Battle Info  2004-02-19 Division 2 - Week 2 (3)

Griffins Tappra Gossar 0 - 2 Fired

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





DM3 - The Abandoned Base




dak ( 2004-02-19 01:49:18
This game is the definition of reasons why american clans shouldn't be allowed in the league. The ping advantage is theirs, despite of ours being lower. They're used to their 100-110, while we're playing with 5-6 times our usual ping. I usually enjoy playing even when loosing. In fact, I don't think I can recall an NQR game I've NOT enjoyed since the russian clan we met in season 4 went lamo on us - that's quite a long 'enjoyable' streak. It was just broken. This, combined with E2M2TDM (wtf is wrong with you? cmt5 is better - that's saying alot), has made this NQR season the worst of the last 3. Feel free to call me lame, flame me, whatever. This was a 2-0 win for us if we were as used to our pings as they were to theirs.
gaz ( 2004-02-19 02:25:46
lol at pingwhine swedes, despite massive ping advantage to opposition :D
gaz ( 2004-02-19 02:29:08
ok not massive but hey :P i can empthasize with what you're saying dak, but in the end it's just a game and we should try to encourage the inclusion of clans from as many different countries as possible - there is nothing at stake in NQR other than pride, and it's important to remember this!
dak ( 2004-02-19 02:31:34
Did you even read it? Why do you think Griffin plays so well despite his ping? Sure, he's good, but he's not any better than alot of div1 players. It's because he's used to his ping. He knows his limitations, what he can do, what he can't. Take note that avg ping was only 20 in favor of us, and then take note that they are USED to their 100 pings while we are used to 13 and 26. I don't think there's a single person out there that could kick griffin's ass in a 1on1 when both players are at 100 ping - but there's plenty that can do well against him (and even win) when they're both at 13 ping. Get it?
dak ( 2004-02-19 02:40:29
"and we should try to encourage the inclusion of clans from as many different countries as possible". I can see where you're coming from if you're from one of these countries that are outside the "main stream" of QW. I feel sorry for you. But honestly; This game is hardly fun when your ping fluctuates from 13 to 80 depending on who you play. I'd rather have 100 all the time and get used to it.
Link ( 2004-02-19 03:07:47
Well dak, you are right, but you still whine like a 14is. And for your noob information, cmt5b is the best cmt map.
gaz ( 2004-02-19 03:12:56
yes i understand perfectly well what you mean. i played an adm game vs ARD (russians) tonight and we lost. we usually play in de/nl but they would only play in se. pings were even, but you could tell they were used to 60ms whereas i couldn't get used to 70-80. however its only 1 game and we should applaud people like fired, ard, defs etc for competing with the northern european clans on our terms. maybe next time a bit of practice on uk servers for an hour or so to get used to pings? :)
dak ( 2004-02-19 03:25:01
"Well dak, you are right, but you still whine like a 14is." Puss Link. If that's the best argument you can come up with you suck more than I thought :( I don't generally whine; I criticise often however. Criticism can often be misperceived as whining. Whining would be "fuckers won on ping, bah, fuck you" rather than "I really think you should reconsider allowing american clans to decide which european server to play on". Oh, and no paragraph sucks, so I'ma make a new post for gaz's reply. *spam* :)
dak ( 2004-02-19 03:25:43
"we should applaud people like fired, ard, defs etc for competing with the northern european clans on our terms" - That's my point, it wasn't on "our terms"; they get to pick the server, as long as it's in europe. It's on THEIR terms, as THEY are used to the ping, whereas we aren't. On our terms would be if we picked the server. On equal terms would be if we picked a server each where there was an argument over which server to use. See? "maybe next time a bit of practice on uk servers for an hour or so to get used to pings? :)" - An hour hardly compares to them playing every single time on the same server, nor will it matter much since it's not just a aim diff (going from 28 to 40 for example would be mostly changing aim a bit), but you also have to change the way you play completely. You don't play at all the same with 70 ping as with 26.
