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2008-05-09 Quakeklan.b vs. Lizards 3-0 RK-GF details
2008-05-08 KOFF vs. the Viper Squad 1-3 GC-GF details
2008-05-08 nafianna vs. Quakeklan 3-2 BC-GF details
2008-05-05 Suddendeath vs. Star Alliance 0-3 GC-LF details
2008-05-05 sega gubbar vs. Oblivion 3-0 SC-LF details
2008-05-05 nafianna.b vs. Comfortably Numb 3-1 RK-LF details
2008-05-04 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. Chosen 3-2 SC-GF details
2008-04-28 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. sega gubbar 3-1 SC-SF details
2008-04-28 nafianna vs. SmackThatAss 3-0 BC-SF details
2008-04-27 Suddendeath vs. KOFF 0-3 GC-SF details
  BuLaT interview  080502  

He might have been known to the Russian QuakeWorld community prior to 2006, but for many others, BuLaT is some Russian who appeared out of nowhere some time during the last Ownage duel tournament. And although BuLaT lives an estimated 3000 km away from any popular servers, he has made quite a name for himself by now, even though he virtually never plays with a ping lower than 65. His native language being Tatar, it is close to impossible to communicate with him. But we found a translator! See what BuLaT has to say about NQR and QuakeWorld in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The interview can be found here.

A big "thank you" goes out to Exile for translating everything.

Leave any feedback below this news post.

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driz - 217.207.201.*** 080503 @ 03:38:24
nice interview, saw him on a UK or NL server a few months back and was suprised at how well he played with nearly 100 ping.

Tatar sounds more like a sauce you have with fish though.
deus - 88.74.173.*** 080503 @ 08:40:53
ineresting interview and a good choice to interview Bulat, i also was impressed with how ell he played on high ping.
Exile - 85.25.138.*** 080503 @ 19:27:21
Additional credits:

1) Mockingbird, Buurvrouw - english text proofreading;
2) Unreal - russian text proofreading.

Thank you!
Exile - 85.25.138.*** 080503 @ 19:49:46
Russian version here: http://quakeworld.ru/interview.:)?id=58
SS - 85.140.39.*** 080504 @ 01:48:30
gj Exile :)
Falzzi - 194.157.127.*** 080506 @ 19:04:59
Great stuff, keep up the good work!
Jenna15 - 91.156.31.*** 080507 @ 08:34:36
welcome back Ilf!
maniac - 145.236.252.*** 080507 @ 23:23:52
A rookie interview would be appreciated. ;)

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