Current Week: 12
2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  Slackers are NQR6 Champions  040607  

Slackers tonight won their third successive NQR title, beating LegeArtis 3-1 in the Gold Playoff final. Check out details on the match on the above link (there should be some demos and commentary soon).

Congratulations to Slackers on yet another succesful season, and commiserations to the runners-up from LA.

The season isn't over just yet, we've still got the Gold Playoff 3rd-placed match and the Silver final, the latter of which is scheduled for Monday 7th June at midnight CET.



  Silver Cup: Kala vs Fired  040605  

For my German friends here's the dirt:

NQR Silver Finals: Monday June 7th @ 6:00 pm (24:00 cet)

I like Fired in this final 3-2. Though Kala has some serious individual talent on their side in the form of asp_the_manly; I see Fired as the clan with the slightly better teamplay routines on tb3. This is evident even when they play maps not terribly to their taste; e.g., not being particularly strong on cmt4, yet fired's very solid tactical game actually earned them a win against the men from the Zoo on that map; and the zoo don't lose easily on cmt4. Kala will have to put the firehose full-on Fired when dm2 loads. Now suni and his men will do their best to lay waste to Fired on dm2, but I don't think thump4 and the manly_canucklehead, sqz, will give up many rls on this map. dm2 will go to Fired; that's way the god of quake will move the game I am sure:) Now dm3 is another map I favour fired on, but not by much: if Fired falls on any of tb3, I can see asp and the men of kala taking this one from Fired in a close game. I expect Kala to take both cmt4 and e2m2tdm. I think e1m2 will go to Fired because of their familiarity with sg use at the higher ping; Kala will find it annoying to play e1m2 and it may be their undoing. Thump4, Blkbrd, bronx and the maple_leaf_sqz have all purposefully practised with highpings for this very end. Hence if it comes down to e1m2 as a decider I would put my canadian loonies on thmp4 and his men. That said, I wish all strength and honour to both clans as they prepare to battle it out for the Silver Cup!



  End of season awards - the results!  040530  

OK the votes are in and whilst not all clans voted, there was a healthy number of clans who submitted their nominations for these prestigious awards. So without further ado, it's time to reveal the winners...

Division 1

Best clan:
1st: Slackers
2nd: Lege Artis

Fair play award:
1st: Firing Squad

Most Valuable Player:
1st: Reppie (Firing Squad)

Best match:
Lege Artis vs The Viper Squad

Division 2

Best clan:
1st: Chopstick Ninjas

Fair play award:
2nd: Paranoids

Most Valuable Player:
1st: Whajna (Team Freedom)
2nd: Milton (Satanic Slaughter Clan)

Best match:
Kala vs Chopstick Ninjas

Division 3

Best clan:
1st: Skal Kalle Klanen
=2nd: Qandrane
=2nd: Elaintarha

Fair play award:
1st: Elaintarha
2nd: Qandrane

Most Valuable Player:
1st: T-Moe (Elaintarha)
2nd: JKova (Elaintarha)

Best match:
Elaintarha vs Qandrane

Division 4

Best clan:
1st: Osams
2nd: The Assassins

Fair play award:
1st: Osams
=2nd: funky pirate superstars
=2nd: Zetor

Most Valuable Player:
1st: INDIANENmedkniv aka stefan (Osams)
2nd: Elgen (OLw)

Best match:
Jagarna vs funky pirate superstars

Division 5

We only received 3 votes from division 5 clans, so these awards are *slightly* devalued :P

Best clan:
=1st: Batida Swing
=1st: Veni Vidi Vici

Fair play award:
=1st: Pulverising Mongo Strutsers
=1st: Veni Vidi Vici
=1st: Okay Inc.

Most Valuable Player:
=1st: Greendog (Pulverising Mongo Strutsers)
=1st: Zilver (Veni Vidi Vici)

Hopefully we will publish the results of the poll as well fairly soon. In the meantime, go signup for the summer cup over here.



  NQR Summer Cup  040527  

Signups are now open for the NQR Summer Cup. There are 2 separate competitions; one for custom maps and one for "classic" maps. So go check it out and signup on the NQR Summer Cup site.



