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2008-05-09 Quakeklan.b vs. Lizards 3-0 RK-GF details
2008-05-08 KOFF vs. the Viper Squad 1-3 GC-GF details
2008-05-08 nafianna vs. Quakeklan 3-2 BC-GF details
2008-05-05 Suddendeath vs. Star Alliance 0-3 GC-LF details
2008-05-05 sega gubbar vs. Oblivion 3-0 SC-LF details
2008-05-05 nafianna.b vs. Comfortably Numb 3-1 RK-LF details
2008-05-04 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. Chosen 3-2 SC-GF details
2008-04-28 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. sega gubbar 3-1 SC-SF details
2008-04-28 nafianna vs. SmackThatAss 3-0 BC-SF details
2008-04-27 Suddendeath vs. KOFF 0-3 GC-SF details
  Bronze Finals are over!  080508  

The NQR11 Bronze Cup finals were played today, and boy what a close game! Of course they scored such that they had to play 5 maps, and leave Kryddturken dehydrated from all that informative and nicely speculative commentating.

Maps were played in this order:
DM3 (156 - 149 to Quakeklan)
E1M2 (226 - 177 to Nafianna)
DM2 (157 - 152 to Nafianna)
DM3 (169 - 148 to Quakeklan)
DM3 (184 - 88 to Nafianna)

Congratulations to the victory Nafianna!

Comments from the clans:

"I don't think that any of the teams were on their best performance, for example we had some problems with lag and getting our lineup toghether because people couldn't play. However, we did the best we could with the situation and actually performed very well on a few maps. On the last dm3, things weren't going our way at all and Nafianna showed some really great tactics and teamplay there. Out of all Bronze clans, Nafianna performed the best and thus deserve this win, they are nice guys =) wp"
- fog

"We had pracs with CSN and Malice a while back and those games today were a lot tougher. We thought they'd be a little weaker without Apoc, but it was the opposite."
- Hotel

Demos and commentary can be found here.

//NQR Staff

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BlastastiC - 86.12.233.*** 080508 @ 10:44:22
ggs and wp all!
bps - 81.235.187.*** 080508 @ 20:41:14
gratz fian

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