Battle Info  2004-04-25 Gold playoff - first round

Fudoh 2 - 0 Chopstick Ninjas

E1M2 - Castle of the Damned





DM3 - The Abandoned Base




Horatiog ( 2004-04-13 19:48:25
fisto ( 2004-04-14 07:20:06
crazymac ( 2004-04-25 21:24:13
sikke noget lort :-)...
Hagge ( 2004-04-25 21:46:35
heh.. actually a bit closer than I had expected! nice to see... with this team I think cn should play in div1 next season... but I guess they'll whine themselves to div2 as usual :< gg and demos? :)
Rage ( 2004-04-25 21:52:40
I don't think they should accept clans who don't want to play in the div they are supposed to play in. but then again i'm a nobody:)
sweeper ( 2004-04-25 22:32:32
Dahmer ( 2004-04-26 10:18:18
we get to stay in div2, you get a shot at winning over situation \o/
sexC ( 2004-04-26 11:48:24
keep in mind that this is cn's _best_ lineup, and that they play with worse lineups from time to time...nevertheless, this lineup is definately div1 material...
Firehoppir ( 2004-04-26 12:30:15
Cn for div1 dahmer for boyzone :P
Hagge ( 2004-04-26 13:05:26
every team plays with worse lineups from time to time :(
forsberg ( 2004-04-26 13:32:09
well alot to be said hehe. This is _NOT_ best lineup if you ask me, and I should know since im qw captain of CN for around 5 years now ;) Witch Jerry this had been an easy win ;) And sure we could maybe win a game or 2 in div1, However how and IF the ninja team will be in next NQR, is unknown atm, the idleness is getting to me tbh. GAME VS FUDOH: as wellknown we almost never prac as a team, and since last nqr game was 2 weeks ago, it took me personally half of first map, e1m2, to get going, and ofcourse that was not good enough at all against a div1 team like fudoh. We made quite a comeback last half of e1m2, but never got really close. Dm3 was quite close most of the way, and I actually started to believe in winning at some point, but last quarter were not optimal, fudoh kept at it, and took the victory home quite painless, 2-0. GG and thanks again for a good season. fuckjerogjereskioskog?dlortogd?pls.
seeker ( 2004-04-26 14:53:03
why didnt super-cm play???? =(
Dahmer ( 2004-04-26 15:54:42
CN = DIV1 is Jerry get some fucking reports
forsberg ( 2004-04-26 16:16:37
HEHE dahmer ;) Super-CM (wich is also what makes our lineup div1 imo) was home and laggy, didnt have time to come and play :( Schoolboy :]
Max Rebo ( 2004-04-26 16:33:23
Fuck our kiosk? Strange-foppa!
Link ( 2004-04-26 16:56:33
Nice excuses in your game report Forsberg, I guess thats why you lost :D
andy ( 2004-04-26 18:24:53
No, the reason they lost is because the other team had TCO.
crazymac ( 2004-04-26 20:41:27
everyone knows that, the reason we lost was because Link was a horney spectator ;-)!
Hagge ( 2004-04-27 14:34:41
gg forsberg :((( of course cn will play next season! <3 cn
pwr ( 2004-04-28 09:40:26
One sentence sums it all up: HOMO AT YA
forsberg ( 2004-04-29 18:41:58
excuses? we didnt play very well, would have been very surprising if fudoh should have lost this game? :>

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