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  Arnette  2008-03-03  
Since clan Naim played their first game about 2 weeks ago, hardly any of the players in NQR11 have been talked about as much as Arnette. Those who have been around longer than just the last 2-3 years should remember him, but the newer faces are wondering who this guy is at all. Regardless of old or new, we thought it would be interesting to find out more about this guy and his clan.
1. Letís start off with the ordinary: Please introduce yourself to us. And where does your nickname have its origin?
Hi, my name is Roar Jacobsen. Iím 24 years old and from Sandnes, Norway, but currently living in Stockholm, studying to become a chiropractor. My nickname is Arnette (and no, itís not a girls name). :P I bought some sunglasses when I was 15 and the label said 'Arnette'. Due to my extremely bad imagination, that became my nick. =)
2. And now the mandatory geek-question: What about your hardware and setup?
Since I have no clue about computer shit, I will quote my f_system :) 2046mb ram, Intel(R) core (TM) 2duo CPU E6850 @ 3000 Ghz 3000 Mhz, Geforce GT/PCI/SSE2 (think its 8800 or smt). 19Ē Crt screen, Func mousepad and Deathadder mouse.
3. Quite frankly, some people have been wondering who the hell you are. You appeared out of nowhere and youíre better than all the other people that have previously appeared out of nowhere. Those that have been active in 2004 or earlier obviously remember you, but then you vanished into thin air. So, please enlighten us: When did you actually start playing QuakeWorld, when did you decide to take a break, and why the sudden urge to play QuakeWorld again?
I think I started playing Quake in Ď98, and played back and forth until I moved away from home to study. Then poker grabbed me, and I played poker for the last 2-2,5 years. I actually took up Quake again after my father died of cancer in May, simply because it takes my mind off things. And there is absolutely nothing good on Swedish television. =) hehe
4. Taking a peak at your QuakeWorld Wiki entry, I must say your clan history doesnít look all that impressive for a man of your calibre. Was teamplay never a thing you cared about that much, or did you simply always prefer to play QuakeWorld with your fellow Norwegians? Some people have also been wondering why youíre playing with Naim instead of some Silver or Gold Cup clan. Hereís your chance to publicly justify your decision!
Well, Iíve never seen myself as a very good 4on4 player, rather 1on1s and 2on2s and enjoyed that the most. Always felt I was the weak link when I played with Fudoh in Gold, didnít know what to do or where to go, and what fucking step to stand on for the quadtrick on dm2. I think it took me 9 years to learn. Now on the other hand Iíve really started to love 4on4, itís the best part of the game. The main reason I play with Naim is because I know and have played with most of the players in the clan in the earlier years, and I wanted to get a Norwegian clan up and running. Second reason is, that this spring is the hardest part of my 5 year long education, so I wonít be playing much from the end of March to like September (only have a laptop in Norway during the summer). And if you play in Gold, you have to play pretty much so you donít get owned in every fight - at least I have to. =)
5. Aside from Naim, obviously, who do you think are the strongest contenders to win the Bronze Cup trophy? Is there any clan you had serious problems against in any practise games?
I think the clans fighting for the top 4 spots will be The Pimps, Nafianna, Quakeklan and us. I don't think we have practised against Nafianna with their top team yet, their teamplay seems to be pretty hot, so I think that will be a good match. =) Hopefully the luck will be on our side and weíll manage to pull through a victory. Most of our pracs have been with our top line-up versus clans that donít have their top line-up and the scores have been reflected by that.
6. If NQR was not divided into Gold, Silver, Bronze and Rookies, but into Divisions 1 to 6, where would you place Naim in itsí current shape?
