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  Votary/Overd  2008-04-26  
There was much debate about Suddendeath being placed in Gold Cup prior to season-start. But not only did Suddendeath do better than the people that complained had expected; they also did better than the NQR staff had expected. Having finished the group stages on 3rd place and dethroning Slackers during group stages as well as in the Quarter-Final of the Gold Cup playoffs, Suddendeath now find themselves just 1 day away from a Semi Final versus KOFF.
Two guys that contributed to Suddendeath's success in 2008 were Votary and Overdose. Who? Yeah, that's what we wanted to know as well.

1. Hello Overdose and Votary. First of all, thank you for letting us interview you on such short notice. Maybe you can both start off by introducing yourselves to us. Who are you, what do you do, how old are you, what do you do when you’re not playing QuakeWorld, and what about your clan history?
votary: My name is Mikael and I'm 25 years old, currently living in Stockholm. I'm working as a plumber. I started my career with QWTF many years ago. The scene went so inactive so I started my QWTDM career in Chosen who were div 5-4 back then.
Then I worked my skills and went to Suddendeath in div2, with whom I played like 1 or 2 seasons until the other players in SD2 went to other clans or started playing WoW (that suxx äzz.)
I didn't know what to do after that, wich clan I should join and so on. Then I specced a game I think it was [ssc] vs. =v= (vets) and they lost a player, so Daan asked me to stand in and I said yes, after the game he asked me if I wanted to join =v= coz they just lost Mille to Suddendeath I think, and I went to vets, and same there, we played one season in div1 then everyone exept me and Ake_Vader left the scene coz of WoW. Some of them are back now btw.
After that I talked to my brother if we schould try to play in the same clan this time and he said "ok". From there we started our great season with enemyQuad in div4. Meanwhile Suddendeath lost bps and other SD players so they tought Suddendeath couldn't play more coz of lack of div1 players, but since I had already played with them, Trashie came to me and asked if me and my brother wanted to join, so we tought it was a nice opportunity so we just took it, therefore enemyQuad lost too many players, so the remaining members separated and went to different clans. (that's the hard and real truth about why eQ went inactive.) No hard feelings, and I think Antic/IgggY have found another good clan with Naim, and my mate Rocketz, I don't doubt he can get a good clan himeself if he still wants to play 4on4.

Overd: My name is Tony and I'm 25 years old. I work as a carpenter and I currently reside in Stockholm. I started my career in QWTF.
2. Now please tell us about your hardware and QuakeWorld setup. Also, would it be possible for you to provide us with your cfgs and a screenshot of your setup?
Overd: ezquake-gl version 2.8.3 / Sos[Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.1 - 2600)] uptime[49mins] cpu[2-AMD , 4294958222MHz (0% Load)] mem[Usage: 443/2048MB (21.63%)] hdd[395.71GB/745.1GB] gfx[NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE]

» Overdose's ezQuake cfg

Overdose's ezQuake setup

votary: I play with ezquake-gl version 2.8.3 / Stat small: [Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2 (5.1 - 2600)] uptime[26mins 35secs] cpu[2-Intel Pentium 4, 2793MHz, 1024KB (0% Load)] mem[Usage: 407/1023MB (39.78%)] hdd[384.1GB/536.57GB] gfx[RADEON X800 SE Secondary].

» Votary's ezQuake cfg

Votary's ezQuake setup

3. When did you guys start playing QuakeWorld, and what’s your first Quake memory?
votary: I started playing QW in 2005, and my first QW memory was quad, haha really funny nowdays tho :D but I didn't know what the symbol was and what the reason of timing it was, and when I got killed by enemy quad I thouth "WTF?!" HAHA then I stared to realise the point real quick though.

Overd: I started in Chosen in 2005. My first Quake memory... Uhm I just died all the time and I was like "wtf?", I ran around with 0/100 and thougt I was god. Fully stacked 200/200 enemies constantly killed me easily of course. I didn't really understand that armors were so important.
4. When Suddendeath (who are now just a few days away from playing their Semi Final game versus KOFF) were placed in Gold Cup, we received quite a few complaints from SD, claiming SD were not a Gold Cup clan and should be placed in Silver Cup instead. The main tone of the complaints was that SD lost an important member when bps parted ways with SD in order to play for Star Alliance and that bps was replaced by „two guys from div4“ (ok98). Ironically, the only two people in SD not whining at the time were the „two guys from div4“. Why not? Was this because felt underrated or because you simply didn’t want to take part in the discussion? Trash, molecule and ok98 have all retrospectively stated that they simply didn’t expect you guys to adapt so well and SD to perform as well as they eventually did. Do you agree with this?
Overd: I understand that they whined we were from div4 and the team didn't know that votary and I could do as well as we have done in div1. I just didn't take part because I agreed.

votary: Well I can understand their (SD players) tone losing bps and dakoth that time and getting 2 boys from div4 that aint :). Just played there coz of full teams atm, but I dindn't take part in it just to let 'em see the thing they didn't know I felt, that we could do good in Gold Cup, although not as good as we now have. But as the others have already said, we simply adapted really quickly and got our teamplay to work real fine, and now I belive we are a real div1 team again and that me and overd are here to stay also.
5. Suddendeath already beat Slackers during group stages, upsetting all of the 14 people that placed bets on the game at Goldrush (http://goldrush.qwdrama.com/game/124/). Obviously this was a happy moment for Suddendeath, but then came the Quarter Final rematch in which you managed to beat them 2-1 *again*. Perhaps the sweetest win of your entire QuakeWorld career? Can any previous victories compare? If so, which ones?
votary: No. The victories over Slackers were nice. But hey, all div1 teams are good so I think it's a memorable thing just to win.

