Battle Info  2004-03-14 Division 5 - Week 7 (5)

Defs 1 - 2 Apocalypse 2000

CMT4 - Andromeda 9





DM3 - The Abandoned Base


nice game, defs started to hide just after the last penta was picked up score was 56-112. //willgurht - by Apocalypse 2000



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned




Hagge ( 2004-03-14 20:56:51
omg defs \o/ too bad u couldn?t make it all the way :(((
qmole ( 2004-03-14 21:09:10
cmt4 was a bit one-sided because defs hadn't played there much, but they put up a good fight. dm3 was an excellent game, back and forth all the time. It looked as though we were going to take the 3rd pent... we had 3 rls there as revolt jumped out of the window. Even though we hit him midair, he managed to swing round and grab the pent, sg an rl out of Willgurht and kill the other two. We fought back, taking control of the map with 5 minutes to go and defs started hiding. Perhaps a little too early, but we were too slow to hunt them down and couldn't pull back the fragdifference. We had a good start on e1m2, until Willgurht timed and we were forced back to the mh with 3v4. A quad took us out and soon it was 4-0 rls and defs fought back. With 3 minutes left we were leading by just 8 frags, but red managed to save a pack and take out their quad, allowing Willgurht to secure mh and grab the next quad as we hung on to the victory. Probably our best nqr games so far.
revolt ( 2004-03-14 21:21:04
the 3rt pent was nice.. nice capture.. but almost 20s to go to windows.. lol.. :X without comments.. We hide to win, :) gg a2k !
qmole ( 2004-03-14 22:26:04
oh, i forgot to say, ggs :) no whine from defs despite their huge ping disadvantage. would be a totally different game on even pings :)

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