dak ( 2004-02-19 03:32:04
Oh, and link, notice I said "cmt5" as opposed to "cmt5b", hmm? :) I'd say e1m8 or e4m8 instead, but hey, those aren't generally considered teamplay maps, so people would just think I was making a joke instead of a point.
error ( 2004-02-19 03:53:30
I remember cmt2 used to be very fun. cmt5 just felt too big. I dont see your point about pings dak.
telly ( 2004-02-19 03:56:56
I think its kind of funny that your complaining about hpb teams spoiling the fun when the reason the pings your complaining about so much were almost 'fair' was because had your own hpb. Ban gtg from next NQR? :)
Firehoppir ( 2004-02-19 04:52:15
fired: will you attend at the next qhlan? then you can play with even pings... and if there still is whine, we have the wresling turney ;O)
sexC ( 2004-02-19 05:06:02
eh telly? it is a bit unfair that a clan all of a sudden has to increase its ping by alot and play a clan that uses its normal ping...althrough I do think it is a nice initiative of nqr to allow american clans in the league.
xhrl ( 2004-02-19 05:18:25
i tend to agree with dak, we should get rid of these us teams and only alloe teams from scandoland and the land of the maple leaf; at least then we would all be chilly in the northern regions while playing with higher pings:P besides this, if we needed to fight, then could head out to the hockey rink to settle any unfinished quaking disputes. The us teams do not get the close relationship between hockey and quake; yes, dak, i agree, down with these silver medal winning hockey nations:)
lavos ( 2004-02-19 07:16:34
"I don't think there's a single person out there that could kick griffin's ass in a 1on1 when both players are at 100 ping - but there's plenty that can do well against him (and even win) when they're both at 13 ping." I havent saw those plenty, atleast at qhlan :)
glad ( 2004-02-19 09:12:04
fuck off ping whiners
Hangman ( 2004-02-19 09:16:02
So, what to do then? About the ping problem...
oosi ( 2004-02-19 09:44:26
i should start whine about pings too. i just cant understand why i'm not doing it already? maybe it gets my skillz to div1 style. im playing in div2 with fifi, vore, jester etc. other old cmf/div1 guys, we suck because of me but its still fun. of course it sucks to play with higher pings but what the hell. skip laggy rounds if you dont want play and there other guys in clans who can play. you still have to play those NQR matches that are scheduled to each clans. get used to it and prepare for it, that you have to face someone with 100-100 pings. fucking teenagers, get a better life if you cant stand a bit bigger ping :/ when i was young, we played with 200-300 pings and pl 25-30 stabile and I WAS SNIPING. so get lost whiners :> phew, i rock plz
Dude ( 2004-02-19 10:24:13
Whine! Perhaps i should invite and pay for the trip for all you broke ass to a qw-tournament here in Sweden. Lets call the tournament "bigwickers contest". And there will be free soda pops for all under 30. Have fun.
def ( 2004-02-19 10:38:58
dak: NQR is an online tournament. It's not QH-LAN. This means you will have to play not under optimal conditions. I can understand where you are coming from with your comments, given the fact that in Sweden 13ms ping is a given, 28 is barely playable, and 41ms is pure garbage worst scenario. However the rest of the world isnt privy to the same conditions. In North America, anything sub 70ms is quite good, and almost nobody has a sub 55ms ping. I question the logic in objecting to play at 66ms avg (except for griffin) versus your opponents who have 100ms average. Is your ping advantage not enough? What is your counter proposal then? Would you like your opponents to play you at a Swedish server where you will have 3 x 13ms, 1 x 110ms and fired with an average ping of 150ms? Would that create a more fair match? I don't think so? My suggestion would be to stop the whine/criticism and just play a few games with slightly elevated ping if you cannot handle the "massive" lag of 60ms. Take a look at reppie for example, he often plays in Div1 with 55-65ms ping versus the top brass and manages to put in very strong performances. Online tournaments require you to face a variety of opponents, and different conditions. I don't think it is fair to blame your opponent for your lack of preparedness. Banning Fired or other clans from NQR seems propostrous.
