Battle Info  2004-03-26 Division 5 - Week 3 (7)

Charlatans 1 - 2 Pulverizing Mongo Strutsers

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





CMT4 - Andromeda 9





E1M2 - Castle of the Damned




BerSerK ( 2004-03-26 23:06:24
GG's and i hope to never play against u guys again..
GreenDog ( 2004-03-26 23:07:52
Word ;)
Rif ( 2004-03-27 03:25:14
gg och m?ta dryga typer fr?n kurwaland.... sugmatch
GreenDog ( 2004-03-27 04:48:17
Haha kan nog inte r?kna hur m?nga g?nger orden "Polack j?vlar) sades i irc/qw
Ghost ( 2004-03-27 06:14:59
vad?r?? va dem otrevliga och ropa p? admin eller? det '?r ju bara f?r att du ?r div1 greendog :)))
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 08:25:26
Allts? som klan ledare upplevde jag det som att jag blev nonchalerad med polska svordomar varenda g?ng jag f?rs?kte diskutera med deras klan ledare som hade intelekt som en fem ?ring. /end
Swedish j?vlar ( 2004-03-27 08:50:18
Tell me BerSerk what's problem?Maybe you had big ping?You no understand!This is national legue and we never have even ping.Ah I know! You had ping 50-50-50-36This is unpermissible!!Men this is div5 (no div1)so clans played for fun.Again stupid whine clan.Ah and please write english, please always write substantiation not only "polack this polack ...".NOOB clan. Rotfl.
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 09:28:19
Well i dont see the big issue mr.Swedish j?vlar we played along with your pings and "topside" own server... So why whine ? You didnt even use english to talk with me and that i take as a disrespect from you , and chr ..... If you would had gone at least english with me i wouldnt had been at least this mad as i allready am ... when you talked polish when i tried to speak with you ...
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 09:29:55
Let me put it this way... i dont play quake to let a match take 30minutes to be done just because people mess around..
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 09:33:31
And now when you have got me started You guys wanted us to play on a server there it was no chance to be able to use cmt4 ,because it had old qw server physics and was in .nl ... And you refused because random dude put cl_c2ssps to 10 or something its quite childish dont you think ?
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 09:34:38
Then it was chr who whined about ping when it "voila" turned to be 77 instead of 50ish.... So dont try to mess around.
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 09:38:40
When you guys show us Zero respect in the conversation on the server what do you expect us to give you back ? Think about it Mr.Swedish j?vel Best regards Swede with some common sense
true ( 2004-03-27 10:03:07
You are blind or stupid?First matched (dm2)you played in Topside.Chr changed server because Topside haven't cmt4 and decider played again in Topside.You know why chr change server again??Because in Splat two players had ping 68-80.But for your clan Topside or Splater is no differents!Your clan have this same ping in Topside and Splat.Now you understand!!!!!!In Splatt polish connection is sux!You fucking won and you continually whine?You must be mastah in your country.But I no understand why you whine-that chr change server?
true ( 2004-03-27 10:14:17
oh of course "first match dm3 no dm2"
true ( 2004-03-27 10:15:23
LOL we played in dm2 no dm3! Noob
Murda ( 2004-03-27 10:22:29
GG!i think Quake is only a game so stop complaining!!!!!!!!!Big up!
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 10:23:51
Well i still dont understand why you come with a ping argument when we didnt whine about ping .... but what we really whined about was to get the match played but you fuckups couldnt get it going cause you wanted to play on topside with the knowing that we wouldnt be able to play Cmt4 because that old server didnt have it ... But the only server that was availble was splatter we couldnt find another server with better ping ... And if you did raise youre ping with cl_c2ssps can be a question still remaind to be seen .. But you won 1 map didnt you so shut the fuck up and swollow the pride or have driven you to the limit or what ?
comix ( 2004-03-27 10:23:57
Whine, whine, whine... Stop whining - start playing. It's just a game FFS.
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 10:27:57
