Battle Info  2004-02-10 Division 2 - Week 1 (2)

Satanic Slaughter Clan 0 - 2 Bored With Life

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Good game, some nice pentruns by us in the last 10 mins decided the outgoing of the game. SSC camped RA for a a long time, but luckily, never attacked quad. Actually we thought this would be tighter, but I guess our extreme fullstart gave us a good advantage. - by Bored With Life



CMT4 - Andromeda 9


Not really our map, but we still got a good start and tried to not lose, which went good. Some nice pentruns by both teams and som lucky spawns from both teams too. To sum up: a normal game with a slight advantage for us because of the good start. Good fight, good night! - by Bored With Life


Domin ( 2004-02-10 02:29:51
nice to see Unnamed playing
band ( 2004-02-10 02:40:54
unnamed = XN all noobz must know it
mx ( 2004-02-10 03:41:25
xn is king!
ay ( 2004-02-10 09:17:20
good game bwl
rekk ( 2004-02-10 13:28:56
We weren't on our best in this game cos of 3h waiting without a proper game before the match but BWL was good, and the took us down on dm3 easily, maybe too easily. CMT4 didn't go as planned.
seni ( 2004-02-10 14:24:45
what ever happends, i still love you rekk <3
Hagge ( 2004-02-10 15:00:39
still think bwl belongs in div1 B> xn ownz!
apokalypze ( 2004-02-10 17:12:19
I?ve said it before and i?ll say it again; BWL is a very understimated clan imo. Well played!

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