Battle Info  2004-03-24 Division 5 - Week 8 (7)

boeg 1 - 2 Pulverizing Mongo Strutsers

CMT4 - Andromeda 9


omg nicely played //oosi - by NQR Admin



E2M2_TDM - Ogre Citadel - TDM Edition





E1M2 - Castle of the Damned




BerSerK ( 2004-03-25 01:27:11
GG's det var en fin och j?mn fight m?ste jag s?ga.. jag vet inte vilket poker spel vi fick till p? cmt4 men hur som helst ... Vidare lycka till i nqr6 vi f?r k?ra lite praccar fram?ver :) och tejpa igen mun p? hunden han blir lite pilsk utan hund ben ibland...
Khorm ( 2004-03-25 02:30:11
Rif ( 2004-03-25 10:05:53
after weeks of nagging and asking if we could prac or play nqr and always denying them, we finally decided to get rid of the "fucking tjatande" and agreed to a fight. i didn?t play cause of illness ;D. anyway.. cmt4 was a pretty easy game.. e2m2 looked as if it would be as easy as cmt4 .. the first 8 minutes.. but awsome takeover-skills from boeg put pms out of balance and Boeg manged to take over the map and finally win e2m2.. my cheering and laughing turned into a big "o.O".. decider situation..geez, :/.. i sat on needles and all the coffe didnt make me less shivery. e1m2 became a classic pms scenario, we only got a few quads. as always, but we won anyway.. YAYYYY..!! gg bonnaskill, and very GGS by boeg and PMS.... phew ,end of novel :D
bagero ( 2004-03-25 11:13:51
nice writeup rif :p what's a 'tjatande' anywayz ? though I can understand the contex it's always nice to know
Rif ( 2004-03-25 11:40:21
well tjatande is babbling, nagging non stop talking ...or whatever, sewdish word :D
nakoz ( 2004-03-25 12:39:59
really nice job pms. you're going for the top in div5.. =)
bagero ( 2004-03-25 13:33:24
ye, must agree on pms performing very good lately.. keep up the good work ladz !
GreenDog ( 2004-03-25 15:23:32
GGs. and see you soon Bagero ;)
Zilver ( 2004-03-25 17:05:12
Everytime PMS plays another game and wins, im amazed. It makes me think we played PMS when they weren't ready yet. I hope to see you guys in the playoffs so we can play a proper game.
MEjS ( 2004-03-25 18:06:37
Off topic Zilver: I'd say it was a mistake playing vvv, neatmeat (with myz) and Oblivion within our first five official games as a clan. :) Before nqr i hadn?t played 4on4 in five years, the rest of pms (with exception of newly added Dragilla) had even less 4on4 experience then me. We?ve been playing a lot lately, and it looks like it has payed off (at least on cmt4) :) I hope we can play some practise games in the near future VVV! hehe PS Good luck for the rest of the season BOEG
Rif ( 2004-03-26 06:37:16
ye Zilver.. you?re right. the other day we compared the results to all the other matches.. we laughed our heads of, it was so funny to see such an ownage score, and christ did we suck.LOL.. well i hope we get to meet again soon, and maybe the scores will look different the next time ;D
nakoz ( 2004-03-26 11:29:12
but i see the same pattern for us aswell... we got into nqr after the seasons start by getting iop's place.. and we hadn't played for 4 years anyone of us.. so our first games was not our best. =)
Zilver ( 2004-03-26 13:07:07
Yes i really do hope we meet. Same goes for us, we havent played any tdm matches before this nqr as we can straight from ctf world. I must say our level of skill has gone up quite a bit. I look foward to our next encounter :)
tranq ( 2004-03-26 20:48:36
our skillz didn't go up, because we almost never played 4on4 besides our NQR games :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
BerSerK ( 2004-03-27 08:41:04
It's our first session in nqr and i belive we're gettin better and better after the plays :)

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