Battle Info  2004-02-15 Division 5 - Week 2 (2)

boeg 1 - 2 Apocalypse 2000

E2M2_TDM - Ogre Citadel - TDM Edition


fnu2 chose this map despite my attempt to fool them into thinking it was our best map :( We hadn't played the map before as a team, and only knew it vaguely (no locs!) but I think fnu2 were in the same boat. They won the map with better control over ra/quad and never really lost control. - by Apocalypse 2000



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Not really having a home map, I chose dm2 because we had been doing well there recently, though after the e2m2tdm game I was expecting to lose here too. We had the better start, with ck getting the early quads, but fnu2 made some good attacks at water and were slightly in the lead for most of the game. With about 7 minutes left I think we managed to hold the water better and make a bit of a lead, which we defended until the end. Nice game. - by Apocalypse 2000



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


No arguments about the final map, we both decided dm3. fnu2 got the first pent but Willgurht got rl and went into promode at ya, racking up 30frags within 6 minutes. We held the map until the 3rd pent which, although we won, we totally messed up (my fault, willgurht was waiting for me to bore) and fnu2 won the map back, doing well to defend it for the rest of the game. Luckily our good start made the difference in the end and fnu2 couldn't quite catch up. Also a nice game :) - by Apocalypse 2000


qmole ( 2004-02-16 02:12:04
great games, i'll have the demos uploaded soon. thanks fnu2 and good luck with the rest of the season!
Willgurht ( 2004-02-16 02:22:57
yikes, won both a qw game and a poker tourney in the same day! cant get much better than that! next time i will know e2m2.
ZkilfinG ( 2004-02-16 23:42:20
gg a2k, you played better than us this time, but we'll get back at you in a prac some day ;)
ZkilfinG ( 2004-02-16 23:43:07
I'll upload mvds as soon as oggie sends them to me... can't remember what server we played on =/

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