If you asked me that before the season I would say 4th without a doubt, mostly because I was the only player with any experience playing above div 4, and I donít reckon myself a very good 4on4 player. I honestly thought we belonged in bronze div, now I see we might do ok in silver too, maybe 3 or low 2. And thatís not because of me, but the team as a unit has really surprised me. First Trygve added IgggY which I was against at first because I wanted a Norweigan clan, but we sorted that out. Then we also added Antic from EQ! The two Swedes are both really good 4on4 players, IgggY has impressed me the most; that guy really knows his way around in 4on4 and has top silver potential or maybe even Gold with some more praccing. Trygve started up again after like a 10 year break, and has made extremely impressive progress in like 9 months, and Rikoll with his good aim and tactics is also of great value for our team. Bottom line, the one-man-army talk is bullshit.
7. I never really see you spec any ďbig gamesĒ, but Iím sure there must be people you enjoy watching play this game. Who would those players or clans be, and why?
My favourite player must be Reppie, mostly because of his aggressive style and sick movement, the guy does things nobody else does. He is like Neo, only in QW. I also enjoy watching fOm play with the oldschool stars like Nabbe and Riker. They donít play as fast as, letís say, Reppie, but they are sneaky fuckers and show extremely good 4on4 tactics. =)
8. Do you play ďKenyaĒ? If so, what are your favourite maps? If not, why not?
Are Aerowalk and Ztndm3 considered Kenya anymore? If so, I think they both are good duel-maps, but Ztndm3 is not very popular it seems, and that this years QHlan 1on1 tourney was decided on that map in my opinion pretty much sucked. For 4on4 I actually enjoy playing CMT4 and e2m2TDM, but since we decided to go with regular maps in NQR I havenít really played those maps in like 3 years. I really have no time or interest to learn new maps in 1on1, because I always see things that I can improve on the regular maps, and I think the old maps are best.
9. What is/are the most memorable victory/victories you celebrated in QuakeWorld? Didnít you actually beat Reppie in some duel tournament?
Well, I won the first best of 5 matchup against Reppie in QuakeWorld.ruís 1on1 tourney with some luck and Reppie probably underperformed, but unfortunately I came from the loser bracket, so I had to win two best of 5 matches and I lost the second one 3-1. And I remember a 4on4 match against SRís top line-up many years ago when I played in Gameover where we won e1m2 which was a really good performance in those days. Nothing more really, guess there has been defeats mostly. :P
10. Is there anything one could do to reactivate the Norwegian QuakeWorld scene? I might be mistaken, but with ďLoser SquadronĒ having disappeared again, it looks like the guys in Naim are the only Norwegians left playing this game. Do you see a possibility for change?
Itís hard to recruit new players to QuakeWorld because the skill level is extremely high. I guess the only players that might join the circus are old players, and since I started after summer Iíve seen quite a few old faces around on the servers. We are like 10-15 players in Norway that play, and I donít really see how it could increase. Itís a shame because QW is the best FPS game ever made. :)
11. What kind of tournament does the QuakeWorld scene lack most at the moment?
I think it lacks a good duel tourney like Duelmania. Itís always fun to spec the really good 1on1 players. They have started a 1on1 ladder on QuakeQorld.nu which is a good initiative, but itís not on Duelmanias level.
12. Do you, or have you in the past, actively play(ed) any other FPS?
Only some CS with friends at internet-cafes once in a while, mostly because they wonít play QW against me. =)
13. Give us some criticism. How do you think we could improve NQR? Is there anything about NQR11 you dislike or like in particular?
I think you do a great job, and the people that whine about div placement etc, should reconsider and think about the time and work you put into this for free and shut up. Everyone canít be pleased, thatís just the way it is. And there will be winners and losers in every division. I really canít say anything you should improve, just keep up the good work.
14. Who would you want us to interview next, and why?
Good question. Maybe some of the oldschool div0 guys like Riker, Nabbe, XantoM, Milton, Gamer.
15. Thanks a lot for letting us interview you. Any last comments or shoutouts?
Iíve enjoyed playing QW for 10 years, letís keep up the drama for another decade! Donít stop playing! Girls? Partying? Work? Lol, that shit has nothing on QW! ;)
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