Ego ( 2004-02-19 12:24:14
Jesus fucking christ stop whining?!! It's obvious from looking at Fired play that they are used to 100ms - but please wake up to the fact that they consistently play a much meaner teamplay than you could probably ever manage. GTG had 3 players at 60ms and you cant possibly make me believe that Griffin isn't used to playing as HPW. What amazes me however is the amount of shit flowing through the heads of my obviously less intellectually fortunate countrymen who somewhere along the road has gotten the idea that scandinavians, and only scandinavians can play quake and will use any lame excuse not to face the fact that it's pure and simple bullshit. This game is a definition of how unsportsmanlike and retarded some scandinavian players have become (or has always been, who knows). Calling Fired the equivalent of "retarded HPW:s with sr-fullstart" and (my personal favourite) checking f_modified twice during DM3 effectively puts a stamp on you and the stamp reads (in bold letters) "RETARD". Face it - if you can't handle playing with more than 28ms then you might as well give a W.O to teams whose players can. Now please stop embarrazing your country because this is all getting tiresome.
ParadokS ( 2004-02-19 13:01:58
Ego 1 - 0 others
Hagge ( 2004-02-19 13:11:45
you can also get used to 100 ms so stfu dakoth.. :[ and accept that fired was much better!
vickers ( 2004-02-19 13:16:38
ping whining has become more and more common these days. in nqr5 there were more of it than in nqr4, and now in #6 there are even more. at least as far as i see. i hope it wont get more common, coz i hate wasting my time and nerves with arguing about which server we should play. :<
dak ( 2004-02-19 13:16:52
Def, my suggestion would be to split divisions not by what feels right for nqr admins but by server playability. Those who can play on swe/den/fin servers in one div, those who can play on western europe servers in one div, etc. Unless I'm mistaken, Smackdown used to have this setup. Griffin had 200 ms in fights Ego, no, he's not used to that :p We did f_version once and f_modified once. It was 20 sec left of dm3 and they had a 100 frag lead. We did not call them 'retarted HPW:s with sr-fullstart' - dunno where you got that from. Anyway, back to my point. Localized divisions > skillbased divisions. I have more fun playing vs SR than I do vs 100 ping clans on a server in the middle of the atlantic. Perhaps I'm alone at that; no need to call me a whiner because of it, you're the one coming across as one when I make valid points and you go "fuck you, pingwhiner".
Hagge ( 2004-02-19 13:18:03
Hi, my name is hagge and I don't read what other people write because it takes too long. And when I do read it I don't understand it. /sarcasm off
dak ( 2004-02-19 13:31:47
I'm not asking to play Fired on swedish servers Def. Don't get me wrong. I'm asking not to play them at all. By putting an american clan in the same division you're virtually forcing us to adapt to playing with 6x our normal ping, or WO. Yes, I know Reppie plays well with higher ping; I know Fired plays well with 100 ping too; I know griffin plays well with his 100 ping as well; that's my point, they HAVE adapted. How long would you suggest that takes? A day? No. More like a month, with changes as big as this. Should we take a month for every game we play to adapt to that current ping, just so we can have a 'fair game'? What if there was a team from south africa, and one from turkey. And hell, lets add one from china as well. I understand your desires to play QW in a league, but the addition of a single team in div2 that cannot play on the same servers as all the others is detrimental at best. Once again, don't get me wrong; I'm not after winning or loosing. I play in GTG because they are my friends, and I have fun with them. I don't have fun playing with 6x my regular ping.
rust ( 2004-02-19 14:12:10
Hagge 0 - 1 others
apokalypze ( 2004-02-19 14:31:15
xhrl 8)))
nle ( 2004-02-19 14:33:12
STFU and go wank! funny thinking, you are the first person whining, the rest just "omg, they are good despite their ping, GG fired for not whining about your ping"
def ( 2004-02-19 14:35:30
I play games on my localhost versus bots, in usa with 50-70 ping, and in eu with 110ms all the time. It takes roughly two to three povdmm4 games to fully adjust your aim from any ping. It shouldnt take you a month to adjust. Furthermore, the quest for a fair game is one that is unatainable even on a lan. You've got to make do with what you got.
gaz ( 2004-02-19 14:38:05
dak, it's one game in the whole season and every team in the division has to play against them, so it's not just you and your swedish pingwhiners that have to play them. you haven't lost anything in losing, except some pride. if you were playing for $$$ then maybe it would be a more interesting argument, but as it stands its pointless.
