs. Nafianna. Loosing a member this late in season will, and probably has affected their performance as a team. In the group game vs us (Quakeklan), we managed to get a pretty easy win at e1m2, but they didnít give up at all and really improved their performance when playing dm3. FA with karnage and Drugs-Bunny in the team will definitely put up a good fight.

Referring to Kryddturkens predictions about group games, I donít think many people expected us (Quakeklan) to end up at third place and taking down teams like STA. Practising almost every day has really showed off and we have, as many other clans, also improved a lot during the season. Weíve managed to build up a pretty decent teamplay, but we havenít pracced in a while now due to different reasons, but everyone is still active and playís a lot of 1on1 and 2on2ís, and even 4on4 mixes.

My thoughts about the result: Even though we havenít practiced much lately, I think it will be a 2-0 game in our favour.

What does FA think about the game:

Drugs-Bunny: If I have to predict the outcome it will most probably be the same as our group game. (raz0 adds: Weíre gonna get raped :P)

QF 3. Naim _-_ Allans Vittnen

One of the most discussed clans this season is without doubt Naim, the originally Norwegian clan, which later on became half Norwegian, half Swedish. Naim recruited both Igggy and Antic from former EnemyQuad. Both of them instantly got a spot in Naimsí first line up. Another hot topic is the guy who came from nowhere and ruled Bronze Cup; Iím talking about Naimsí star player Arnette. The only way to stop this team is to make sure Arne doesnít get a decent weapon.

Early in the season, and also pre-season, we could see Allans Vittnen practising a lot, and making some good improvement. Later on they seemed to have lost motivation or just had a real life on the other side which affected their activity level. Seems like they are getting back on track now lately, and I was looking at the scores from their latest game vs. STA. I must say I was impressed. I certainly do understand what Kryddturken means when he wrote this comment to the game:

Ē First time in quite some time I really felt AV played as a team! Sure, we did some individual mistakes (at least I did that for sure!) but as a team effort I think we did really wellĒ

Unfortunately, now they are up to face one of, if not the hottest team in Bronze Cup at an early stage in Playoffs. So finally, even though their teamplay has improved and Ekz-Rejj seems to be on fire, I donít think itís enough to beat Naim. My bets are 2-0 to Naim.

EDIT: This game was played while this coverage were being posted, 2-0 to Naim, letís hear what they say about the game:

Rikoll from Naim:
DM3: AV played really well in the start. They got many RL's and we gave them some packs also. Eventually we got some weapons ourselves and slowly turned the game to our favour.

E1M2: Pretty much had control here. Got most of the quads, and usually had gl + ya safe at least. Also one legendary quad run by me where I jump into the Mega-room and shoot Arne straight in the face right after he got his first RL and had proclaimed on ventrilo several times that Mega was under control :D. Other than that, we had this map under control pretty much the whole game.

(Will update as soon as I get a hold of someone from AV.)

Well, congratulations Naim who advanced to Semi-Finals!

QF 4. Nafianna _-_ Magnum44

I donít think no one is surprised that the Irish lads in Nafianna hit 1st place in group play. After their previous (outstanding) EQL6-season where they didnít loose a single game in Div5, they do a replay here, only loosing 1 map so far. 3 clans have been able to put up a decent fight, which could have ended either how, itís Div SubZero who played a really tight game, (worth mentioning though is that Hotel had some serious ping troubles). Naim and us (Quakeklan) played some tight games to, but all games turned Nafiannas way. Iím having a hard time to think that Magnum44 will stop their winning-streak. Magnum44 with star player Reka, seems to have some problems getting team play up, and also seems to face some inactivity from time to time. No, Fian are to strong for Magnum44, 2-0.

I werenít able to get a hold of Magnum44 to hear what they say, but Nafianna told me the following:

Hedgepig: It might be a tough game - magnum44's players are very skilled. They didn't do as well in the league as I expected. I think they have problems with the availability of some of their players and aren't so active, which is why they are inconsistent and unpredictable this season, but they cannot be written off in the playoffs if they decide to prac before the game.

Have fun and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Any suggestions or what so ever, just post it in comments on News-page! Thanks.

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