I think you have misunderstod everything .. We didnt firstly #1 whine about ping #2 The game ... What we whined about #1 youre ignorance to my conversation in game . #2 Youre polish that didnt make no real sense to us. #3 That you guys couldnt explain what you meant by "decider will be on the Topside" So dont lie ... Admin was present as well I still dont get why you keep pushing it when you see youre wrong in the end.. Youre just mocking to get up shit from the ground
Murda ( 2004-03-27 10:29:56
Bo to Polska nie elegancja francja
true ( 2004-03-27 10:36:24
Kole? jest pierdolniety nie?le.Wini za to, ?e CHR wr?ci?o na Topside, ?eby pogra? na r?wnych pingach.
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 10:37:21
Looks kinda pathetic when you look on the screenshots 1 player out of chr's team have high ping on all 3 maps .... rest have good ping *ponder* anyways im not wasting anymore time on this thread and i think you know why hahah gg's
Murda ( 2004-03-27 10:38:02
You blame us that we want play on equal pings??and that we don`t know that on topside there is no cmt4??
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 10:40:09
im not blameing anyone but swedish j?vel told us that we whined about ping ? We whined about gettin the fucking game started allready thats all and i hope that went trough all the lines of text we wrote ..... ingame but mayby some of you missed it im not sure..
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 10:41:29
Well in my opinion after watching demos and screenshots the pings were equal ... But for pewee it wasnt he had high ping but rest of you wasnt even close hes ping..
Murda ( 2004-03-27 10:46:07
Okej! lets stop arguing and in peaceful way part with okej?
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 10:46:44
Fine with me :)
Murda ( 2004-03-27 10:47:31
i should write dispense with this situation :)
groom ( 2004-03-27 11:32:09
lol... ah first map dm2 not dm3... :EEEE BEEEEEEEEE and ... fuck pings!
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 11:41:39
Was dm2 on topside ? ouch yeah i agree weird lag spikes..
bagero ( 2004-03-27 11:45:14
hmz, it's always bad to play games on different servers... think it should become a rule so it wouldn't be allowed anymore
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 11:57:11
Agreed .... But playing firstly on a server with old qw server physics that doesnt have cmt4 in the map pool .... what can we do then ? have to change server.... best would have been if the topside server had cmt4 so we could choose it and goten it over with ... But we had to change to be able to play it :(
clox ( 2004-03-27 12:27:09
nice Khorm
Fausto ( 2004-03-27 16:28:03
Wow, nice argument here, anyway i think that it is pretty primitive to attack all the poles for like small groups [clans?] that act lame.
Rif ( 2004-03-27 17:49:33
it was messy and a match filled with frustration, and it made me suck more than usual.. but i like you anyway ggs chr :-x
omg ( 2004-03-27 18:44:40
pms is sux !!! and this whining lol breserk u aRE idiot and your mother jest jebana kurwa i daje dupy kazdemu to chce wiec spierdalaj!!!!!!!!!!! :D
mel ( 2004-03-28 00:04:21
nice one(1) @whine
BerSerK ( 2004-03-28 00:29:20
omg: I dont have any mother shes dead .... And im 20 years old so take it easy would you..
willgurht ( 2004-03-28 04:46:35
i think.. it would be good if chr got a player that knows a few words of english. then he could tell his friends, when the clan acted in the wrong way
GreenDog ( 2004-03-28 05:00:22
berserk stfu :p
apokalypze ( 2004-03-28 06:25:59
Polack J?vlar ?r ett ord -> polackj?vlar. 8)
BerSerK ( 2004-03-28 10:28:00
-era- ( 2004-03-28 13:35:46
apokalypze the svenska javla boeg hest knullare hehe
nakoz ( 2004-03-28 16:01:45
wow, div1-commentary =)
djani ( 2004-03-28 18:05:57
I don't understand all these flames. You got the match played didn't you? You got to play cmt4 even though it wasn't on the server you played on first, so you had change to a server with worse ping, but you played didn't you? It's not like any of these clans can get in the top (of div5 lol) anyway, so fucking stop these arguements..
GreenDog ( 2004-03-28 21:11:31
we cant? :(
BerSerK ( 2004-03-31 20:42:20
Djani ... Both servers had bad ping if you look closely... But we didnt have any issues on any of them except that the map pool was cut short on a old qw server...
Rif ( 2004-04-08 00:42:06
eeh.. djani!?.. who are you to predict who?ll be the top 5 clans.. :&

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