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  Milton  2008-03-16  
When asking people who the favourites were to win the Gold Cup trophy in NQR Season 11, most people didn't hesitate very long before naming "the Viper Squad". With all the hype about this clan, as well as the recommendations from both our last interviews, it was time to ask Milton for an interview.
1. Hey Milton. First of all, thanks for letting us interview you. And although you are known to pretty much anyone in the QW scene, could you please introduce yourself to us?
I'm Joni Sivula, a 22 year old guy from Tampere, Finland. At the moment I'm studying at the Tampere University of Technology and my current clan is the Viper Squad.
2. Now please enlighten us about your hardware and your QuakeWorld setup.
AMD 3500+, GF 6600 GT, Benq FP93G X, MX510 @ 500Hz/800dpi, IBM keyboard. Running ezQuake version 1754 with Gentoo Linux and 1280x1024 resolution in GL.
3. Would you mind hooking us up with your CFG and a screenshot of what your ezQuake setup looks like?
Sure, nothing secret there :L. It seems that most of the people think that my QW looks as ugly and it’s possibly because of my gfx.wad. But it works for me :p.

» Milton's ezQuake cfg

Milton's ezQuake setup
4. So, tell us about your first QuakeWorld experience. How and when did it all start for you? And have you played straight through, or did you take breaks in between?
Hmm... it was some time in 1998 when I got my first modem, being as fast as 28.8kbps and the server was the legendary quake.mbnet.fi. Although having 280 ping and 15-30 fps with my p166 it was damn fun because everything was new and exciting. The longest breaks I've had from QW were something like a month because of travelling somewhere. I've even tried to quit once but I understood that there's no point to quit totally because it can still be damn fun to play from time to time.
5. Now, lets move on to the more important and individual questions. At the latest since your victory over Firing Squad in the final of EQL Season 6, The Viper Squad are treated as one of the (if not THE) favourites to win NQR Season 11. Most of the people I asked, including Gamer, agreed with this, also saying you were the only top clan that was seriously trying to practise lots. All modesty aside, what do you think? And what (other) teams will be on the podium?
The season has started quite well for us and I think we definitely have a chance to win the whole season. But we have to remember that we have many games to play before that and when it comes to practicing a lot, I think it's quite impossible with the current scene. There are maybe 10 clans which are willing to even try against us at the moment and they aren't always around.

The playoffs will be interesting this season and it's not so easy to predict what will happen. Of course tVS, KOFF and f0m will be the top candidates to win this season, but there have already been some surprises and it seems that every time cMF can somehow make it to the playoffs and they always play better there. SA has been playing well too despite the fact that they've only won one game so far. Also SSC's old arch enemy Suddendeath seems to be on fire with already 16 points, so maybe they can surprise in the playoffs.
6. Does the hype about you and your clan get on your nerves at all? Let’s face it: There’s no way you can play a quiet duel or team game without quickly being surrounded by spectators. Does this bother you, or is it nice to be in the spotlight? And does it make playing harder for you at all?
It doesn't bother me at all although sometimes it's a bit funny to see how every spectator slot is full when I'm playing 1min povdmm4's with Skisso. Maybe there's something to see in his shafting skills then :L. It doesn't affect my gameplay in any way though.
7. There are some clans in Gold Cup that you wouldn’t usually play against. Clans such as No Pasaran, Malice, Dies Ater and perhaps Suddendeath. Is it nice to have different opponents for once, or does it get boring because the additional handful of clans seemingly don’t pose a real challenge?
It's really great to have these clans in Gold Cup because now we even have a chance to get a prac against them. Maybe these clans will realise that they can actually do some damage against the best clans too. I think Suddendeath has proven themselves already with their performance in NQR so far and we've had some nice games with No Pasaran and Dies Ater too.
8. Are there any teams in NQR Season 11 that surprised or disappointed you?
Suddendeath has surprised me because they lost bps and lakso to SA and Mille to Slackers, yet they still play very well. Slackers has disappointed me because they are so damn inactive and reluctant to play any games. It's also interesting to see NoPasaran being the new envoy of Russian QW because the players there aren't so well known compared to the Russian superstars Doom, XN and Gor.
9. Satanic Slaughter Clan, of which you were a member for pretty long, disbanded about a year ago after an astonishing 9 years of being a clan. What happened?!
For some reason Blob and Seni decided to quit QW and to start losing money in Poker. Niko and koira started playing WoW, Rekk and Slaughter are busy with their women and I haven't heard anything from Hell in a while. In the end it was just me, Skisso, Ihminen and sometimes Stalk/Slaughter around. Then at some point Ihminen told us that blAze could start playing again and we decided to continue with tVS.
10. Would you have stayed with SSC if they hadn’t disbanded? And would you go back to SSC if they decided to reunite, or are you happy in your new home, The Viper Squad?
I played one season with tVS earlier too so I think I could have joined them again anyway. At the moment things are looking good in tVS so there's no reason to go back. Maybe if somehow SSC starts to play again and the players in tVS lose interest but it's quite unlikely.
11. I know you have made at least one custom map yourself (Kenya.bsp) and that Satanic Slaughter Clan were well known for playing a wide range of maps, with E3M7 (The Rapecloset!) being your home map back then. How come that, even with all the Kenya background you have, you haven’t participated in any of the “Kenya Collective” tourneys and play in a tb3 clan?
I think I'm a bit too lazy to learn all the new maps nowadays and I have to say that I'm not happy with the extended map pool in NQR. Of course it's impossible to please everyone and tVS wouldn't have chosen the extended pool anyway because our other members aren't so interested in non-tb3 maps so it doesn't matter that much.
12. What were or are your favourite non-tb3 maps? (Regardless of game-mode)
skull, cmt1b, cmt4, cmt3, schloss, ukpak2
13. Compare EQL to NQR. What are their advantages, what are ours? How can we (NQR) improve? Where do you think we took a wrong turn, if at all?
Despite of my criticism towards the extended map pool, I think it's a huge advantage to NQR and the way you came up with the rules regarding it is great. I think you're doing a good job there with NQR and I have nothing to complain about right now.
14. You seem to be spectating a lot, and I’m sure even a guy of your calibre has his “idols” too. What players that you see in your server browser make you think “Ah, I gotta see that!”? And why that/those player(s)?
I don't know if I have any idols anymore but earlier I remember how I enjoyed watching Ihminen and Fjodo play. Also while playing with Noskill I learned a lot from Zhin. Nowadays it's more interesting to see some div0 players/clans battling out each other in general but there isn't just one favourite player for me to spectate.
15. Also based on your notable amount of spectating, who do you think are the players we need to look out for in the future? Who are the “up and coming”?
For a long time the Finnish QW scene seemed to be dying but now Creature, hailing from the CTF scene, seems to be doing great and I'm curious to see how far he can go. And not only can he play but he knows how to behave too. That's something this scene could learn more.
16. As much as you appreciate the game and community, I’m sure there are things or players you hate? Drama please!
- Swedish fakers could just fukk off.
- Playing cs in dm2 2on2 even if you're losing
- The fact that ezQuake hud is fucked up in 1.8.x
- I'm sure there are many things I just don't remember now
17. Who should we interview next, and why?
Creature. I'm just curious to hear more about this guy.
18. Right, we’re done! Thanks again for letting us interview you. Any last comments, shoutouts or fuck yous?
There's no sauna in my apartment, Mooseman. And fuck yous to the low-life fuckups who keep stealing my bikes. Thank you.
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