Dude ( 2004-02-19 14:55:07
You have all seen it i guess, but it kinda works in here.
Firehoppir ( 2004-02-19 14:58:20
Im a 13 ping whore from sweden with a 0.5mbit adsl, but once I tried a hpw game in the states somewhere.. with def and the rest of em.. cinda fun tho I held telly with my modem ping. got flashbacks from the old modem days in RQ :) I don?t mind playing in UK or anywhere in europe, but a split leauge might even work to. only hagge knows. big ups for the underdogs from the states even tho you need a presisdent change :O)
Ego ( 2004-02-19 14:59:38
quote from apokalypze in game DM2 "amen j?vla hpwcpn med srspawns" --- 'nuff said. as always when a swedish team gets pawned it's this kind of lame comments thats the end result. and i'm sure you don't care that much about winning or loosing "this was a 2-0 win for us if we were as used to our pings as they were to theirs" ? dakoth. are you seriously, to my face, telling me that you need a god damn month to prepare to play at 60ms?! if you or your friends can't behave decently to a team that really puts in the extra effort in order to play and then come posting sad sad comments about how the "americans" destroy your NQR-experience well i'm terribly sorry if it just takes me a bit over the fucking edge.
apokalypze ( 2004-02-19 15:02:22
I haven?t been with GTG for that long, but I know this; dakoth doesn?t "whine" under any circumstances unless he has a very good reason to do so, and the way I see it, the stuff he?s written here isn?t "whine", it?s constructive criticism. And as for the "retarded hpw:s with srfullstart", I might have slipped out the swedish equal to "hpwcunts with srspawns!" during the dm2, and for that i?m sorry. That?s just the usual me when getting spawnraped 4 times in a row. One more thing, during the time i?ve been with GTG, dakke hasn?t whined one single time about having to play with 40ms.
fortuna ( 2004-02-19 15:03:08
why Swedes allways whine? :( i've played a few times at us servers by night, just for fun, with ping 120, and its completely playable. shafting is a bit hard at start, but nothing more. ofcourse you have to change your playingstyle to less agressive, but hey, so what? i think whinging about ping 60-70 is a bit stupid.
fortuna ( 2004-02-19 15:05:10
whinging = whineing.
Ego ( 2004-02-19 15:05:16
Btw, i've got a great suggestion for split-leagues: whining 14 year old twats in one division and more mature players in the other.
apokalypze ( 2004-02-19 15:06:23
when I say "cpn", Ego, I don?t mean it as the general term, just as an random obscenity.
Ego ( 2004-02-19 15:12:00
apok: great, thats out of the way then. as for dakoths comments being constructive criticism though, i beg to differ.
Firehoppir ( 2004-02-19 15:12:21
yeah yeah enogh of this shit now... its not doing the qw community any good by whineing about 1 map you don?t like or what ever the reason may be just play quake and have fun :|
Angua ( 2004-02-19 15:14:49
I was sniping with ~30 ping oosi ;)
Angua ( 2004-02-19 15:24:25
I don't think we should blame everything on _SWEDES_ as if they were the children of the devil. There _are_ actually mature swedes, who don't whine or act rude. While they're not too many, they still exist, and those might take offence reading random flames on swedes, why try to act mature when the rest of the world already think we suck?
