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2008-05-09 Quakeklan.b vs. Lizards 3-0 RK-GF details
2008-05-08 KOFF vs. the Viper Squad 1-3 GC-GF details
2008-05-08 nafianna vs. Quakeklan 3-2 BC-GF details
2008-05-05 Suddendeath vs. Star Alliance 0-3 GC-LF details
2008-05-05 sega gubbar vs. Oblivion 3-0 SC-LF details
2008-05-05 nafianna.b vs. Comfortably Numb 3-1 RK-LF details
2008-05-04 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. Chosen 3-2 SC-GF details
2008-04-28 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. sega gubbar 3-1 SC-SF details
2008-04-28 nafianna vs. SmackThatAss 3-0 BC-SF details
2008-04-27 Suddendeath vs. KOFF 0-3 GC-SF details
  The Finals / looking for commentators *updated*  080428  

Unfortunately the teams are sucking pretty hard at scheduling their games, so most dates and times are provisional - They may change at any time. However, these are the times and dates the teams are aiming to play on:

Gold Cup

The Grand Final
the Viper Squad 3-1 KOFF
Played: Thu., 8th of May, 20:00 CET
Commentary by: ParadokS

Game for third place
Star Alliance 3-0 Suddendeath
Played: Sun., 4th of May, 21:00 CET
Commentary by: phil

Silver Cup

The Grand Final
Chosen 2-3 Bear Beer Balalaika
Played: Sun., 4th of May, 20:00 CET
Commentary by: Pektopah & Smerz

Game for third place
Sega Gubbar 3-0 Oblivion
Played: Sun., 4th of May, 21:00 CET

Bronze Cup
The Grand Final
Nafianna 3-2 Quakeklan
Played: Wed., 7th of May, 21:00 CET
Commentary by: Kryddturken

Game for third place
Smack that Ass _-_ Naim
Provisionally scheduled for: ??., ?th of May, ??:?? CET
Commentary by: ???


The Grand Final
Quakeklan.b 3-0 Lizards
Played: Fri., 9th of May, 21:00 CET

Game for third place
Nafianna.b 3-1 Comfortably Numb
Played: Mon., 5th of May, 21:00 CET

If you feel like helping us out by doing commentary for any of the games, please notify us as soon as possible so we can make the arrangements and preparations.

//NQR staff

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mickah - 86.42.82.*** 080429 @ 01:40:37
KryddturkendokS for Bronze Final commentary!!!! Thats one funny swede!
trash - 90.227.152.*** 080429 @ 01:43:26
thanx for a great season admins. Must be the best nqr season evver with activity and stuff. great work guys! /Suddendeath crew
fog - 213.134.126.*** 080429 @ 01:50:20
Must agree with trash! This is my first NQR-season, so I don't have much to compare to, but I'm already looking forward to next season! Keep it up, great work!

mickah: haha, krydd ftw
soma - omg.hai.2.u 080429 @ 01:54:53
Thanks for the warm words!

Kryddturken would be ultra-hot indeed. Let's all bug him with it and annoy him until he says "okay"!
votary - 85.230.26.*** 080429 @ 02:02:24
Ye a really great season and good work admins, keep up the good work!
soma - omg.hai.2.u 080429 @ 03:03:21
(17:01:51) (kryddturken) well, sign me up for a "probably" then, I will think about it for an hour or two while I play guitar hero

Hedgepig - 84.203.144.*** 080429 @ 04:31:17
I will donate 2 to charity if Kryddturken agrees to do commentary... and performs "Carry on Wayward Son"
deus - 88.75.227.*** 080429 @ 05:52:27
funny, of all these games the bronze cup final looks like it could be the closes / hottest. yea gg nqr crew, it's been a hellof a ride this season.
soma - omg.hai.2.u 080430 @ 00:30:32
GC Final: "Depends when it is" - gaz

GC Final: "I would gladly do the commentary. When is the game to be played?" - Xerial

BC Final: "Ok, I'll do it..." - kryddturken
smerz - 83.160.155.*** 080430 @ 01:50:21
I would comment, depending on the time (goes for me too sorry).

Whats the norm thesedays. Commentators spec via QTV or Qizmo/spec slot????

Just curious. Thanks

gaz - 195.72.182.*** 080430 @ 04:27:33
Soma: Just to clarify... I would like to do it, but I am a busy man nowadays, so it's just about whether the game is at a time when I'm not already booked-up ;-)
maniac - 82.21.77.*** 080430 @ 07:59:21
any predictions?
molgrum - 213.115.158.*** 080501 @ 02:43:00
I think the best would be if everyone is synced via QTV, 10 seconds delay.
XantoM - 81.225.45.*** 080503 @ 03:03:36
Cool stuff. Nice to see benyah taking some effort despite not playing anymore (and gazzie!).
mickah - 86.42.82.*** 080504 @ 05:40:18
soma, we scheduled to play QK on wens 7th at 20CET, confirmed
jOn - 81.236.184.*** 080505 @ 02:10:38
The div 1 finals reminds me of when sweden dosnt make it to the finals in hockey... :( Instead we have to watch Fin-Rus or as now fin-fin?!!!
soma - omg.hai.2.u 080505 @ 02:19:05
It's Gold Cup, not Div1. =/
blAze - 83.150.112.*** 080505 @ 03:26:00
Yeah what happened to Swedish Quake? Not a single swede in gold cup finals and all swe teams in losers bracket in QNC, who knows if they make it to the finals even...
Hooraytio - 81.233.19.*** 080505 @ 05:09:17
our div0-1 players idle too much... boring
fog - 213.134.118.*** 080505 @ 08:47:08
I say: Pektopah for president!! Extremely entertaining commentary! :D
Falzzi - 194.157.127.*** 080506 @ 19:00:11
I might do the rookie finals if I have the time..don't put anything up yet as I'm not 100% sure :)
soma - omg.hai.2.u 080507 @ 00:03:28
No need to do anything you're uncomfortable with. But, needless to say, you'd greatly help us out. :)
Let us know!

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