Battle Info  2004-04-04 Division 3 - Week 8 (8)

El?intarha 2 - 0 Ancient Gods

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


gg //oosi - by NQR Admin



CMT4 - Andromeda 9




menth0l ( 2004-04-04 21:52:43
Seh?n meni ihan hyvin.
JKova^tF ( 2004-04-04 21:56:02
Leppakerttu ( 2004-04-04 22:03:38
en tie luckyshot vissii idlas et ois ollu kiva n?h? millane cmt4 ois ollu 4 vs 4 :K
zilch ( 2004-04-05 01:21:25
looks like i wasn't the only lamer in clich? then... gg luckyshot
luckyshot ( 2004-04-05 01:54:50
yeah gg?s zilch...i didnt whine, drop and call opponents morons...
Afr ( 2004-04-05 06:27:11
GG ;)
Katsku ( 2004-04-05 08:56:57
Zilch come back to Thango...
rampage ( 2004-04-05 09:21:29
ag = rampage
zilch ( 2004-04-05 10:45:35
sure katsku :) gotta start playing again tho. lucky, there's no difference between dropping and idling + trash-talking your opponents is part of the game. i never whined on ur performance, altho you were often quite prone to whine on team mates. clich? is just a bunch of hypocrites (except ender, he's awesome in every way).
zilch ( 2004-04-05 10:47:03
zarrow seems cool too
Afr ( 2004-04-05 11:02:00
zilch stfu! Our performance in dm3 was so poor that I can understand why lucky was mad. Zoo was better this time. Allthought dm3 was so lousy from us it was good tight round. Thanks to zoo.
luckyshot ( 2004-04-05 11:14:07
yeah, i was a bit lamer, but i wasn?t idling...those are your opinions. could you tell me in what way i whined to team mates without a good reason? in my opinion calling enemies morons/idiots or something else isn?t part of quake, no matter what map they may choose or if they don?t break if someone lags when its an official game. here is an old clich? phrase for all of you "if you are arguing with an idiot, make sure that he/she isn?t" :) and i?m sorry if you have a feeling that i have been a hypocrite against you in any way :(
zilch ( 2004-04-05 11:24:43
i never said u didn't whine without a reason, i'm just saying u did. when did i EVER call our opponents morons straight out in an off game? i probably did a million times in mm2 tho... if ur referring to our game vs ssc i said that their MAP CHOICE was retarded, not them. and you guys NEVER complained about the way i acted, and then suddenly you decide to kick me for it...
seni ( 2004-04-05 15:25:33
ssc rules. milton owned again.
JKova^tF ( 2004-04-05 16:20:00
Afr: ye i'm really surprised that we managed to win that dm3, even with one (mursu) lagging out during the round and me replacing him with a really poor performance (well actually 1 frag in 5 minutes is just normal to me). The last minute especially was a real thriller, we were down with a few frags and then T-Moe got quad with 200/250 rl lg... you know the rest.
menth0l ( 2004-04-05 20:55:08
Very mature play from us during the last minutes brought us the unexpected win on dm3. Very unexpected. Very. What the fuck we actually won?!

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