dak ( 2004-02-19 15:32:04
I'd need a month to change my whole gameplay, yes. When I have hpw ping I don't jump out in bigroom on dm2 and put a rocket under the feet of a guy and follow up with an airgib - I stay out of big unless I can have both armor and positional advantage (come from GL, etc). I don't sneak around with shaft on dm3 to steal RAs with Mega. I don't think I can hold pent room with a shaft and mega. And so forth, and so on. It's not just aim Def, that's what I'm trying to say - going from 60 to 110 isn't that big a diff, with 60 you still have to play defensively, just like with 110. Going from 28 to 60 is a whole 'nother story. Yes, a few dmm4s would give you the aim, but not the gameplay. As for me whining and so forth; Ego, your post came over as a whine on me whining, so what makes yours better? Nobler cause? Heh. The second you want to complain about something, produce constructive criticism or whatever, there'll always be whiners around to whine on you whining. That's why I said what I said in the end of my first post. Call me a whiner if you wish, but not once have I written down on fired's accomplishments or gameplay. I've even complimented them. This game is only the foundation of my argument, not the point of it.
dak ( 2004-02-19 15:35:54
"dak, it's one game in the whole season and every team in the division has to play against them, so it's not just you and your swedish pingwhiners that have to play them. you haven't lost anything in losing, except some pride. if you were playing for $$$ then maybe it would be a more interesting argument, but as it stands its pointless." It's one game, yes. I don't care about the loss. I would have had the same complaint if we had won, to tell the truth. Perhaps this is why my arguments are coming across as whining. Let me repeat myself again; I do not care about the loss. I care about the waste of time playing a game that isn't fun to play. There's only one thing I hate more; WO's.
Grass ( 2004-02-19 15:48:03
Dakoht, lolol whinewhine Be Be! Fired is much better than gtg, thats the reason why they win 2-0
ermac ( 2004-02-19 15:49:19
och dom s?ger att jag dramar mycket
apokalypze ( 2004-02-19 16:06:46
mm, detta b?rjar fan likna Ocean Avenue.
dak ( 2004-02-19 16:07:40
Wow Grass, that one-liner just totally blew away my whole point right there. I mean complete, total, final shitblowage here. Didn't stop on the way for nothing. I'm impressed. Perhaps if you had read past the first post you would've understood that the current discussion has truly no relevance whatsoever on the outcome of this game. But I guess you were getting to that and just hit 'submit' by accident, right?
error ( 2004-02-19 16:08:00
I hope noone besides gtg are so narrowminded.
Janozh ( 2004-02-19 16:10:33
This must be some kind of record for most comments on one game.
Grass ( 2004-02-19 16:12:30
heaha, ett? ne jaksaa vinee ;) read that dak :I
Max Rebo ( 2004-02-19 16:15:19
FLAME FLAME Q2 SUCKS!! GODSMURF IS AN IDIOT. SO IS HOBBEX. I liked the old flamewars better :-(
dak ( 2004-02-19 16:21:27
Narrowminded? No. Definition of being narrowminded in this case would be not seeing that not allowing non-european clans to play in the same division as nordic/eastern european clans might make for bad matches and/or a division that wouldn't be equal skillwise. I see that. Not caring about it however, does not make me narrowminded - cruel, perhaps. But not narrowminded. And don't knock the house down just because a wall is crumbling; no need to paint GTG in the same color just because I'm part of that clan. This is my complaint, as a single person, you want to call me stuff then go ahead but don't fling shit on my country or my clan.
Ego ( 2004-02-19 16:44:47
i didn't write anything here with the intention to single you out as a whiner dakoth, to make this point perfectly clear i can say that i would have flamed any member of your team or any other team had they posted this type of comment here. i'm pissed of at having to go through my online existance apologizing for being a lame swede because of the inbred laziness that dominates the scandinavian quakescene and prevents people from enjoying new maps and different styles of play. the argument you are selling would only have any relevance if you DID care about winning or loosing that game - in that case you might have had a point in fired having an advantage because they play with 100ms all the time. still, it is a silly argument that falters on the fact that you STILL have a 40ms advantage and you are in no way prevented from learning how to play quake with 60 or even 100ms though you ping 13-28 in scandinavia. ie: it's a question of laziness vs commitment. if you don't care about the result then it's just a question of making others conform just because you can't be bothered to learn quake with those conditions or you don't think it's fun to play that way. well, that's very constructive critisism? i guess i'm sorry you feel that way but please, try to air your opinion of the matter in a better way the next time, your original post is simply fucked up and no matter how many times i read it i cant for the love of god understand how anyone can interpret it as anything but pure whine over the result of the match etc.
