Fifi aka terominator  2004-03-23  
We have a pretty interesting guy today online. Fifi! Also known as predator and preda. Let's see if he has anything to say...
1. Hello. All scene knows your nick, but tell us who you really are?
Hi!! My IRL-nick is TERO. I'm a 21 year old stundent who enjoys playing QW!!
2. Great! It sounds as an nice persons name, do you agree?
Why yes, yes I do!
3. I think you rock. But, if you can have 2 sentence to show it to others, what would be those 2 sentences?
Well, I rock because I play with teammates who make me look good.
4. Ehm, theres only one there, whats the second line?
And of course, I'm a friendly person
5. Nice, I know that you are. So, what you do when you dont play quake? Any interests to IRL, if you know what i mean?
Well I gamble a lot when I got money to spare and for sports I play soccer weekly and floorball more often..
6. Oh. Actually, I thought I know you 'pretty well', but this soccer stuff surprised me. How long you have done that? I mean played soccer?
Well, you haven't heard about it cos I stopped playing seriously like 5 years ago, only playing for fun now with friends.
7. Well, I understand it cause theres of course 'sides' on every person that you can't know even you'r good friend by irc. So, what make you drop down and quit playing with so serious? With that kinda qwskills I could see you as finnish Eric Cantona in football stuff?
I suppose I got a burn-out of some sort cos my team was like progamers when other kids were just having fun. Winning game after game at the age of 9-14 isn't that good for you.. it was just too serious.
8. Yes. I'll understand it. Theres a 'shadow' in your last answer, and when I found that out, I can fully understand why you play nowadays in div2. Well, lets say you're playing atleast this season in div2. Any thoughts, good or bad, about your team, fappers?
I think the best thing is that we ourselves don't expect to win any of the games since we know that we don't really have any strats and mostly play with auto-pilot
9. Nice. But, when I say, that I'm not the only one, who keeps you prolly the best of all gamers in 4on4 side, what you think about it?
Can't really say any bad things about fappers, it's pretty much everything I could ask for :) Maybe not the best team there is but winning is not that important ? Be
10. Yes, what you said about 'winning is not that important' is the shadow I found out. You play with me, your comments could be rude, especially when you always say how much I suck and suck over and over again. Are there also some facts you can tell about me? Like, can you agree, that the first matches you played WITH mouse, was against me, and I was more like 'teaching' you to mouseside? Sure, Yes, HELL YES, I'm gathering some status points here, but can you remember anything of that?
First, commenting the last question -> I'm very flattered of course, but I wouldn't go that far. How can you really compare 4on4 players? By frags? By efficiency? I play normal teamplay be it in cmf or fappers bore rl packs to oosi if he has more health etc) :>
11. Yes, thats what I agree, thats one of the 83 reasons why I admire you as a player, and as a friend :>
Yeah. But, well, what comes to playing with mouse, I think I actually played first games vs acid. (Here I really blame tero for not accepting me as a father of his aiming and gaming skills :)
12. Ok. I agree, I try to be comfortable to you. So, what kinda future things you have on mind? Any knowledge about the red house and the potatostuff with some hot chixie and 3 kids?
Well, if I got motivation, I will finish my studies and by then, I should have the red house with three hot chixies and 1 kids.
13. I wanna know if you gots any chixies on sight? Feel free to stop answering :)
I got a harem of three, not sure if I'm going to keep them all
14. Excellent dude, I really appreciate that you had time to chitchat with whole community and let's see hows your QWWC gaming are going! I like u buddy!
Thx, you know I love you too even if it's "tough love" sometimes <3
15. Feel free to shoot out few lines, what ever you wanna say to community?
Ban dm4 from 1on1 tournaments.
16. Here's our fifi. Man I'm happy coz I've met you! GL to the future!
JE! meen saunaa (added by interviewer: JE! I'll take sauna)
Adler - 2004-03-23 21:14:58
Moi fifi eka
Gamer - 2004-03-23 21:17:10
tero saunaman \o/
tiAll - 2004-03-24 01:01:02
true menestyj? _o_
boegbullen - 2004-03-24 01:38:19
s? j?lla gr??m engelska
snake - 2004-03-24 10:28:16
Legio! - 2004-03-24 12:44:06
ROFL...haha outstanding Interview Oosi....maybe not by the "book" standards but damn funny to read :)!
apokalypze - 2004-03-28 06:52:11
I didn?t understand jack nor shit from time to time when reading this interview, but anyway, good job. "Ban dm4 from 1on1 tournaments." By judging from that statement, fifi is truly a great man! Btw, GTG DEMANDS A SLUGFEST-INTERVIEW COMING UP NEXT!
akke - 2004-03-29 00:56:08
fifi on kei
kei - 2004-04-02 17:58:24
ZkilfinG - 2004-04-06 15:31:08
very funny and very uninteresting =D great work oosi :P
tonik - 2004-04-07 21:19:03
miten se fifi jaksaa viell pelata... hullumies. J?tk? on el?in!
FlePser - 2004-04-09 04:06:54
vote yes against dm4! ;)
lavos - 2004-04-09 16:44:55
hyv? haastattelu. nyt tied?n et fifi pelaa jalkapalloa \o/
ztorm - 2004-04-28 09:13:58
ihan hullu tuo oosi. ^^

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