Battle Info  2004-02-27 Division 2 - Week 7 (4)

Satanic Slaughter Clan 2 - 0 FAPPERS

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


fov = jester - by NQR Admin



W.O. - Walkover




oosi ( 2004-02-27 21:07:45
not fun to play with 10-50pl and 30-100 ping :/
Rekk ( 2004-02-27 21:42:34
History repeats itself..
rekk ( 2004-02-27 21:43:22
mooniz ( 2004-02-27 21:46:27
ssc clearly div1 material, way2good4us
Slaughter ( 2004-02-27 22:56:25
fisto ( 2004-02-28 00:30:27
I think att det skulle be good whi. med lite nya maps, Can vi not speka at det har, I tror/think that it is kul prating about that. Men my engelska is not good so i have to anv?nda en C-pen over allt the words. For the jobb ParadansK have putat in konunityn ?r good, he have always the right wat of handling any thing that is konstigt. Strife is t?ntig eligt my opinion. he vas a bit jobbig on qhlansenaste. that vas not great fun. I like to write on s? kallade forums like this, and it ?r great fun to read. And in the kuakescenen it is extra roligt f?r att it is so many that are s? smarta. Jag gillar when alla s?ys s? smarta comments. Like "obey the rules", "No, rules is rules why include them if they dont care? (c) jezaja". when stuf like that happens it is j?tte kul att l?sa. Jag think att alla do bort say s?. And n?r mrlame and link spelar in the samma klan it is v?ldigt fun. f?r they only say stuff som tex lol and stfu and they cant play som ett team och get bannade from servern by the qw polis nummer one ParadansK. but okej pARADANSk ?r very good p? att play qw n?r han plays med mongoljat och Gaymer and Whamp och kliB. but dom will inte att win nqt6 for dag vill very much want att vinna this ?r. I heard that dag tyckte att it skulle bli ett easy qhlan. whit att winna "3 raka" BUT i s?g inte dag as the vinner in varken 1on1 2mot2 oder 4auf4. He sa att "g?tt d? blir det l?tta vinster i?r igen" But so var not that fallet. And at the lan Sassa sa att "cmt kan aldrig vinna utan dare" and "fs tar det l?tt" BUT HUR WAS IT IN THE END?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I AM ALSM?KTIG. ME and HORATIO sa ju ATT CMF SKULLE VINNA. i think the hela qw skenen is very mycket bara de som ?r bra f?r vara med i alla fun saker. (and sassa). And now we b?rjar play CMT? wtf ?r that? itr is so att play soccer p? ett pool table in WORLD MASTERS CUP!??!?!! Jag don?t like too play on kenya.bsp!!??! why have maps som vi can spela? and not b?rja to spela on new shitkartot? liek EQ have tr?nat on 24/7 and no OLDskool spelare LIEKS?? Man ska always play iallafall 2out of tre kartor on tb3 and inte lame around on det biljard bord. Anfd sr like the nya kartonr bara f?r att de ?r so fast learners. I AM NOT. But jag bryr knappt. f?r jag lirar not just spec. Burt is it suging to spec at kass kartaor bef?r att im not kan the know the map. and i feel not haopy about paradansks avhopp. but to the ?mne nu. jag dont know how it is going to be now when paradosk is leaving the seat. i am ialafalll going to f?r att f?rs?ka f? den seaten i nqr (de som har hand om nqr) s? att jag allso can kick and pick. Like paradansk kicked out riker fr?n from f?rra nqr bara to att riker have lirat in 2 teams?! wy not?? that ownes. riker just hopped in whit urak, Link has gott a nice t-shirt from us on qhlan kramar och pussar from fisto
error ( 2004-02-28 07:25:34
awesome comment fisto. absolutely amazing shit.
crazymac ( 2004-02-28 10:09:27
HEH, I could not evne finish reading it! :-), damn it rox
jesse ( 2004-02-28 10:40:20
supa ( 2004-02-28 14:28:59
What?? Oosi weren't you supposed to give us WO? Btw, the other map would have been CMT4..
Vertigo ( 2004-02-28 15:32:42
Fisto, jaksoin lukea vain v?h?n alusta. NAKS NAKS!
Hagge ( 2004-02-28 19:43:17
fisto knows h?s things B>

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