Battle Info  2004-02-05 Division 5 - Week 1 (1)

Okay Inc. 0 - 2 Apocalypse 2000

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


-H- use real nick next time! And who is are registered as virus! This is a warning for u rules: fakenick /aliasing. - by NQR Admin



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


CK? Use realnick! (clarkus) - by NQR Admin


gaz ( 2004-02-06 00:48:07
Why the fuck dose it matter if he uses a shortened version of his name? It's blatantly him. Why don't you worry about real fucking problems instead of just being a nazi over something which is not important.
Icce ( 2004-02-06 10:08:45
Not important? If you should sit here and add about 10-15 games every night with frags for every player and have to guess who is who. I'm pretty sure you'll get pissed off aswell. So plz don't tell us what is important or not when you have no idea at all!
doc ( 2004-02-06 16:12:14
Sorry about the nicks. Wont happen again.
pattah ( 2004-02-09 08:59:06
Yea, guess it's more like the clan leader -- or the guy that signs up his clan -- uses the well-known version of the players nick, while the player uses his 'alternate' versions. No excuse, just an explanation :).

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