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Status Update #2
2002-08-20 12:30:59 / cero
I'm afraid we have to wait a few more days until the page is up, the new webserver has been delayed again. We hope to have to page up sometime during this week.
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NQR3 status update
2002-08-16 15:45:56 / cero
I know many people are wondering when NQR3 should start. We're getting many messages on IRC from people who are eager to play. So I though I'd write a little update about how things are going.
At the moment we're in the phase of finishing the last things on the new site. It was planed to be launched today but things didn't go exaclly as planed so therefor the site will be launched in the beginning of next week. The reason for this little delay is that the webserver thats hosting NQR is a little to slow to handle the load. A new server have been ordered but the delivery have been delayed therefore we think it's best to wait until everything is online on the new webserver.
When the page launches next week, all clans will recieve a password in the mail. They will have about 1 or 2 weeks to signup all their members for the league. The league is scheduled to start the 1:st september. Once the league has started your clan can only add 2 more members.

So please stay tuned, much will happen in the following weeks.
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MQWCL 0.96 is here!
2002-07-22 02:19:44 / NQR Crew
At last the version with the source code is released! Only allowed mqwcl client in NQR from now on is 0.96 version this concerns both win32 and linux version (as of now).

|Quote from Mqwcl readme|

MQWCL - More QuakeWorld Client
ver. 0.96 release notes
This is mqwcl version 0.96.
Probably this is not a version you heard about, with eye-candy improvements yet. But work on next mqwcl version takes longer and longer. And there is a need for new version, because of some bugs in v. 0.95, especially client security issues and cheating issues. Not to mention about legality of mqwcl.

In general this is mqwcl 0.95, with few fixes applied, and very few new features. And finally, with source released. Mqwcl 1.0 version, with full documentation, is still a work in progress.

Another good thing in this release is support for Linux, as there were no 0.95 for linux. Linux is fully supported, with full f_version authentication, and with greatly improved GLX version.
|End Quote|

Mqwcl readme Mqwcl Readme

Download it now! Mqwcl 0.96

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PHP/MySQL coders wanted!
2002-07-19 23:52:38 / NQR Crew
We would really need atleast one more skilled coder, so if you feel that you can contribute and help us out then please stop by at #NQR on Quakenet. Notify an admin about your interrest in coding and we will contact you further on.

|Quote from Kryten|
"We are working hard to get the new site coded. There is a lot of work involved. Actually let me re-phrase that... *I* am working very hard to get the site coded because cero is on holiday for almost a month ;( If there are any experienced PHP/MySQL coders out there that would like to lend a hand then please get in touch. Even an August start is looking a bit doubtful at the moment."
|End Quote|

Thanks in advance.

// the NQR Crew
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Location-files for CMT maps
2002-07-12 20:27:19 / Link
Many ppl have asked for CMT locs, so download it HERE. Keep on commenting the newsupdate under this one, thank you.
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Should the CMT maps be in NQR3?
2002-07-11 20:03:08 / Link
Some clans/players have already been telling the admin-crew that they want to play the CMT maps in NQR3. We in the admin-crew are not 100% sure about this, so it would be very helpful for us if you, the players out there, could also share your thoughts about this by commenting on the issue.

If you dont know what the CMT maps are then you can download them HERE. The CMT maps are already uploaded to Telenordia, Hellfire, Z and EA servers (cmt1 cmt2 cmt3 cmt4 cmt5). If the CMT maps will be added to NQR3, then all 5 CMT maps will be added, not just 2 or 3.

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Web signup page for NQR3
2002-07-05 23:50:57 / NQR Crew
Hello ppl!

Right now a web signup page is beeing constructed we are estimating it to be finnished during this weekend. On that page you will be able to signup your clan for the next season of NQR. Be sure to read about all new addtional rules, league system, decider maps etc etc. We will also provide you with a snapshot of the new NQR page =).
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NQR3 Site
2002-06-29 16:21:59 / NQR Crew
Hi everybody =), we thought it was time to update a little on what is going on with NQR. We are enjoying the summer vacation as all of you ;), our progress on the NQR3 site is going along just fine. I got the oppurtunity to check on a preview of the site and it looks very promosing. We will have quite a lot of new feautures more stats on every clan and player and so on. As many of you know we will not be using the 10% system anymore, due to it's many flaws =[. So a new system will be implemented, more info about system and info corncerning maps, rules etc will be announced later on.

Well that's all for now, hope to see all of you back here when NQR3 open it's doors again =), until then we wish you all a nice vacation.

// the NQR Crew
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Update about NQR Final!
2002-05-21 00:05:07 / NQR Crew
Screens are now available from the NQR Final game, we have also updated the NQR Playoff ladder check it out. A matchreport will be added to the playoffs page tomorrow, enjoy!

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Zetor wins Nations Quake Rank Season 2!
2002-05-19 23:35:09 / Legio!
Zetor wins Season 2 of Nations Quake Rank, congratulations from the NQR Crew! Zetor played really impressing in tonights game and won the NQR Final with 2-0 vs HellFire GG!

The final was played on one of the Edome team servers, wich don't have MVD support, we encouraged the clans to record demos, but we only got demo from DM3 im sorry to say ;[, well enjoy the demo! Screens and matchreport comming up tomorrow!

Nations Quake Rank Winners: Clan Zetor
ZR vs HF Scores:DM3 244-108, E1M2 253-153 .

The NQR Crew would also like to thank all clans/players that has participated in Nations Quake Rank Season 2. We Hope to see all of you back here next season.
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