Battle Info  2004-02-18 Division 2 - Week 7 (3)

Paranoia 2 - 0 Griffins Tappra Gossar

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


We totally sucked today. I mean, you'd have to invent a new word to even describe the amount of suckage we performed on this dm2. Not to write down on para's dm2 abilities or anything, but when I'm top fragger in our team then something ain't right. We got off to a good start but managed to throw it all away in the matter of minutes. Para wasn't slow to catch on and make use of our many mistakes. When all was said and done, we didn't truly deserve to win this dm2 despite the close score. /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Well, loosing with just 47 frags on dm3 would be a win in GTG standards. Para had good tp on this map and worked hard for their powerups and managed to hold on to RA for most of the game. A decider on e1m2 would've been fun to see though. Ah well. /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar


Ron Jeremy ( 2004-02-18 23:30:52
Tight game! both teams had one laggy player mega and griffin so nice 3vs3 :>
Babel ( 2004-02-18 23:50:03
Both teams? Think griffin had a bit more lag
dak ( 2004-02-19 00:05:39
Naw, griffin's ping = shown ping - bondeskills = 110 - 80 = 30!
apokalypze ( 2004-02-19 01:54:40
Watch out for my amazing quadrun at the end of the game. AMAZING I say! 8)))
lavos ( 2004-02-19 07:21:13
GTG guys seem to have some pack_invicible "1" mode on :)=
Mega ( 2004-02-19 11:47:54
Well dont know is it better to play with 100ms or 40ms and pl9. But as dak said that dm2 was kinda awful game for both teams : )

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