  Gold Cup Finals Date: LA vs SR  040523  

The eagerly awaited Gold Cup Final is to be on Sunday June 6th. The exact time is still to be worked out. Rumours abound about some players working, others being away on holidays, etc.. But we are pleased to see this match has been set as far as the actual day goes. Stay tuned for more information regarding the time and cam ips etc. as we get this battle arranged even more. The June 6th date should benefit both clans as regards pre-match preparation and practising. This year the Gold Final should be a serious head-knocker, perhaps we may even see juanito_bandito and the pink_vagina hudman in action. As admins we wish all strength and honour to both of these talented squads as they prepare for this much anticipated match!



  NQR 6 Gold Cup Finals  040522  

Well LA are probably not practising much, though I don't know for sure, because anytime I try to nail down the whereabouts of the unix_user 'par excellence', that is slm of course, I seem to get a variety of bounced ips; and i don't know why. I think slm is trying to avoid me, which, indeed, I can understand; for I want to ask him about Tuva Novotny and her dual career as an actress and as a promising coder. Slm seems to know how to run her and angelina simultaneously---to me, this is quite a feat! But in lieu of slm's insight into LA and running the two women, I will have to offer my thoughts on the LA vs SR final. Sorry for the disappointment. A while ago I wrote that I thought SR would take the series in 5 games; three games to 2 over LA. Now I am not so sure.

I think LA has the raw individual skill to take out anybody. Dag has looked deadly in games I have seen him play --- which, admittedly, have not been many --- but consider this: on e2m2tdm is there anyone better in tdm at running the quad? I used to think akke was superb playing e2m2....Oh, wait, he's on LA, too? Yes, e2m2tdm will in all likelihood go to LA. Again, take e1m2: aren't nabbe, akke and rkr active for LA? If so, then I think it would be an upset if SR can take out LA on the map that made vana famous in sd1. On e1m2, rkr is like a fish in ya/water area; I can't think of a deadlier player hanging around there.

On cmt4 I favour SR. That said, I think LA have shown they can play cmt4 quite effectively --- even beating the cmt4-kings tVs on it in the semis. Still I think SR have a routine on this map which will make it tough for LA to win the map. It is on dm2 and dm3 that I fear most for SR.

As anyone who has followed qw tdm for while will know well, dm2 is a lottery map. For spectators, it is exciting because the map is given to huge frag swings as control of the map changes hands. In order to win this map for their respective clans, Dag and hib will have to be the best players on the map. No dropping the big Q with 0 frags; every frag will count; no failures in communication from one teammate to another. If dm2 holds true to its nature, this game may come down to the final seconds. If you rank players by how icy their nerves are in-game, dag and hib are cool customers; though dag is a proven come-from-behind winner on dm2. Nothing seems to faze dag. Paradoks will have to be awesome with the big Q on dm2; and dm2 is a 'hit-and-miss' map for Paradoks. As it has been said by others elsewhere, dm2 is not a map to be counted on; the greatest dm2_clans have been betrayed by her in championships and important playoff matches before: just think of tVs. I say throw a coin, then hope your favoured clan makes no miscues and is able to capitalize on even the slightest mistake of its opponent; the dm2 game might come down to merely 1 or 2 small mistakes.

On dm3 I would have given the edge to SR until I saw some recent SR practices. I would say SR are playing at about 80% of what I have seen them play at; as, for example, when they beat cmf's great dm3_game in the clanbase final last season. But more to my point is that SR will have to step it up big time on dm3 if they want to take out LA on dm3. Nabbe and dag are well known as strong dm3 players; and slm is no mrlame on dm3 either:) In recent practices, some have reported to me that memil is playing some of his finest quake these days. Hence, at this point I would tend to give the edge on dm3 to LA as well; my only concern for LA fans is the status of nabbe: is he active and in game shape? If so, LA might be lifting the NQR 6 Gold Cup.

The biggest issue for LA is going to be finding away to disrupt SR's really strong routine support players. Both Gamer and Goljat will have to be rock solid for SR; but if LA can think of a way or two to surprise or disorient them, it might give LA the break it needs to secure a victory in a close game. I think LA's achilleus heel might its lack of well-practiced, teamplay; but of this I can't be sure, because LA tends to practice in secret places so that I can't follow them around. However that may be, I think most will recognize that LA has very skilled individuals; does anyone actually doubt that they can play superbly as a team?

I hope for a fine match and great sportmanship like we saw in the Gold semis between SR/FS and LA/tVs; strength and honour to those about to battle!



  hib hot  040521  

I am posting this latest Interview with hibSTER of SR on the front page because it is FRONT PAGE news for the manly man:) It was my honour to talk with hib and I look back on this interview now and wish I had asked hib some other questions....but this little bit of love will have to sufffice for now: just read all the love that hib can bring:)


Ok first off, tell the people what your most gratifying victory has been? Was it with Zetor, TVs or with SR?

