Battle Info  2004-04-29 Silver playoff - quarter-finals

El?intarha 2 - 1 Griffins Tappra Gossar

E2M2_TDM - Ogre Citadel - TDM Edition


We've never been big fans of e2m2, and even less of e2m2tdm, but we still managed to give zoo a decent fight all things considered. We picked up the first RA, they got the first RL. I think first quad died instantly, not sure who picked it up, nor who got the first LG. They soon shuttled the RL safely to RA and got an early secure that we broke (not sure how) and lost in turn only a minute or two later. Sadly, right as we got RA safe griffin started uremoving pretty much constantly. This held throughout the whole game and he wasn't really able to play. He tried reconnecting, but to no avail. Slugfest was brought into the game, straight off the airflight back from his 3 month trip to the UK, since we were short a player. He did a good job jumping in straight off the bench, all things considered, and if just griffin's modem had been a bit kinder with him we could've really given Zoo a run for the money on this one. GG! /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Griffin took a 5 min timeout to try and sort out his ping, but in the end he had to give up and resorted to playing with his current connection. We got some mm2 whine from him during the game but other than that I think we were fairly lucky; he didn't pick up much heat on his uremoves, and when he did, he dropped the RL to mates instead of bogeys. UL pretty much won this one singlehandedly, well played by the padawan af bonde. /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


The start of the game was fairly even; 2 gtg players got stuck in the sng-tele spawn and Zoo managed to pick up the quad from the Cell spawn and left the ring to GTG. Pent went GTGs way as well, but the RL was entirely Zoo's. They managed to get it to RA relatively easy, and got an early grip on the map. Second and third pent went our way, while Zoo were the more organized in picking up those RLs, and the game was pretty much evenly edged all the way to the last pent. A combination of grf loosing RA on uremove and me being 2 sec early on pentspawn gave the last pent to Zoo, and they managed to pull ahead slightly with control of the map in the last 5 mins to secure the win. Part of me is relieved we won't have to face Fired again; good luck Zoo :) /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar


Horatio ( 2004-04-22 08:11:09
Horatio ( 2004-04-22 10:00:49
and a special gg to thx. <@thx> den d?r horatio som spammar alla j?vla nqr battles <@thx> borde ipbannas <@thx> s?nt enormt cpbarn
Dude ( 2004-04-25 09:52:22
Haha =)
Hagge ( 2004-04-29 20:10:03
this is quite amazing.. the div3 clan El?intarha beats the fearsome GTG when GTG plays with their first team with the superstar slugfest at the front.. unbelievable I say.. and GG of course! El?intarha seems to be ready for div1 now!
dropdead... ( 2004-04-29 20:15:21
really impressive
turssi ( 2004-04-29 20:18:26
wtg animals :)
Apollyon ( 2004-04-29 20:47:01
Well done Zoo. Dag will be proud of you!
Grass ( 2004-04-29 21:25:10
GG zoo
gaz ( 2004-04-29 22:01:34
"Part of me is relieved we won't have to face Fired again" sounds like arsene wenger when arsenal lost in champions league... "i'm glad we lost cos now we can concentrate on premiership, which is more important" :P
JKova^tF ( 2004-04-29 22:33:03
god thank gaz and his predictions on our dm3 knowledge.
oosi ( 2004-04-29 22:49:03
well, this stuff has nothing to do with luck. ZOO earned this game to them. no doubt, i've always been a great fan of ZOO since they have pure skills, pure teamplaying and they are great persons. you cant believe how happy i am after this 'miracle' (as some ppl takes this) happened! excellent_game_ZOO! and now, im even bigger fan of yours!
error ( 2004-04-29 23:24:20
T-moe king of e2m2tdm? Great tp-messages Jkova! Dag must be proud to have such a skilled fan-club.
JKova^tF ( 2004-04-29 23:25:21
what messages?
Angua ( 2004-04-29 23:55:18
JKova^tF ( 2004-04-30 00:05:50
men dom ?ger ju
dak ( 2004-04-30 00:19:36
I didn't mean it like that gaz; of course we wanted to win, it was a playoff that we wanted to advance to the finals (and at least give a good show in). But that doesn't prevent part of me feeling sorry for Zoo (and at the same time glad it's not me) if they have to face Fired in the semi's. HPW games are so dull, that's all :p
dak ( 2004-04-30 00:24:29
"you cant believe how happy i am after this 'miracle'" Haha. If we had fielded our real lineup (actually, even if we had only had griffin not lagging 24/7 in this game), I might have agreed. But as it was it was 3on4 and one of those 3 hadn't played QW for 3 months and over the total of the last year pracced twice or thrice with us. You don't need a miracle to beat a team like that, sorry oosi. I want to make it clear I'm not making excuses; we could've asked to postpone the game, but we didn't. That was our choice. But calling this a miracle is hilarious; it would've been as miraculous if we had won it with that lineup :p
JKova^tF ( 2004-04-30 00:34:43
fired still has to beat qandrane before we have to play vs them... i sincerely hope that qand wins their game :)
Leppis ( 2004-04-30 06:19:25
Diki takas kotio
oosi ( 2004-04-30 07:34:09
dakoth haha you lost, thats a fact. ZOO 1, GTG 0 ;( you didnt fielded 'your best lineup' like you say. its your problem. excellent job ZOO, this is truly what qwscene needs :)
Diki ( 2004-04-30 08:55:11
Really nice. Zoo is the future! Only clan which is getting better and better all the time. In the winter time they will be div1. -PWNAGE
menth0l ( 2004-04-30 09:09:38
Go Qandrane *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* We believe in you.
dak ( 2004-04-30 09:28:28
I didn't say anything else did I oosi? You can read, right? :p
yeah ( 2004-04-30 10:17:33
so much whine from gtg
dak ( 2004-04-30 10:21:09
Puss havz. Or should I say "yeah"?
fifi ( 2004-04-30 11:53:30
yes dak, i think you should say "yeah" instead of "puss havz" :D
dak ( 2004-04-30 12:14:25
/slap fifi :D
joulukuu ( 2004-04-30 13:48:43
i think zoo should be div3 next season. vbg gays.
Mursu ( 2004-04-30 15:04:38
::D what
menth0l ( 2004-04-30 16:02:45
ahaha @fifi :D
FlePser ( 2004-05-01 11:46:13
Oosi, stfu lamer.
Vertigo ( 2004-05-02 22:04:04
Seeing Zoo winning a playoffs match almost breaks me to tears. So beautiful sight. Sniff.
oosi ( 2004-05-03 13:04:25
oosi > flepser :/
fifi ( 2004-05-03 16:12:11
The situation between oosi and flepser reminds me of special olympics...
JKova^tF ( 2004-05-03 20:17:21
Purity ( 2004-05-08 17:26:16
Oosi sucks. Next time please play with UL, Griffin and Ermac next to you Dakoth. This was fucking ridiculous. And griffin lagging sucked ass too.

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