dak ( 2004-02-19 16:47:46
My first post was written right after the game, and as such influented by my anger at having just played a game that was no fun at all. Perhaps that is why it came over as such. Laziness? Hmm. Well, sure, we could spend time learning to play with that ping before the game, if we truly wanted to win it. Would we enjoy that any more than playing the game under those conditions in the first time though? Nope. Something tells me you're still not understanding my complaint here.
Link ( 2004-02-19 16:58:06
I get your point dak, and I understand it. When you get to play with something you are not used to, it sucks, in fact, its not fun. It is better to play vs SR with 13 ms, yes I agree. But if you look at the BIG PICTURE, then it is only 1 game of this "shit". And as you know that 90% of the qw community is retarded when they are online, maybe you should have just said "fuck it" and kept the opinions to your self. I know this is hard to do :) And yes, cmt5 is a little big :> Angua: when you are saying not every swede is a whiner, you were not speaking of your self and bgsr, rite? Remember the game vs EQ? Can you plz whine a little more? Coz I dont think you whined enough! Ego has a point as well, but this I knew a long time ago :) But I dont think it is any unhealthy to have discussions or "flame-wars" or whatever. From my point of view, dak makes a good point, with constructive critisism, even though he also could have kept it to him self so that ppl wouldnt "whine" back to him. I think we should sacrifice our pride a little, and play one or maybe 2 games each nqr season with "lame" conditions, so that qw in NA doesnt die :) And xhrl: for the 2nd time: it was the faggot NHL refs that gave Canada the gold, by letting Canadian players play as brutal as they wanted, not putting them out of the ice, just because it was Sudden Death. That is not whine it, it is what you call corruption.
dak ( 2004-02-19 17:08:47
Perhaps you're right Link. I don't mind taking shit for my opinions though. There'll always be people who don't agree but can't come up with a counter argument, instead resorting to flaming etc (not meaning anyone specific in this thread). If any members of Fired took this lengthy discussion the wrong way, I apologize for my wording, which could at times have been a bit better (I'm used to being able to read through and edit what I post before submitting - this makebelief discussion isn't really suited for that). I won't apologize for my opinions however; I still believe that having this big ping rifts in a division make for poor games and boring matches. As for that being worth it to keep QW alive in NA? That'd take another lengthy discussion :)
dak ( 2004-02-19 17:09:50
makebelief discussion = makebelief discussion _forum_, as I prove my own point :p
HangTime ( 2004-02-19 17:39:28
dak: first of all, if you have 13-26ms in sweden, you shouldnt really have 65ms in UK. I reckon you could have got 52ms without too much hassle, you need to try a few western european qizmos, e.g. , or dutch ones etc. The distance from sweden to uk is around 25-35ms, depending on location, routing etc. This would take far less time to check out than the time spent talking in these comments :) I'm not quite sure how 65 is 6 times higher than 26 anyway, but nevermind. You are not the only ones who have to play with different ping from normal. I play with 26ms regularly, but in NQR its often 52ms. Of course I would rather have 26ms where sg shoots at the crosshair and i can glue people to the ceiling with shaft, but I sacrifice that to make the league fair. Anyway, lets say they take your suggestion and split up the league by what servers are best for each set of players. That is kinda restrictive to good players from western nations don't you think (e.g. firingsquad)? It would be a shame if we didn't see players like that competing against other top clans, but only against the weaker teams from the west/south. The key factor you need to understand, is that if you enter a multinational league, you do so understanding that you will have to play some games with "bad" ping. If you don't like it, create nation specific leagues like GEQL and the old QWSM and UKCL. Apart from season1, NQR is NOT a scandinavian-only league. I must say I really feel sorry for you if you can't enjoy qw with 40mins of 65ms over the course of an entire season.
