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  Mooseman  2008-02-19  
Looking at the signed clans and players I was trying to find someone who isn't exactly Mr.Spotlight, hasn't been interviewed before and might have some interesting stuff to talk about. I went through the forest of QuakeWorld players, sought out my prey, and found: Mooseman!
1. Hey Mooseman, thanks for letting us interview you! Please introduce yourself to us. Also, why on earth are you called „Mooseman“?
My name is Andreas Hall and I currently live in the Swedish capital, called Gothenburg. I had some different names at the start of my Quake career around the end of 1996 or in the beginning of 1997, but nothing that stuck. When playing on FFA servers etc. there were a lot of kids who had to have names that were a combination of killer or reaper etc. which always made me laugh. One day I was reading the credits of the Body Count album and saw that the bassist was named Mooseman. I thought that fits to me as I am almost 2 meters tall and it sounded lame. ;)
2. Since this interview is for NQR, could you please tell us a little more about your current clan?
To be honest I am not a 100 percent sure where the name has its origin as I got pulled in to the clan after I started playing quake again (which I had promised to myself I wouldn't do), but my guess would be that we are old geezers who are “sega”, lazy. I have known Eggarf and swi for a long time and we have met at different QHLANs. Lethalwizard aka Mr.Pov has always wanted to talk to me and thus I joined the clan so that he would be happy. I frequently talk with him on Ventrilo and I can hear him crying of happiness. ;)

As you might know, Hellsangel and I used to play in the same clan (Swedish Chefs) so we go way back. I have also played a lot of quake with the rest of the blokes.
3. Although I find this interview-question ridiculously overrated, I guess I’m doomed to ask you anyway: What about your hardware and your QuakeWorld setup?
Ahhh, the nerdy questions. Me like! ;) It’s a dual core 6600 running an ATI Radeon X1950 Pro and 2gb ram. What Quakeworld setup I run differs every day but I have almost always been 800*600 with fullbrights etc. and black shaft. ;) But lately I have bought an LCD 20” widescreen so I won't be playing any more povdmm4. ;)
4. Several people have thought of writing predictions for NQR11’s Silver Cup. But eventually everyone bailed out on us again, saying that „Silver Cup is a real bitch to write predictions for. Too tight!“. Do you agree with this?
I agree, but count on that we will try to be one of the top positioned clans. ;)
5. Where do you see yourselves at the end of the season? What are your expectations, if any? What clans do you see on top of the final table?
Hopefully we will be in one of the top 3 clans. For the rest of the clans it depends a bit of how much time they will spend on praccing as we haven't seen much of Osams and Oblivion lately, for example. I believe that Mean Machine will be up and fighting in the top with their top playah Skillah.
6. All you guys in Sega Gubbar have been around for ages and have been active during the time where playing non-TB3 maps was a perfectly common thing. Theoretically, one would expect all those „old players“ to be prepared for anything, yet the observations show that old players tend to be the ones crying for TB3 while the newer players whine about the QW scene being too conservative, and that a 3 map map-pool just isn’t enough for a full-scale league. Why are you, personally or as a clan, anxious about playing custom maps? Why not go for the extended map-pool?
I myself am a creature of habit and that might be true for many of the players in the Quake scene. I am content with the TB3 maps and still learn things on them. There might be some people in Sega that would want to play the extended map pool, but we haven't really talked about it. We still have to get our TP going on the TB3 maps. ;)
7. Mli just resurrected the NQR CTF ladder. Is that something you’re interested in? Has CTF actually ever been something you were interested in?
Actually I used to play in [C]ute (section) with Space and Lethalwizard during a period of my early Quake life. :) I would be interested in the CTF scene again and actually Lethalwizard and I had talked about it a bit when the news came out. We will see what happens huh? :)
8. Give us some feedback about NQR. Do you think we made a wrong turn anywhere? Is there anything you can think of that we could improve or perhaps something we should change?
To be honest I haven't analysed NQR or any other league that much. I am just happy that you guys run them and provide a tournament based ground for us Quake players. I know there is a lot of work involved in keeping the tournaments going, so big up!
9. Now you started playing Quake almost 12 years ago. So when thinking of „the old days“, do you get nostalgic or are you happy with the path that QuakeWorld took? Have there been any developments in the last 11 years that you are particularly unhappy/happy with?
There is no denying it: It was more fun when I started, but that was because everything was new and there were so many players back then. I really like the clients that have been provided to the QuakeWorld scene and the developers have always added something new to push the development a bit further. So I am content. ;) “Jag är inte bitter”
10. Speaking of the old days: Are you still in contact with any of the guys you played with in Swedish Chefs? Can you enlighten us on what happened to them post-SC?
Lakerman went the Q3 route then Poker, hellsangel is still playing some Quake and fnys stopped all together. I lost contact with most of the guys when I moved abroad in the beginning of 2001, to Holland. I had stopped playing Quake for 5 years during my time abroad.
11. You already mentioned your old clan mate Lakerman. He left QW at some point and became a very successful Quake3 player. Did you (seriously) try playing Q3 as well, or was that never something that interested you? Have you played or do you still actively play any other games?
I actually tried a bit of Quake3 and enjoyed it but never tried it seriously. I had a period of a lot of SC and now lately there was CNC3. But other than that, it has been nothing serious and just playing console games with friends. :)
12. During your QuakeWorld career you’ve seen countless people come and go. Now if you had the magic power to bring back any 4 QuakeWorld players, which would those be, and why?
Magic power!!! ;) Lakerman, as I think it might bring back some people to the Quake scene. Sectopod as he was a good friend. Dag - look at my comment about Lakerman. And last but not least: ScaryM, I soooo miss his whining on povdmm4. Has anyone actually seen him play any other maps?
13. QuakeWorld has never been picked up by e-Sports; There are no sponsors and no money-prizes (with the exception of recently held Dreamhack). Good or bad? Would the above mentioned things benefit QuakeWorld or change it for the worse?
I think it would do the scene a lot of good, but it's close to impossible to get some sponsors for a game that is over 11 years old and never had that many sponsors to begin with. We might see some old peeps attempting to become the best within the scene again if there was good money involved.
14. Who would you like to see interviewed next, and why?
Milton, it would be interesting to see what he feels about TVS and the talk about them winning Gold Cup. I am also interested to find out if he has a sauna in his apartment.
15. Thanks for the interview. Any last shoutouts or comments?
Thanks for still keeping Quake alive (bastards), and big up to all the guys still playing Quake! ;)
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