Battle Info  2004-03-10 Division 2 - Week 3 (5)

Griffins Tappra Gossar 0 - 2 FAPPERS

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


gg fifi. /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Lost on bad luck and lack of bondeskills. GG fifi. I mean fappers. /dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar


oosi ( 2004-03-10 23:42:13
gg! i actually sucked whole game again :]
error ( 2004-03-10 23:54:12
omg,fifi and oosi showing skills awesome skills again.
jkka ( 2004-03-11 00:01:10
omg oosi showed us some skilsss again
Hagge ( 2004-03-11 00:07:19
omg fragfest ala fifi! and you might think that?s the key to the victory but nono! it was all oosi with his master tp tricking the opponents in all the wrong directions.. incredible I say! GG!
xhrl ( 2004-03-11 00:53:42
e1m2 looks like a nailbiter...any mvds of it?
apokalypze ( 2004-03-11 01:16:46
E ni eviga eller, kanske dags o b?rja toppa?
dak ( 2004-03-11 01:59:07
I've already forgotten the game and didn't dl demos so shorty reports this time. Unless I feel like grabbing the demos and watching the suckysucky games again.
supa ( 2004-03-11 09:54:15
Do I sense some bitterness on your statements, dak? :-) Actually, on DM3, the three of us did all the dirty work and fifi just collected the frags. I only regret the fact that I was unable to do any cool discharge-frags.
juk ( 2004-03-11 10:09:12
sup <3
Adler ( 2004-03-11 12:55:16
Moi fifi <3
dak ( 2004-03-11 13:05:03
Only tired of loosing by 10 frags every time we loose :p
Angua ( 2004-03-11 15:57:55
FAP <3
havz ( 2004-03-11 17:21:51
fifi is 2hot2handle! and oosi too of course :D
splash ( 2004-03-11 18:45:30
utan apoka blir de ingen vinst s? ?r de bara :/
oosi ( 2004-03-11 19:56:05
i sucked truly @ e1m2 between 3-->17 minutes :/
supa ( 2004-03-11 22:04:00
Dak; I hear you. I'm also really tired of losing every time I lose.
dak ( 2004-03-12 01:32:38
Nobody loves a wiseass, you know. I should know, since I am one. In case you weren't making a joke and was actually serious with that statement I'll explain it! See, if you had won with 100 frags, I wouldn't have called it luck, and I would probably not have sounded "bitter" either. I wouldn't have mind that the last 2 minutes of e1m2 involved more what it did since it wouldn't have mattered. Also, if you look at the last 23409238 games we've played (it feels like it) every time we've lost dm2 or e1m2 we've lost in the last few minutes of the game. And supa, we did prac like 6 games right after this one with ssc, so I mixed em up with these; that's why my regular detailed reports are missing :) I might dig up mvds though, I usually try to get em if I have the time and energy.
oosi ( 2004-03-12 10:23:16
yeh, you lost because of my r00l over whole map in last 5 mins ;<
mooniz ( 2004-03-12 10:25:13
i have the demos if you need them. watched through dm3 demo and fifi seemed to be in a excellent form! Didnt watch e1m2 since i sucked so much in that.. Like 3 quadruns which ended in my death vs enemy rl-guy :)
jkka ( 2004-03-12 10:56:50
we lost because i suck
oosi ( 2004-03-12 13:14:31
we lost because i suck
oosi ( 2004-03-12 13:54:01
haistakaa KAIKKI PASKA
Hagge ( 2004-03-12 17:22:18
upload the demos mooniz! :>
oosi ( 2004-03-16 12:13:11
haista paska

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