Battle Info  2004-02-19 Division 2 - Week 6 (3)

Paranoids 2 - 0 Griffins Tappra Gossar

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


We got first pent and rl, not sure what happened to first quad though. Pent picked up second rl and ya then proceeded to quad. Second quad was stolen and kaputted a second later, and that's where the descent began. We lost an RL and they made a good effort on the third quad to retake map, which meant a loss of control for us as a result. We've never been very good at dm3, and para knew what they were doing. Well played. /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


First quad and one rl went our way (can't remember what happened to other, nor which one we got) but we still managed to screw up somehow. We've been sucking real bad on controlling dm2 lately, and para worked very well as a team. They knew where they had eachother and more importantly where they had us. Perhaps if we would've had a bit more luck with one of the quads in the end we would've turned this one around; alas, if's and but's doesn't pay the bill, and we lost another dm2 with less than 30 frags. GG's paranoids /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar


moRtiZ ( 2004-02-19 23:50:29
apokalypze ( 2004-02-19 23:55:29
Well played. I must say that Paranoids has some nice teamplay on dm3. When you finally got you hands on a rl you had a really hard time getting away with it. Good game and gl rest of the season.
crash ( 2004-02-20 00:02:50
gg,same to u
Grass ( 2004-02-20 01:11:49
gg paranoids, first ssc, then gtg, last season in div4:) next season in div1?:)
driz ( 2004-02-20 01:52:02
omg dakoth 55ping lag hpw clans should not be in nqr!
8)) ( 2004-02-20 04:40:03
omg apoka having hard time to get away with rl!!
wint ( 2004-02-20 06:02:44
OMFG griffin had higher ping which he was 100% used to.. plz kick him out of nqr6
OrioN ( 2004-02-20 09:11:14
GG Polaroids!
aken ( 2004-02-20 09:38:34
GGs. Grass, have u noticed our new lineup? :)
Grass ( 2004-02-20 10:08:25
aken, yeah.
dak ( 2004-02-20 14:59:04
There's a swedish saying that my good friend griffin favors, and which I truly feel is suitable for driz and wint at this time, so I'll go ahead and translate it. "Better to keep quiet and let people think you an idiot rather than speak and remove all doubt".
aken ( 2004-02-20 15:38:11
wise saying :)
wint ( 2004-02-23 01:20:05
it's YOU'RE an idiot.... dumbarse
dak ( 2004-02-29 14:09:32
Actually, both "you" and "you're" fit in that sentence. Take an english course and you might learn something sonny.

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