<]SR[hib> Oh boy. That?s a tough one. From the Zetor time I remember clearly NQR final against Hellfire ofcooz?and Villains? game agains SK when they had kane,griffin,akke and mr.x cant remember who the 4th player was. Purity will I am sure?TVS time just blurrs by me?.
and in Slackers the games vs Disorder and Cmf in the NQR finals
where CMF was leading 2-0 in the final and we just kept grinding at took the game 2-3
the game vs DS where we were leading 2-0? and we had confortable lead in dm2
we just "stopped" playing and they managed to win that and the very next map.

Hib, I have followed you in qw for a long time. I see you as the one of the most dominating players ever, as do many of your current opponents. What I'd like to know is whether you see yourself as necessary to SR to win another NQR championship?

<]SR[hib> Well he haven?t been that active this season. Only playing couple rounds 4n4 here and there but Gamer and Goljat have been active in 2n2 tournaments and so on. We just need to play our own game and not get too passive?. if Gamer and Goljat do their jobs I?m sure we will do well.

But, do you think SR would win without you?

<]SR[hib> Let me answer that in this way xhrl: if any of our 4 regular line up men would be missing that would surely reduce our chances of winning! Gamer?s been hot this season so i really think if he keeps it up
we have a very good chance of winning. [ed. Note: hib has humility]

Think back to the 90's up to now: if you could put together a top squad for 4v4 of Finns, who would you consider putting on that squad, Hib, if you were the Finnish 'coach'?

<]SR[hib> First off, I would have to take Jaguar from good'ol Zetor!!! He was an awesome quadrunner and very calm player overall. Next one would be blaze from tvs; another calm player with a good sense of whats going on around the map --- although he could read team msg?s a bit better: and that goes for all tvs players :) just for the record! Two more to go ... probably I would go for Gamer: he can do pretty much anything you tell him to do; he is such a solid choice. Now I am going to be a bit biased and take Goljat for the 4th one.

So jaguar, blaze, gamer and goljat.

<]SR[hib> Yup all who with I have played with over these many years.

Now having faced off against many northern europeans in qwtdm, could you give me an idea of those teams and players who were the biggest pain in the ass to play against?

<]SR[hib> Euthanasia for sure was our arch-enemy back in 98-99: hixen,gemma and their minions alwayz put up a helluva fight! Then cmf (with dama,fifi,zhin,xxx) were always tough to play against. The hellfire guys (brain,muti,madmax,mrlame) to name a few were very challenging to play.

Was FF a tough clan to play?

<]SR[hib> Well the funny thing is when Zetor was in its prime we tried to play against FF numerous times, but they would never accept challenge vs us. Soon after that, zetor went dead for a time, and FF started to dominate qw scene. At that time i didnt have any isp/connection so i kinda missed some of the FF?s era. I just have one memory playing against FF and that was when i was trying out for tvs. They were tough to play, but i dont recall any epic battels against them.

I would have loved to see your current SR squad go against the old FF top line of akke exile dag and pietro: for such a match would probably need a lot of cams. Do you see the current LA team as a team as tough to beat as the old FF squad?

<]SR[hib> If i remember right FF "always" played on LAN so they had mm3 back in those days and they somewhat changed the gameplay to more aggressive?but that said i think the old FF was more of a team than just 4 very skilled individuals trying to do their own thing. So, yes, I?d say the old FF would be tougher.

Of all the clans you've been in which was the one wherein you felt the teamplay and tactics were most solid?

<]SR[hib> I have to go with Slackers on this one. Sure we did have solid tactics in Zetor (e.g., get weapon and camp spot X) but I dont think that qualifies for the best tp & tactics :) In SR we just know most of the time what other?s are doing and ?.. that said you know what u should do to make something happen

hib, which players in qwtdm now are the biggest pain to play? Is it slime and LA or mrl and bgsr or blaz, ihmn and tvs? or EQ? or some other squad?

<]SR[hib> Clan DIVA comes to my mind and they haven?t even been playing that much lately. They play very "tight" game all the time; it?s hard to get frags against them.

Is the challenge map related? like riker on e1m2 or fifi on dm3, etc.?