Overd: I scheduled the group stages game with ParadokS on sunday. He said "yes of couse we can play tonight" and then spammed "WE'RE GOING TO RAPE U!!" 3 times. I didn't care. And we won! Next time he might not underestimate other clans. It will be hard to compare, but it would be nice if we reached the final vs tvs.
6. There are several people out there believing that Suddendeath actually stands a chance against KOFF. A quick look at the QuakeWorld wiki reveals that this would be SD’s biggest success in teamplay ever. Now the big question is: How do you plan on winning against KOFF? What are your strengths and what are your expectations?
Overd: If we have a nice playday and KOFF don't have Gamer I can see the chance to win. Our biggest strength could be that KOFF underestimates us, like Slackers did. As for my expectations: Just play and have fun! Let the best team win...

votary: Well I know it is Suddendeath's biggest and best seasons for a long time, and to win KOFF? Hmh I hope it's possible and I hope Suddendeath will make it as hard as possible for KOFF. Let fate decide wich one of us is going to Gold-final. (The force is strong in Suddedeath wich I can't speak out loud about:))
7. Could you briefly describe your next opponent KOFF to us? (strengths, weaknesses, advantages, disadvantages)
votary: KOFF is one of the top3 and always has, their teamplay is really good and I don't think they have many weaknesses, just bad luck if they can't reach a good place. But let's just pick one weakness at the moment: They haven't played that much in a while.

Overd: They don't really have any weaknesses. They are good fins - all in!
8. Votary: You have already previously played for Suddendeath some seasons ago but then parted ways with SD for quite some time. Has anything changed significantly during your absence?
votary: Yes, much of the tatics and teamplay came when I joined enemyQuad, because I had to think more tatics and learn from my mistakes myself, noone said good/bad etc.
9. Overdose: Your QuakeWorld wiki entry shows another very notable clan in your history: Team Freedom. When and for how long was this? And why did you leave?
Overd: I came to Team Freedom because I partied a lot with Znappe and we had a lot of fun. I stayed there for like half a year - 1 season. I left because of too little playtime, they had 6 very active players.
10. During NQR11, what teams (regardless of the tier they play in) disappointed or surprised you? Did you expect more (or less) from any of the other clans?
Overd: I hope cMF will return. They didn't play very actively and they can be a really good team. The scene needs nostalgia teams like cMF. All creds to cMF players if they can rise again!

votary: I expected more from some real nice teams in div1 not playing that much. The others are doing fine.
11. Let’s talk about your old clan enemyQuad. What happened there? You guys seemed „happy“ together as much as one could say that about a QuakeWorld clan. And with your victory in EQL, things were looking pretty bright for the future. Seemingly out of nowhere though, the members suddenly went separate ways. Why?!
votary: Read my 1st answer.

Overd: We had a lot of fun in eQ. The guys are great fun and really nice people. Why we left? We wanted to reactivate SD. Trash saw that votary and I could be good players, so he needed us to join SD. And our daddy-trash simply did a nice coaching move.
12. Your clan histories on the QuakeWorld wiki look almost identical. And on top of having played in several clans together, you guys actually said „just send the interview to Votary. Overdose is there for the week“. You guys seem to come in a pack of two, like Bonnie and Clyde. And while I really want to ask which one of you is Bonnie, I’m actually wondering how you guys got to know each other. Concerning QuakeWorld, will we ever see Votary and Overdose go separate ways in the future?
Overd: We will never go separate ways.

votary: We stared playing in the same clans in the middle of our career, but I played in others as Overd as well. And now our teamplay together has improved a lot since the start, and we both got our chance to play in the same div1 clan. And yes, the Bonnie and Clyde image has appeared coz we are twins and some guys in Suddendeath suspect us of using another method of team communication: mm4 -> (telepathy! :))
And if we are always going to play togheter I dont know, but for now it's not going to change.
13. And back to something more serious: You guys have been playing quite a bit of teamplay, but neither of you is „famous“ for being a good duel player. Do you guys not play duel at all? And if you do, how come you don’t play duel on the same high level as 4on4?
votary: I don't play 1on1s and never have, my nature is teamplay, not duel.

Overd: I don't like 1on1, so I dont play duels, no.
14. Do you guys plan on attending any of the future lans such as QHLAN or the upcoming Dreamhack? And while we’re at it, do you think cash-prizes such as the ones offered at Dreamhack are a good thing for the QuakeWorld scene?
Overd: We will come to every QHLan, and possibly Dreamhack if we got the time and money.

votary: We are attending on all of QHLans and possibly also Dreamhack if they launch some 2on2 and 4on4 tourney. Last time it was only 1on1 (not my style). And yes, cash-prizes are really good for the scene, I also hope some day QW could get famous and sponsored again.
15. Be completely honest: What do/did you think of NQR11?
votary: My answer can be found somewhere in between questions 5 to 7 :)

Overd: I honestly think it was the best NQR season. All tiers were active and SD did great!
16. Together, think of any 8 QuakeWorld players that have been active in the last 2 years and divide them into two clans, creating the hottest 4on4 game you can imagine. Go!
Overd: This is way too hard. Picking 8 players out of all the great ones out there seems like an impossible task.

votary: That's a question I don't wanna answer! :). Let everyone make there own team in their heads.
17. We’re done for now. Thanks for taking the time to reply on such short notice. Is there anything you would like to add? Shoutouts, whine, complaints, kudos?
votary: Nah.. But I think the admins are doing a good job with NQR/EQL and keep this in mind: "Don't whine about a scene being dead 'cos then it really will eventually die (like qwtf did). Go out and keep playing and more people will do the same".

Overd: peace out, all in!
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