HangTime ( 2004-02-19 17:55:51
oh, and you mentioned north/south divisions in smackdown. I am an admin for that league, one of the reasons for that was that at the time, routing throughout europe was worse than it is now, and there were nowhere near as many public qizmos as there are now. E.g. in Villains we had to play in denmark with like 60-80ms ping, compared to our usual 13-42 in UK (even our 10mbit players had really sucky ping in .dk). Now that isn't the case anymore.
dak ( 2004-02-19 18:05:19
65-75 is roughly 6 times higher than 13. Maybe 5x is closer, shrug, I didn't calculate it. I live in northern sweden, I have 40+ to anything outside sweden, so no, no matter what qizmos I use I won't get below 60 to uk (though I can't speak for others in GTG). Trust me on this, as it's my connection :) I've said what I've wanted in this thread, banging my head on the same nail won't get anywhere, so I feel I'ma have to take Links advice here. I didn't expect to change the way the QW scene works, nor even change the way NQR works, I just voiced a concern and opinion; take it the way you want and argue all you wish. It's still my opinion.
DAKOTHS PIMP ( 2004-02-19 18:16:29
ZkilfinG ( 2004-02-19 18:24:11
I understand you dak, but your solution wouldn't work, and if you think about it I think you know it. There are too few NA, or even none-scandinavian, clans to keep the qw-scene alive on it's own. That's one of the things that makes NQR so great. It keeps the scene alive, and it brings people from different parts of the world together to play the game we all love. It sucks to play with higher ping than you're used to, but it's a small price to pay when we look at the big picture. PS there's a lot of swedes who love to try new maps, and who don't whine, so stop flaming us.
dak ( 2004-02-19 18:45:18
Currently AM is keeping the QW scene more alive than NQR ever has. But I see your point. Whether I agree with it though, I'm not sure :) Being a custom map maker myself (although sparingly, and not a very good one at that I'll admit) I find it odd that anyone would claim I don't like to try new maps. I HAVE tried e2m2tdm; if I hadn't, I wouldn't complain about it would I? :) It's worse modified than it was unmodified, and I didn't feel it was that exceptional then either. *shrug*
panic ( 2004-02-19 18:53:18
GTG f?rlorade pga inte ermac spelade och inte pga pingen 8( niclas4prez hiih... qw communityn suger ju f?r fan nu f?r tiden alla bara whinear o har sig o ?r b?gseri?sa .. orka vara seri?s n?r det inte g?ller n?got? spela o ha roligt ffs :( ...
ZkilfinG ( 2004-02-19 19:37:30
I'm not so sure e2m2tdm is that great either, but like has been said before, few liked dm3 a few years ago either ;)
Firehoppir ( 2004-02-19 19:39:23
i agree with you (-_-)
Purity ( 2004-02-19 20:09:48
Flamewar detected
tiAll ( 2004-02-19 20:38:37
hmm there are 3 clans who have been playing vs fired (3 loss) and here is fist whine :=], I'd add 2 of gtg (not 1) are used to play ~100ms, apok tell us since when you got ur 13ms :> ? .Somebody thinking is like "fired is doomed to success cause they r used to their 100ms" Imgo fired is very strong clan and its cool they want to play in nqr :[]
squeeze ( 2004-02-19 20:38:41
I think we all should be really thankful for being able to have a computer and an internet connection since there are people who don't even have toilet paper. btw dak in nqr 5 you guys beat fired 2 - 0 with your pings being higher than normal and you didn't mention anything about it , so i guess only when u lose with higher ping a whine can be distributed.. if the ping mattered so much you should of asked to reschedule to receive 60ms and 140ms practice time, even though it was a 2nd week match i'm pretty sure we could of played it up to the 8th week. anyway best of luck in the rest on nqr gtg, and thank's alot nqr staff for enabling us the privalege to embark in nqr once again.