<]SR[hib> No not really, it?s more of what kinda tactic team/s take. Though single players i would point out as being difficult to play against are: spoink,dare,harvester?.they all can play quite ?weird or sneaky-bastard? qw :) For example, Dare is well known for his sng camping. Harvester sure knows how to camp the RA with pineapples and Spoink is also one sneaky bastard! So these players don?t need much to play with and still can do a lot of damage to you if you are not aware of them.

If you could set the NQR 7 map pool, which 5 maps would you select for use?

<]SR[hib> dm2,e1m2,dm3,cmt1b; cmt3 or cmt4

Now about other gamemodes; I know you play a little 1v1, but have you ever played much qwctf lately or in the past?

<]SR[hib> Funny that u mentioned it. I just joined SSC?s ctf section today. So i will be doing some hooking in the future if its up to me. I played some ctf like 6months ago and i was a huge fan of ?orange? ctf?
hehe, wow. hib and milton playing on the same ctf squad:) Will SSC see you in tdm as well?

<]SR[hib> Well you never know what might happen; but for now its only CTF in SCC cozz other Slackers aren?t that into ctf. Btw, i just got word from oozi that my ctf debut is tonight!

Well hib I will end by giving you and your team my best wishes for strength and honour in the NQR 6 Finals versus LA! But first could you teaCHme the way to say goodbye in Finnish?

<]SR[hib> n?kemiin

your personal data, computer specs, do you love hockey and kipper etc.?

<]SR[hib> Lasse Parviainen age:23 Varkaus
Like hockey? No, not really im into weights? in fact, i like the nba better. I have an Athlon xp+1700 , Radeon 8500, mx310 Logitech mouse. The best sport though to watch is UFC,Pride,K-1, WPT :)

heh, is it legal in finland to like basketball more than hockey? :P Is kipper not the man these days?

<]SR[hib> u mean kiprusof? Calgary?s gay goaltender who shut Detroit DAMN! I was a Brett Hull fan when I was younger. He?s the man when it comes to ice hockey?Hull all the way:> St.Louis! Oates+Hull gooooals :>

Ok that will do hib, thanks for taking the time!

<]SR[hib> No problemo!


  End of season awards  040519  

OK folks it's polling time.

Best clan
Fair play award (friendliest/most sporting clan)
Most Valuable Player
Best match

Keep playoffs as they are this season? (yes/no)
Keep e2m2tdm in map pool? (yes/no)
Suggestion for new map?
Would you be interested in playing in a "classic" cup this summer, either TB3 or NQR6 maps? (yes/no)
Would you be interested in playing in a "custom" cup this summer, with untested custom maps? (yes/no)

Email your votes to gaz ^AT^ crippy ^DOT^ co ^DOT^ uk stating your clan name - votes will only be counted if they are sent via email
One vote per clan
You can only vote for clans/players/matches within your own NQR division, and you can't vote for your own clan/players

The poll will close on Sunday 30th May at 12am (that's Saturday midnight basically) and I will post the results then. Enjoy!



  Bronze playoff competition is over!  040517  

The bronze play-off competition tonight became the first tournament to be completed, with the final and 3rd-placed match being played.

OLw beat HoLY 3-1 in the bronze playoff final, so OLw are this season's Bronze Champions. Congratulations guys!

In the 3rd-placed match, Batida Swing overcame Apocalypse 2000 in a tight fight, 3 maps to 2.

Bronze playoff final standings
Runner-up: HoLY
3rd: Batida Swing
4th: Apocalypse 2000

Meanwhile, the silver 3rd-placed match was also played, with Satanic Slaughter Clan beating Elaintarha 3-0 to take 3rd place in the Silver tourney.


  NQR Bronze Finals & Silver 3rd Place Game!  040517  

Hello folks!
We got 2 great games tonight.

First up is Satanic Slaughter Clan vs El?intarha they will fight for restoration of their lost honor during the semifinal's, may the best clan win!

Then we got a thrilling NQR Bronze final game between the 2 great clans of OLW and HOLY, i believe this game will be a tight and even fight, may the best clan win!

TIME: 20.30 TONIGHT! QW Commentary by Moris.
Game finished. SSC Wins 3-0 vs ZOO. Congrats to SSC winning the 3rd place in Silver Playoffs, GG!

TIME: 21.00 CET TONIGHT! QW Commentary by our very own Gaz!
Game finished. OLW Wins 3-1 vs HOLY. Congrats to OLW winning the Bronze Playoffs, GG!

Qizmo cam ip's and TS Commentary IP to be posted on #NQR & #QUAKEWORLD.


// The NQR Crew



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