Battle Info  2004-05-04 Silver playoff - quarter-finals

Qandrane 0 - 2 Fired

E2M2_TDM - Ogre Citadel - TDM Edition





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




Dude ( 2004-04-25 09:51:49
mel ( 2004-04-27 09:53:36
scheduled for thursday (29.4)
dropdead... ( 2004-04-28 11:57:58
I believe qandrane will take this one with 2-1.
mel ( 2004-04-30 07:44:29
rescheduled for monday (3.5) I believe Fired will take this one with 0-2 .
JKova^tF ( 2004-05-03 00:10:39
nono mel.. you'll win!
Thump4 ( 2004-05-04 15:55:38
Game is rescheduled for today (Tuesday, May 4th) at 22:00 cet (4:00 pm est). Be there.
JKova^tF ( 2004-05-04 22:03:58
i was there.
HangTime ( 2004-05-04 23:26:58
autotrack demos with commentary here:
Hagge ( 2004-05-04 23:37:58
hehe.. no suprises here! qand has a really good team but it's not enough against fired who I expected to come higher in div2 (well they probably would've come higher if they had played all their games) and qand was missing their starplayer fortuna!!! :( gg
error ( 2004-05-05 01:54:39
strong game by the americans as usual.
f]sniper ( 2004-05-05 03:40:49
Great job guys =).
sexC ( 2004-05-05 03:52:08
28 ping blakbeard? ;] I'm really impressed with the na squad this season, I mean although you do hear the occasional whine from euros complaining about having to play with such a high ping, I have never once heard fired complaining at all...good effort guys, lets hope you make it all the way
m0lle ( 2004-05-05 09:09:35
why not start NQR-HPB league? ..
gaz ( 2004-05-05 09:43:38
yeh then we could get rid of the poles russians and americans for good Be
Rage ( 2004-05-05 12:05:12
It's such a shame they can't play with ping 20. They would be div1 for sure. gg
mega ( 2004-05-05 12:57:53
ye, this wanst big suprise becoz our last 4on4 game was playoffs game vs dyppyk so without pracs it looks like this. Big thanks to fired and good luck to rest of games. ggs
Grass ( 2004-05-05 15:38:12
m0lle ( 2004-05-05 16:52:40
yeah that would be prefect gaz.. Poles Russians and Americans in their own league :) .... [N]ordic [q]uake [r]ank!!! .. I just hate playing 60-70ms (when the are used to it) in one game and the rest 13-26.. :) well wajn waajn on lagzor connections, waaaaajn!!
UsAfan ( 2004-05-05 18:19:25
It's funny because over here in the us, 60+ ping is a good thing :P
m0lle ( 2004-05-05 18:44:39
yeah US is like the stoneage...
dak ( 2004-05-05 21:30:58
WTH do they have to complain about sexC, they play every game with the same ping. I wouldn't complain if I was forcing my opponent to get used to a new ping just to play a single team, while I was sitting there happy with my constant 90-100 which I'm used to.
f]sniper ( 2004-05-05 23:48:38
I think you meant any ping under 70 is considered good UsAfan...and m0lle, part of the reason the net isn't that great here is the sheer size of the US (~3000 miles wide). I ping 12-30 to my own coast, 50-60 to the central US, and 80-120 to the east coast. Part of the reason I haven't played in NQR this season is because I still play QW in the US. The ping range I have to be comfortable with is just too large, and 150-180 ping in Europe is completely at odds with the other above pings. Even though the field of play in Europe is much larger and more challenging, I find I have to change my play style to something I don't enjoy to have any success there. And dak, none of us are happy playing with 100 ping. Believe me, if we had a choice, we'd be playing with a ping under 40 and hopefully doing it in div1 =).
ThumpsBrother ( 2004-05-06 04:54:55
Good game 1, game 2 they had no chance.. m0lle, who the hell cares if you go to 60-70 ping playing against a team of average 110. Why would you rather it be 150 average for the USA squad. Thats just unfair. If you had to play the USA squad - them having 60 - you having 100, thats different. Becuz you wouldn't stand a chance.
menth0l ( 2004-05-06 07:08:14
sniper: I've played a bit in the US and i ping better to the east coast than some American players with "broadband". You just have crap internet over there :}
f]sniper ( 2004-05-06 10:28:00
Shrug, probably just a much larger infrastructure (I'd wager I have more hops to an east coast server than you do across the Atlantic =P ).
m0lle ( 2004-05-06 11:33:14
ThumpsBrother: thats not the problem .. it just that they + polish clans are the only ones who lags (almost). I play 10 games with 13-26 ms and then one game 60+ms .. thats hard to do. if i was used to 60ms that would be no problem.. I know that there is nothing to do about this .. it?s just sad that we all cant have 13. U dont have to care about my opinion I just like to BGSRwaaajn!
m0lle ( 2004-05-06 11:34:18
i STFU now .. later FIRED for hpw final!!! :)
JKova^tF ( 2004-05-06 13:21:16
sniper: vs you are you playing qw in the us? i thought the scene was dead :o
JKova^tF ( 2004-05-06 13:21:35
vs who not vs you :)
f]sniper ( 2004-05-06 22:44:24
The QWDM scene is very dead here. Team games are near impossible to find (especially 4on4). I mainly just play 1x1, occasional 2x2's, and Clan Arena (still alive and kicking in the US).
f]sniper ( 2004-05-06 22:46:05
The only reason I'm still playing in the US is because I despise playing with 170 ping (living in California when the rest of your clan lives on the east coast blows). If I had the 90-110 pings my clanmates have I'd be more than down to stop playing in the US. As it stands, I may have to bite the bullet and just start playing in EU, cuz most games here aren't challenging =/.
fortuna ( 2004-05-09 13:50:44
i didn't play...
Archvile ( 2004-05-10 11:20:34
Too bad Hornlake didn't play. With him it would have been an easy victory for qand!

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