squeeze ( 2004-02-19 20:51:30
my bad I didn't read the idle warning news before posting
apokalypze ( 2004-02-19 20:56:16
Do you see me whining, tiAll, b?ste v?n?
dak ( 2004-02-19 21:09:39
I had to check before posting, but indeed I was correct. Season 5 we licked 52/40 ping. This game we bounced 65-75 in fights. Not much of a difference perhaps if you look strictly at the numbers, but there's more to it than that. If you play around with it a bit I'm sure you'll catch on. Hint: not everyone with 26 ping really has 26 ping.
past ( 2004-02-19 21:51:14
NQR= NORDIC QUAKE RANK it`s not a league for us players :<
menth0l ( 2004-02-19 21:54:32
Hey let's put all the kurwas in one division, scandinavians in one division and the rest in their own. gg.
flinty ( 2004-02-19 22:00:44
allts? the reason for gtg to lose is simple? WHERE IS SLUGFEST?!!
HangTime ( 2004-02-19 23:18:34
past: you are wrong. NQR only stood for NORDIC quake rank in season1. To quote from NQR webpage: "The first season only allowed teams from the nordic to sign up, therefor the name. When the season was finished the league was renamed to Nations Quake Rank due to expansion and accepting clans all over europe." see
mae ( 2004-02-19 23:44:01
what u are discussing is really old... thats all known since years... just ask the omniscient quakebot quakosh [23:18] <mae> qwrule18 [23:18] <Quakosh> a qw clanwar game lasts 40 minutes and 8 people run for the quad... but in the end... the scandinavian team wins [23:18] <mae> qwrule19 [23:18] <Quakosh> and if not... BLAME IT ON THE PING
HAHA ( 2004-02-20 00:04:49
Dude ( 2004-02-20 01:40:50
Firehoppir ( 2004-02-20 05:07:25
joo men bajsmannen past e ju fr?n nqr 1 ;)
poor me ( 2004-02-20 05:57:33
AAAAHHH fuck off, when i played digger on a cool sunday of 1991, my brother took the computer when i was about to gwet my last diamond. OH MY GOD, FUCK.
striker ( 2004-02-20 06:12:26
d?rf?r ?r qw s? skoj!
little horn ( 2004-02-21 16:25:47
Dutch hope played GTG with an average ping of 45 while we are used to playing with ping 20-26 in holland and germany. GTG on the other hand had an average of 26 not counting griffin (who should be out of the equation right dakoth, cos he is used to it). I don't seem to remember any of us whining about that. Guess why? This NQR thing is not only about winning but having a good time with players from all over the world. Awesome isnt it, all this technology allowing having fun with people regardless of geographical location (even when conditions are not perfect but still improving)! Anyway the point is, don't be an ass and bite the bullet once in a while in order to make this whole community work. It won't kill you.
-kat- ( 2004-02-22 01:26:37
dak ( 2004-03-14 16:57:28
'little horn', you're comparing a 20-30 ping raise to a 50-60 ping raise. We've played with 40-52 on several occasions, in nqr as well, and never complained about that. I'm not saying they don't feel the lag when they play with 100ish, I'm saying they're used to it. Being used to a ping doesn't mean it isn't a handicap; it means it's less of a handicap than for someone that's not used to it. I think that handicap is in the favor of the ones used to it when the avg ping difference is below 20%, as it was above. When the yanks joined nqr back in the day they joined on the condition that they would play with the handicap of eu servers against them; all I'm saying is that the handicap is now in favor of the yanks when they're facing nordic/eastern european clans. But as someone mentioned above, keeping qw alive in the us might be worth the 'boring games' with hpw pings, I dunno. As a closing comment, I can only say that -kat- completely outargumented me with that comment, you totally blew away my whole foundation here. Heh.
rx ( 2004-05-26 11:49:22
"I'd rather have 100 all the time and get used to it." well what are you waiting for :P

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